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The Ultimate Sneaker Cook Group Guide for Maximum Copping

By October 31, 2023Sneaker Tutorial

Ultimate Cook Group Guide Updated - AIO Bot

When you’re just starting out in the industry, things can get overwhelming especially if you’re serious about sneaker copping. There are so many things that go into the process of botting that make it complex, but also very simple! Once you get the hang of it, it’s a total breeze! However, to get to that point, you might need a little more help – aka, the best sneaker cook group!

A cook group brings together a community of sneakerheads that provide guidance and support. They preach from the holy sneaker bible and teach beginner sneakerheads all the magic. Resellers and buyers join forces to share all the INSIDE information on everything sneakers: sneaker bot guides, sneaker release calendars, early links, proxy guides, sneaker servers, and more!

Basically, a sneaker cook group gives you insight into everything you need to know as a sneakerhead. Particularly when it comes to sneaker botting and reselling. You just need to find the right one!

What’s In It For You? Beyond The Cook Group

If you got to this guide first, copping sneakers must’ve been on your mind for a while. However, a sneaker cook group is only ONE ingredient in your recipe for success. 

From renting a bot and buying proxies to renting out servers and buying accounts, why would anyone do all that just to buy a pair of kicks? Well, first thing you have to know is that this setup ain’t done for buying average sneakers, but rather for very limited ones. Kicks that you can later sell for tons of money on the resale market

In other words, buying for retail is just the very first step of investing in sneakers. The fun part comes when you start making more money reselling kicks than your 9 to 5 could ever offer you. Which brings us to our point. Things tend to get confusing when you’re new to the industry. And that’s where a sneaker cook group comes in handy. A good one helps guide you one step at a time through it all. 

However, once you join a cook group, you’ll see that their top recommendation is to buy a sneaker bot. A VERY powerful sneaker bot, to be specific. So, after making sure that sneaker botting is for you, click on the button below to get a full list of the best sneaker bots on the market in 2023!



A sneakerhead cook group is a community or group chat typically held on Discord. It helps sneakerheads cop sneakers, become better resellers, and improve their botting experience. Here’s what they do:

  • They gather up elite sneakerheads, resellers, and buyers
  • They provide and receive insider information on sneaker releases, reselling estimates, early links, and all sorts of guides 
  • And, they also offer their members regular giveaways, 1-to-1 personal support, and fast sneaker monitors

This guide definitely has a LOT to offer! Anything you have in mind related to joining a cook group, you’ll find here. Check out the most epic groups to join and the benefits you’ll get from being a member. 


We’ve done a lot of research to find the sneaker cook group that has the power to match your needs! Depending on the quality of the benefits you get, cook groups range from free/affordable to expensive AF to EXCLUSIVE.

In short, the cook group you decide to join depends on the level of Ws you’re aiming for as a sneakerhead or reseller. You gotta figure out how much you are willing to invest in your sneaker copping game. So, figure out your sneakerhead agenda and keep reading to explore the best options out there! Here are some of the benefits of joining a sneaker cook group:

#1 Release Guides
#2 Discounts, Groupbuys & More
#3 Sneaker Monitors
#4 Reselling Opportunities
#5 Bot Flips
#6 ACO Services
#7 Backdoor Services

#1 Release Guides

First, one of the main functions of a sneaker cook group is to provide release guides. Guides that help sneakerheads cop sneakers online both manually or with a bot. So, it doesn’t matter if you are starting out without a sneaker bot. This includes:

  • Accurate lists of release sites, early links, and raffles that you can enter
  • Some cook groups even provide “add to cart” links for efficient checkout processes
  • In addition, you get full information about where and when sneakers release with resale value insights
#2 Partnerships, Discounts, Giveaways, and Group Buys!

A sneaker cook group exists to make sneakerheads’ lives easier! Also, they are likely to offer valuable tools at very ATTRACTIVE prices. Sneakerheads who like to run their bots on EVERY release will definitely LOVE some BOOSTS every now and then. Cook groups have a lot to offer, including partnerships, discounts, giveaways, and group buys!

  • Exclusive access to bots
  • Discounts on proxies
  • Other botting tools
  • And even SNEAKERS!

If you wanna invest in a sneaker good cook group and are interested in cashback, focus on this. Look for social reviews and feedback for proof of consistent generosity.

#3 Sneaker Monitors

Next, a good sneaker cook group usually comes with super fast sneaker monitors. They are always monitoring different sneaker sites for highly coveted hyped sneakers. Not only that, but the monitor also has an “Add to Cart” link. This adds the item to the cart for you and you can proceed with the checkout process. 

