The Ultimate Sneaker Cook Group Guide for Maximum Copping

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A cook group is a sneakerhead community or group chat typically held on Discord or Slack. Cook groups gather up elite sneakerheads, resellers, and buyers. Cook group members provide and receive insider information on sneaker releases, reselling estimates, early links, and all sorts of guides on purchase-related topics. Reputable cook groups also offer their members regular giveaways, 1-to-1 personal support, and fast sneaker monitors. The core purpose of any legit cook group is to assist members in copping sneaker releases, help them become better resellers, and even enhance their botting performance. All in the hopes of turning sneaker passion into a well-paying side hustle. 

What you’ll find in this guide:

Benefits of Joining a Cook Group

  1. Release Guides
  2. Discounts, Gorupbuys & More
  3. Sneaker Monitors
  4. Reselling Opportunities
  5. Bot Flips
  6. ACO Services
  7. Backdoor Services

Cook Groups to join

  1. Sneaker Squad X
  2. AIO Notify
  3. Endurance
  4. Notify

Sneaker Cook group guideWant to Join a Cook Group? Do This First

It is important for any sneakerhead with a copping plan to do their research and join a cook group that power matches their goals. Based on the quality of the information and services provided, cook groups range from free or affordable to expensive and super exclusive. Your decision will therefore depend on the success level you’re aiming for as a sneakerhead and/or reseller. In addition to your ROI calculations that will help put the best cook group pricing and features into perspective, you are advised to figure out your sneaker copping plan and how much you are willing to invest in sneakers and bot necessities before you attempt to join a cook group. 

You won’t exactly benefit from a cook group that fails to keep up with your high-level plan. Similarly, it isn’t the smartest option for you to invest in an expensive cook group without a copping or reselling goal. So, while you figure out your sneakerhead agenda, keep reading to better understand what benefits cook groups have to offer and explore the best options out there! 

Release Guides

One of the main functions of a cook group is to provide release guides on any limited sneaker release. These guides tend to be both manual and bot friendly. So it doesn’t matter if you are starting out without a sneaker bot. You are typically provided with accurate lists of release sites, early links, and raffles that you can enter. In order to provide their members with a full scope of where their target sneakers are dropping, some cook groups may even provide “add to cart” links for an efficient checkout process. 

In addition to providing full information about where and when sneakers are releasing, cook groups also deliver resale value insights. You can see how this is a total game-changer, right? Since a sneaker’s resale status can either encourage resellers to adamantly pursue it or take a step back instead and wait for a better gig. Resale predictions have the power to make or break a deal, so it’s important for success that you trust in your cook group’s resources and expertise.  

Partnerships, Discounts, Giveaways, and Group Buys!

Since cook groups exist to make sneakerhead lives easier, they are likely to offer valuable tools at catchy prices. Sneakerheads who operate their bots frequently may appreciate power boosts every now and then, especially from the support communities they’re paying to benefit from. This is where cook groups often swoop in and offer their members exclusive access to bots, discounts on proxies and other bot tools, and even sneakers at attractive prices. 

If you’re willing to invest in a good cook group but are also interested in redeeming your finances, you’ll want to focus on this aspect. Look for social reviews and feedback for proof of consistent generosity. You’ll want a cook group that’ll back you up with quality proxies and discounted tools before massive releases. Since you’re already down to paying lots of cash for the sneakers you want to cop, a little help goes a long way!

Sneaker Monitors

Ever wondered how people get ahold of items the second they drop? Well, many cook groups are equipped with blazing-fast monitors that are always monitoring different sites for highly-coveted items. If a pair of Travis Scott Jordan’s released on Undefeated, members of a cook group would instantly be alerted of the release. Not only that, but the monitor also has a “Add to Cart” link that when clicked automatically adds the item to the cart for you and you can proceed with the checkout process. This feature gives you an edge over others that have to manually add the item to their carts.

These monitors are also perfect for catching restocks. For example, Footsites tend to restock the week after the initial release. Supreme also tends to restock their Box Logos a few days after the drop happens. The million-dollar question is: when will these restock? No one knows for the most part, but with monitors you will instantly be notified when a restock happens, allowing you to make quick decisions much more efficiently.

The same concept applies to shock drops. Yeezy Supply, for instance, may sometimes shock drop at obscure times in the middle of the night. Even Nike SNKRS tends to have their own shock drops and SNKRS hunts that happen unannounced. The best way to be alerted of such shock drops is through a monitor. Trust me, they will come in handy, especially since each split-second matters when going after limited-releases.

Flip Anything! Not Just Sneakers


Being in a cook group for sneakerheads doesn’t strictly mean it’s all about sneakers! Although it can mostly be about low-key sneaker flips, cook group members may expand beyond the sneaker industry. In fact, if you’re dealing with full-time resellers, they’re probably open to buying and selling other products besides sneakers, like Supreme and Funko. 

