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Reflective Belugas: The Color-Changing Shoes to Change Your Life

By October 27, 2021Food for thought, Sneakers

Color-Changing Shoes - AIO BotColor-changing shoes can sometimes be truly life-changing. And no, we’re not talking about some kiddo style sneakers. We’re talking about the epic reflectives, Air Force 1s, cool Nike shoes, and even UV-sensitive sneakers. It’s like living your childhood all over again as a fully-grown adult!

This is especially true in the case of the upcoming Yeezy Beluga 2.0 Reflective. We know that reflectors don’t necessarily count as fully color-changing, but they also kinda do. The reflective 3M threading all throughout the uppers really does give reflective Yeezys a whole new look. It’s really no different than fully changing colors! But, just more savage! Here are our FAVORITE color-changing shoes PLUS the new Yeezy Beluga 2.0 Reflective:

The Best Color-Changing Shoes of the Industry

#1 Yeezy BELUGA 2.0 Reflective

Beluga 2

These might be our favorite color-changing shoes to date! Not only is it a reflective Yeezy, but it is a Yeezy restock with a twist. The first Yeezy Beluga dropped back in 2016 and it was an immediate hit! With its bright solar red/orange side-stripe with the SPLY-350 branding in grey, all on a Zebra-print grey base. 

Later in 2017, we had another release called the Yeezy Beluga 2.0 sans the vivid side stripe. Instead, the SPLY-350 branding took on a Bold Orange color on an all-grey base. Once again in 2020, it restocked two more times! So, it’s a definite no-brainer that people absolutely adore these color-changing shoes! This is a definite Yeezy cop! Read more about the release of the Yeezy Beluga 2.0 Reflective here

PLUS, make sure you check out this Yeezy size guide here for the perfect sneaker fit!

#2 Yeezy Boost 350 LIGHT

Yeezy Light

Average Resale: $264

These color-changing shoes come with a little bit of their own kind of magic. The Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Light is a UV-sensitive Yeezy that changes colors when under UV radiation. So, whenever you walk under the warmth of the sun, you’re gonna get a whole new Yeezy

When you go under direct sunlight, the pattern details should turn a soft pink with the side stripe turning a deep amber color. The Boost outsoles take on a yellowish vintage hue that matches the heel tabs. Not so bad. We are thankful to have our PK back though. Read more about these color-changing shoes here!

#3 Air Max 1 Color Change

Air Max 1 Color Change

Average Resale: $199

We’ve always considered Air Max 1s one of those sneakers that will definitely take over the industry soon. However, the Air Max 1 color-changing shoes are definitely one of the most iconic yet! They were reiterated and innovated so much to finally change color through UV sensitivity. 

What looks like a simple white-based upper Air Max 1, turns into the OG colorway of white and blue. Sun exposure completely reimagines this sneaker to a whole new pair of shoes! 

#4 Nike Air Force 1 Color-Changing Shoes

Nike Air Force 1 Color-Changing Shoes

Average Resale: $169

Finally, the Nike Air Force 1 sneakers might be one of the most versatile sneakers in the world. But, this particular AF1 has a deceptive design! When you first look at it, it looks like the run-of-the-mill white Air Force 1s. But, once again, expose it to a little bit of sunlight and watch the colors bloom. It got a photochromic ink treatment that gave it its color-changing qualities!

When the shoe gets exposed to UV rays, the base of the uppers takes on an orange leather hue with a light blue mudguard. AND, to tie it all together, the heel turns into a magenta color with a purple Swoosh! In absence of sunlight, it’s just as epic. It has a white classic finish with blue outsoles!

And so, that wraps it up for our favorite color-changing shoes in the sneaker industry. Make sure you’ve got all you need to cop a pair! EVERYONE wants a sneaker that changes color according to the weather! This means that buying them on retail will definitely not be an easy feat! Learn more about copping sneakers online at RETAIL by clicking on the button below!