Also, these monitors are perfect for catching restocks! For example, Footsites used to restock the week after the initial release. Supreme also tends to restock their Box Logos a few days after the drop happens. 

BUT, the million-dollar question is: when will these restock?

No one knows for the most part. But with monitors, you will instantly be notified when a restock happens. The same concept applies to shock drops. For example, Nike SNKRS has its own shock drops! The best way to be alerted of such shock drops is through a monitor.

#4 Flip Anything! Not Just Sneakers

Being in a cook group for sneakerheads doesn’t strictly mean it’s ALL about sneakers! Cook group members may expand beyond the sneaker industry. In other words, you can flip anything you want. Cook groups have even been getting into tech-related flips such as PS5s and NVIDIA graphic cards. If there is money to be made flipping an item, we’re on it! If it has selling potential, why the HELL not? This is why we now have retail groups operating the same way sneaker cook groups do!

#5 Bot Flips

One thing you will notice when joining a cook group is that members flip ANYTHING. Even sneaker bots! Some bots are harder to buy and have a limited user base. So, many people pay a premium to get the bot – especially if the bot cops sneakers like a savage!

There are public marketplaces such as Botmart, Tidal Marketplace, and Bot Broker that allow you to buy and sell bots. Cook groups will let you know when a particular sneaker bot may be underpriced or overpriced. They will also let you know what the best price would be to buy or sell a bot. 

Of course, like any other investment, bot flipping is not risk-free. Cook groups can’t always get it right. If you have enough capital to invest in bots, it may be something worth getting into. Especially if you decide to get involved in the sneaker bot business.

#6 ACO Services

If you’ve been around the sneaker game for some time, you know that some releases are close to impossible to touch. This is why one of the best features a cook group can offer you is an auto-checkout service. Commonly known as ACO services or slots. In short, it allows experienced botters to cop items on your behalf. 

  • You fill out a form where you provide your card and billing information
  • Experienced staff members will then run their bots on the release using your billing profile and attempt to cop for you
  • If they’re successful, your card will be charged and the item will be shipped directly to your address
  • And you’re then expected to pay a service fee –  Pay After Success (PAS) fee. 

The exact PAS fee depends on the release and can be as low as $5 and as high as $50+. Some cook groups may even decide to not charge you any PAS fee on specific releases.

#7 Backdoor Services

Finally, we’ve got backdoor services. Highly-coveted sneakers may resell for hundreds and even thousands of dollars. That’s why some sneaker shop staff will take advantage of that and backdoor sneakers that come into their shop. This happened with the Air Jordan 1 Trophy Room release.

As the name suggests, backdooring happens secretly “through the backdoor” of the sneaker shop. Staff members will often sell their sneakers to private clients who are willing to pay over retail to secure the shoe.

Some of these backdoor plugs offer their services to cook groups. They typically charge you premium prices for the sneakers, sometimes as high as 3 or 4 times the retail price. But you won’t find this service in all cook groups out there.

Backdoor Services - AIO Bot


So, we talked about the main benefits of a cook group. NOW, we gotta hook you up with the names of some of the best cook groups out there!

#1 Sneaker Squad X
#2 Endurance
#3 Juiced IO
#4 Notify
#5 Peachy Pings
#6 Steady Soles

#1 Sneaker Squad X

Sneaker Squad X - Sneaker Cook Group - AIO Bot

A cool cook group to join would be Sneaker Squad X – AKA SSX. Sneaker Squad X has been around for some time and used to be a free-only cook group. However, a few months ago, SSX started offering a paid version of its Discord cook group, offering more lucrative benefits.

  • It has release guides with everything you need – whether you are trying to cop manually or with a bot
  • The release guides also contain reselling estimates and links to raffles that can increase your chances of securing a pair
  • SSX also offers 1-to-1 personal assistance on any sneaker-related matter
  • You will have access to a chat that allows you to interact with other SSX members
  • You will also have access to tons of sneaker monitors on almost any site
  • They have a proxy generator tool for FREE and a temporary server generator

SSX hosts regular giveaways and group buys with established partners that allow you to get access to all sorts of tools. Sneaker Squad X also has its own ACO Discord server that allows you to submit your billing profiles for copping.

Membership Fees: $30/month

#2 Endurance

Endurance Sneaker Cook Group - AIO Bot

On the more premium side of cook groups, you have Endurance. This cook group was started by Keith Adam – a YouTuber who provides release guides on his YouTube channel.