Cook groups have even been getting into tech-related flips such as PS5’s and NVIDIA graphic cards. If there is money to be made flipping an item, cook groups will pounce at every opportunity to allow their members to maximize their profits flipping that particular item. This even includes card flipping; cook groups are known to flip Pokemon, Yugioh, NBA, and MLB cards. 

There’s no harm in trying your luck with other products your community may be interested in. If it has selling potential, stick it up there and start a conversation.  However, if you aren’t interested in selling “foreign” products, sticking to sneaker selling is perfectly fine. It’s actually the one thing you’re definitely certain your community will want to buy! If you’ve got a deadstock stack of sneakers that have lost their resale values, AKA bricks, put them up for grabs! You can flip them for small amounts of profit and make storage room for future sick kicks.

Bot Flips

One thing you will notice upon joining a cook group is that members tend to flip anything. Even sneaker bots! Some bots tend to have a limited user base with only a couple of hundred members. As a result, many people are willing to pay a premium to acquire the bot, especially if the bot has been outperforming in recent releases.

Sneaker bots have their version of StockX. There are public marketplaces such as Botmart, Tidal Marketplace, and Bot Broker that allow you to buy and sell bots. Similar to sneakers, buyers and sellers set the reselling prices of sneaker bots. Depending on the performance and aftermarket value of the bot.

Cook groups can provide you with signals on when a particular sneaker bot may be underpriced or overpriced. They will also let you know what the best price would be to buy or sell a bot. Bot flipping is such a lucrative business that there are some resellers out there that mainly focus on flipping bots rather than using them on releases. 

Of course, like any other investment, bot flipping is not risk-free. Cook groups can’t always get it right. However, they try their best to lead you in the right direction and will inform you when a specific bot investment is safe or risky. If you have enough capital to invest in bots, it may be something worth getting into. Especially if you decide to get involved in the sneaker bot business.

ACO Services

If you’ve been around the sneaker game for some time, you know that some releases are close to impossible to touch. Supreme BOGOs, Yeezy Reflectives, and AJ1s are all examples of releases where you may end up leaving the release empty-handed.

This is why one of the best features a cook group can offer you is an auto-checkout service. Commonly known as ACO or slots. The main goal of this service is to allow experienced botters to cop items on your behalf. The way it works is you fill a form where you provide your card and billing information. Experienced staff members will then run their bots on the release using your billing profile and attempt to cop for you. If they’re successful, your card will be charged and the item will be shipped directly to your address. And you’re then expected to pay a service fee. Known as a Pay After Success (PAS) fee. The exact PAS fee depends on the release and can be as low as $5 and as high as $50+. Some cook groups may even decide to not charge you any PAS fee on specific releases.

Either way, I highly recommend you take advantage of ACO services. Especially if you are new or haven’t had much success on more limited releases.

Backdoor Services

Highly-coveted sneakers may resell for hundreds and even thousands of dollars. That’s why some sneaker shop staff will take advantage of that and backdoor sneakers that come into their shop. 

As the name suggests, a backdoor transaction is one that happens secretly “through the backdoor” of the sneaker shop. Staff members will often sell their sneakers for a premium to private clients that are willing to pay over retail to secure the shoe. Believe it or not, this practice has been around for the longest time and is pretty common.

Some of these backdoor plugs offer their services to cook groups. They typically charge you premium prices for the sneakers, sometimes as high as 3 or 4 times the retail price. It’s up to you to decide whether it’s worth paying extra for these sneakers. Sometimes, members justify paying that much as they anticipate the sneaker will be worth much more once they release.

Not every cook group may offer this feature as it can be tough to find a trusted backdoor plug. But if your cook group does give you access to one, it may be worth taking advantage of it, especially if you believe the premium prices that the backdoor charges you is still worthwhile.

How to Join a Cook Group

Now that I talked about the main benefits of a cook group, I will now provide you with some cook groups that I am personally part of and that I recommend to anyone starting in the sneaker community:

Sneaker Squad X

Sneaker SquadXThe first cook group I recommend is Sneaker Squad X, also known as SSX. Sneaker Squad X has been around for some time and used to be a free-only cook group. However, a few months ago, SSX started offering a paid version of its Discord cook group, offering more lucrative benefits.

Its release guides have everything you need. Whether you are trying to manually pursue a release or if you plan to bot it. The release guides also contain reselling estimates and links to raffles that can increase your chances of securing a pair.

SSX also offers 1-to-1 personal assistance on any sneaker-related matter. In addition, you will have access to a chat that allows you to interact with other SSX members. As a member, you also have access to tons of sneaker monitors on almost any site. Including SNKRS, Yeezy Supply, Supreme, Footsites, and even Shopify sites such as Eflash DSM and Travis Scott Shop. 

SSX hosts regular giveaways and groupbuys with established partners that allow you to get access to all sorts of tools that will improve your sneaker game. Sneaker Squad X also has its own private ACO Discord server that allows you to submit your billing profiles for almost any highly-coveted release.

