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Concepts Adidas ZX 9000 Not to Be Mistaken for a Foil Wrapper!

By August 28, 2020September 3rd, 2020Adidas

CONCEPTS ADIDAS AIO FEATDerived from NASA technology, a Mylar space blanket covers up this Concepts Adidas collaboration from heel to toe! Boston streetwear retailer Concepts fills in the “C” spot in the Adidas A-ZX series. Which is an alphabetical Adidas ZX collaboration list set for completion by 2021. Ever since its inception in 1984, the Adidas ZX running model has strived to compete as a lifestyle sneaker. So what better opportunity than to aim for a short-term collaborative bucket list?! Which is what the Concepts Adidas ZX 9000 represents!

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Mylar Blanket or Eighties Fashion Cover?!

Famous for the city of Boston’s annual marathon, Concepts joins forces with Adidas ZX 9000 to create the sneaker version of marathon runner mylar blankets. After long-distance running, participants are usually provided with mylar blankets to recover and keep warm. Hikers, athletes, and even astronauts use the heat-trapping foil blankets to maintain a healthy body temperature. But in the world of fashion, we see them as metallic eighties icons! Just like puffy sleeves and chunky jewelry were IN at the time, so was the shiny disco ball! And this Adidas collaboration is bringing it back to safety in 2020.

Concepts Adidas ZX 9000

This Concepts Adidas collaboration features a metallic foil upper with a crinkled appeal. As a nod to the physical state of actual mylar blankets that inspire this design. Sail suede overlays add a touch of class to this aluminum foot foil. And the Three Stripes mark their efforts with navy, white, and red stripes on the side panels. 

CONCEPTS ADIDAS ZXRelease Date: 6 September 2020 (Concepts) 12 September 2020 (Adidas)
Retail Price: $140
Style Code: FX9966

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This futuristic Adidas sneaker speaks to space medicals as well as eighties disco dancers! But above all, it pays respect to Boston’s marathon tradition. It seemed like the perfect opportunity to bring running and lifestyle categories together. And Adidas ZX went straight for it. It’s currently reselling for an average $290 on StockX. With some pairs making it up to $435!

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