  • Epic sneaker monitors, and its ability to quickly notify its members whenever shock drops happen
  • Its release guides are custom-made for Endurance members and provide a detailed explanation of how to approach every site
  • It also has dedicated chat, guides, and information channels for various lowkey flips
  • They have their own proxy service that allows you to buy proxies at a discounted rate 
  • Also provides its members with free access to its exclusive autofill tool as well as a location spoofer

Like other cook groups on this list, Endurance has its own ACO service and regularly hosts group buys and giveaways. Endurance also offers one of the best bot-flipping services in the community. PLUS, 1-to-1 personal assistance that the group has to offer.

Membership Fees: Starting at $58.99/month 

#3 Juiced IO

Juiced Sneaker Cook Group - AIO BotJuicedIO is also one of the biggest and most successful sneaker cook groups in the industry. And the success of cook groups is measured by the amount of help and tools they provide to their users, and how much copping can those users make as a result.

So how successful is Juiced IO?

Ever since it launched back in 2019, this group has managed to provide endless accurate copping guides, massive giveaways, and special discounts on the most crucial tools needed for a sneakerhead’s success. With Juiced IO’s help users copped everything from Yeezys to Jordans and Dunks all the way to Super Mario Playsets and PS5 consoles! And you can check their Twitter for more testimonials.

  • Juiced IO’s members benefit from lightning-speed advanced monitors to keep tabs on the latest drops and restocks. 
  • Members also get to rent and buy the most exclusive top bots in the game. And thanks to the group’s connections users can enjoy special discounts on bots, proxies, servers, and more.
  • Up-to-date and accurate release calendars. In addition to professional sneaker copping tips and guides.
  • Legit checks, proxy generation, and 1-1 assistance for optimal results on every drop.

Membership Fees: 45$/month

The most interesting feature or added value in Juiced IO, are the dropshipping tips that can help you identify products with the highest ROI to invest in and take your business to the next level. So if you’re into making money online through sneakers, or anything else, you should join this group.

#4 Notify


Notify is one of the most reputable cook groups in the sneakers industry. If you’ve been part of the sneaker community for some time, odds are you know of Notify. With the group being so popular, it’s no surprise that it gets some of the best group buys for bots. 

  • Notify members to get to test out new sneaker bots on the block. Even the giveaways and discounts Notify members get are exciting and worthwhile.
  • 1-to-1 personal assistance and personalized release guides
  • In addition to sneaker monitors, ACO service, and all sorts of lowkey flipping guides
  • Even its bot-flipping guides are some of the best and most reliable ones you will find in the community

Membership Fees: 49$/month

#5 Peachy Pings

Peachy Pings - AIO Bot

Also, another cook group is Peachy Pings. They’ve been in this game for quite some time, dating back to 2018! But, their recent involvement in NFTs definitely put them on the map! Basically, anything that could help you on your reselling journey (regardless of what you’re reselling), can help you!

  • Peachy Pings offers full-release guides for sneakers and apparel
  • They’ve got monthly subscriptions for NFTs
  • Deals and Price errors
  • Custom monitors and organized serversBespoke application
  • Group buys, giveaways, and community events

Membership Fees: £19.99/month ~ $21.11/month

#6 Steady Soles

Steady Soles is a sneaker cook group that is revolutionizing its way through the industry. It has free auto-checkouts, fast monitors, and it’s CHEAP! You get access to release info, early links, resell predictions, free slots/cards, and a dedicated support team. They also have free 1-on-1 calls, legit checks, and even free Amazon products! Talk about an epic save. Also, members have free access to three software tools: Steady Tools, Steady Scripts, and Steady Fill.

Membership Fees: $25/month

These are some of our favorite cook groups to join. BUT, there are a couple more that are really doing a pretty good job. 


Sneaker cook groups are not the only type of “group” option in the sneaker industry that can help you. So, here are some sneaker groups that you can check out depending on your specific needs. Like, what you’re looking for or what you wanna do in the industry.

Resell Groups

If you’re looking to join the ranks of resellers, these resell sneaker groups are a good fit for you. You can check them out, see what’s buzzing, and flip kicks like there’s no tomorrow!

#1 SteadySoles
#2 CopWorks
#3 Cosmic Flips

Forums and Discord Groups

On the other hand, when it comes to the latest buzz circulating in the game, you need forum-type groups. Like Discord servers and different online forums – check them out!

#1 r/Sneakers
#2 r/sneakerbots
#3 NikeTalk

Social Media Sneaker Groups

Finally, the last type of sneaker groups you should check out these social media accounts. This is where you get all the news on sneaker releases and upcoming drops!

#1 The Sneaker Group
#2 @sneakerfreakermag
#3 @kicksonfire
#4 @sneakercon

You can also check out a full list of all the best sneaker Twitter accounts you should definitely follow here!

For more sneaker guides, make sure to keep it locked on our blog and Instagram @aiobot