A special feature that SSX provides is a proxy generator tool. With that tool, you can generate dozens of proxies for free. This can be a big help when you have a shortage of proxies in your bot. Another tool that it offers is a server generator that allows you to generate a temporary server to run your bot if you require a higher internet speed.

Memberships are $30/month, which is a pretty good price considering all the value it has to offer. Unfortunately, Sneaker Squad X remains out of stock most of the time but you can follow them on Twitter to stay up-to-date with its next anticipated restock.

AIO Notify

Cook group AIO Notify

The great part about AIO Notify is that it is always-in-stock. So if you need a cook group and don’t feel like waiting forever for cook groups to restock on memberships, AIO Notify would be a great option for you.

AIO Notify has release guides for almost any limited-release sneaker and even provides you resale estimates and a full list of raffles to enter. AIO Notify also gives you access to 1-to-1 personal assistance which is super-beginner friendly and will help you get started with any sneaker-related questions you may have.

In addition, members get access to blazing-fast sneaker monitors for all sorts of release sites that will notify you when a release, restock or shock drop is occurring. AIO Notify also offers its members ACO services on Jordans, Yeezy and Supreme releases.

A special feature that AIO Notify provides is a proxy generator tool. With that tool, you can generate dozens of proxies for free, which can be a big help when you have a shortage of proxies in your bot. Another tool that it offers is a server generator that allows you to generate a temporary server to run your bot if you require a higher internet speed. 

Memberships start at $39/month which is a great price for a cook group that has everything you need to get started with copping sneakers.


Cookgroup EnduranceOn the more premium side of cook groups, you have Endurance. This cook group was started by Keith Adam. A sneaker Youtuber who has amassed almost 200,000 subscribers over the years by providing release guides on his Youtube channel.

As he started gaining influence in the community, Keith leveraged his reputation and knowledge in sneakers and started his own cook group. When the cook group was created, early members took advantage of the lower monthly membership fees of $14.99; however, nowadays, you will have to pay $58.99/month to become part of the group.

Endurance takes pride in its sneaker monitors, and its ability to quickly notify its members whenever shock drops happen. This is especially true when it comes to shock SNKRS releases. You can always count on Endurance being on top of its game with alerts.

Its release guides are custom-made for Endurance members and provide a detailed explanation of how to approach every site. It also has dedicated chat, guides, and information channels for various lowkey flips. Wherever there’s money you can make, the Endurance staff is ready to assist with that.

Endurance also has its own proxies service that allows you to buy different proxies at a discounted rate. It even provides its members with free access to its exclusive autofill tool as well as a location spoofer.

Like other cook groups on this list, Endurance has its own ACO service and regularly hosts top-notch group buys and giveaways. These feature some of the top bots, tools, and proxy providers in the sneaker community. Endurance also offers one of the best bot flipping services in the community.

Of course, we can’t forget the 1-to-1 personal assistance that the group has to offer. Endurance has many professional staff members that are super friendly and knowledgeable about the sneaker community. You can’t go wrong becoming a member of Endurance. Though like most cook groups, Endurance memberships are out of stock. And you’d have to wait for a restock to be announced on its Twitter page to join the community. 


Cook Group NotifyNotify is one of the most reputable cook groups in the sneakers industry. If you’ve been part of the sneaker community for some time, odds are you know of Notify. 

Notify was co-founded by its current owners, Michael and George. However, a couple of months ago, it added a third owner, the famous Botter Boy Nova. BBN is another sneaker Youtuber that gained popularity from his Youtube channel. He has grown his following to over 150,000 subscribers. Mostly attracting viewers to his “Sneakers to Riches” live cop series. Where he has used some of the top bots to cop hundreds of sneakers.

With the group being so popular, it’s no surprise that it gets some of the best groupbuys for bots. If there is a new sneaker bot on the block that needs testing, odds are Notify members will get first access to the bot. Even the giveaways and discounts Notify members get are exciting and worthwhile.

Notify offers its members plenty of perks, most of which we’ve discussed already in this post. The list of benefits includes 1-to-1 personal assistance and personalized release guides. In addition to sneaker monitors, ACO service, and all sorts of lowkey flipping guides. Even its bot flipping guides are some of the best and most reliable ones you will find in the community.

Notify cook group memberships prices went up from $50 to $60/month. If you can afford to pay that monthly fee, I have no doubt you’ll love Notify. Of course, because many sneakerheads are trying to become part of the group, Notify limits its membership spots and you’d have to wait for them to announce a restock on the Notify Twitter page. 

Beyond The Cook Group

If you got to this guide first, copping sneakers must’ve been on your mind for a while. However, a sneaker cook group is only 1 ingredient in our recipe for success. Based on the recommendations you can find in your cook group, you’ll need to buy a sneaker bot. A very powerful sneaker bot. And once you have a bot, decide on a sneaker to cop. Know where it’s dropping and get the perfect proxies that work with it. Click below to shop for the best sneaker bots in the game!

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