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10 Tips to Increase Your Sneaker Copping Power Today

By April 21, 2017June 17th, 2022Bot

increase Copping powerYou’ve got your sneaker hype detector in alert mode and your early links monitor constantly refreshed. Your life today centers around the sneaker releases due and you already have a plan set for the number of pairs you aspire to cop, their sizes, and the range of sites your bot supports. Now, you may have the ideal sneaker bot for your copping mission or may be questioning why you ever committed to the one you’re using. Perhaps, you’re even considering a backup bot to double your copping power. How else are you supposed to weigh your options with a Yeezy shelf-life of 10 minutes or less? Copping is pretty much a twenty-first-century Hitchcock production. But if the end scene involves copping the kicks you want, it’s worth indigestion.

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10 Key Tips to Boost Your Sneaker Copping Power

Now, let’s talk about logistics. It’s a waste of time, money, and hope to commit to a top sneaker bot that doesn’t match your sneaker goals. This is why, as stone-aged, as it seems, the first section below is a reminder of how to pick the right sneaker bot for you. Moreover, even if or when you commit to the right bot, it’s a tool that strives on a diet of proxies, servers, and regular updates. Miss out on quality proxies or spend time manually sudoku-ing through Captcha on launch day and you’re screwed. This is why we’ve gathered 10 tips to help you speed your checkout on launch day. Before you get all tangled up in your magician cop act.

1. Pick a Sneaker Bot

If you want to make it big as a sneaker reseller or collector, copping manually will only take you too far. You need a sneaker bot if you want to cop more than one pair of coveted kicks at retail. The first question to ask yourself is, what brands do I want to cop? If you want to cop Nikes and Jordans only, you need to track down a good Nike bot. If you want to cop Yeezys, you’ll most likely need an All-In-One bot. Since Yeezys drop mainly on Yeezy Supply and Adidas, as well as on Shopify and Footsites.

So, that’s how you know which bot category to pick from. You pin down your sneaker targets, find out the sites they usually release on, and it’s step two from there. Which is exploring your bot category and buying the best bot for you based on reviews, success rates, cost, support, and market status.

COPPING POWER PICK A BOTWhat to Consider Before Committing

To put things into perspective for you, AIO bot is an in-stock bot sold at a retail price of $325. So, from a cost and market availability standpoint, it’s a high score. It’s been operating as an OG AIO bot since 2014, which indicates a high level of expertise and an established success proof page. Considering that it launched nearly 6 years ago, AIO bot is beginner-friendly. Its homepage and blog provide step-by-step guidance to newbies and botters who prefer to keep it simple sweet. Click here for the beginner’s AIO bot tutorial video!

We support over 200 sites that mainly include Shopify, Demandware, and Footsites. Meaning, if Nikes and Jordans are dropping there, we cop them as well. We now also cop Supreme! That’s why we recommend that you track where your favorite kicks usually drop and play it smartly before investing in a bunch of bots. So, we’ve got cost, market status, and success proof covered. If you’re looking to learn more about our bot features, supported sites, and update fees, click on our product page

Moreover, if you’re looking for an outer perspective, botsthatwork is one of the most trusted bot review sites. Just make sure your information is updated, so you don’t base your judgments on last year’s reviews.

Be Realistic: Know Your Bot’s Pros & Cons

So, why isn’t EVERYONE buying AIO bot if it’s that good? Well, although all of the above is accurate, there’s one downside that our team is working to resolve: the pairs to user ratio. As an OG bot, we’ve got thousands of active users aiming for a limited number of pairs on release day. Add to it the fact that we’re competing against fierce sneaker bots like Cybersole and Wrath on the battlefield. 

So, how are we working on that? Through updating our bot, we open doors to new sites we can cop from to expand our users’ options. We also focus on updating our performance features on sites we already support to increase our users’ copping power on familiar grounds. For example, our latest Shopify updates led to a 30% success increase copping the Yeezy Natural. 

So, ready to explore the industry’s top sneaker bots and weigh out your options intelligently? Click on the button below for the best results.
Learn More AIO

2. Keep Posted on Twitter/Discord

Now that you know us, we’d love for you to meet us! Both botting and copping are exhilarating when you realize there are thousands of other head-over-heels about the kicks you plan to cop. You’ll find our latest success stories, user shoutouts, and prize giveaways on Twitter @ANB_AIO. There is no better way to meet a brand than through its social media. So, if you’re considering buying an AIO bot, we highly recommend that you check us out on Twitter to get to know the team behind the robot. And for more info on upcoming releases, and a place to buy and resell sneakers, join a Discord Cookgroup. It’ll be worth your while!


Sneaker proxies are your main ticket to operating your sneaker bot effectively and benefiting from the “Multiple Tasks” feature we’ll be discussing more below. Since you, a humble citizen and resident, aren’t expected to have more than one IP address, that’s where sneaker proxies come in handy. By generating a whole bunch of IP addresses for you to operate multiple tasks under multiple identities. If you limit your bot tasks to one and true IP address, you’re limiting your tasks to one. Since you aren’t allowed to use the same IP address to cop multiple pairs of the same sneaker, you’re setting up an entire bot system for one pair, if lucky. With botting being unguaranteed as it is.


In addition to buying sneaker proxies to mask your identity and increase your copping chances, it’s important to make sure you choose the right type and quality of proxies. There are two main types of sneaker proxies: residential proxies and datacenter proxies. Residential proxies are more reliable since they are tied to real physical locations, which means you are unlikely to get banned or blacklisted using them. Whereas datacenter proxies are less secure since they are non-physical and hundreds of them can be hosted by a single server. But what you’re risking in security measures you make up for in high-speed processes. To learn more about the types of sneaker proxies and what they’re used for, click here

Also, need help setting up and activating your proxies? Ask us!

4. Connect to Sneaker Server

A VPS or Virtual Private Server is a Cloud-connected supercomputer. You set up a VPS with the software you need on it and connect remotely via the cloud. One key benefit: a VPS maximizes your computing power. For example, if you use an old computer with limited RAM or disk space, a VPS allows you to tap a virtual desktop with indefinite RAM. Since the key to a smooth checkout process is SPEED.

Virtual servers are also a great option if you have a low-speed internet connection, or if you’re not located within reasonable proximity to the website you’re trying to cop from. Which is most likely the case. For example, if you’re based in Europe and want to cop off Adidas US, your computer will have to ping multiple servers before reaching the Adidas site in the US. A sneaker server allows you to rent a virtual desktop geographically closer to the copping site’s servers. Which automatically means less ping latency and speedier tasks.

10 TIPS SERVERProtip: Your sneaker proxies are your server’s best friends. If you buy and set up sneaker proxies that are within proximity of your sneaker server as well as the site you’re copping from, you’re a lightning bolt copper who deserves an honor medal.

5. Run Other Sneaker Bots

If you’re not confident that your bot will live up to your expectations or need a backup bot to double your copping power, this option may be for you. Many pro coppers buy or rent more than one sneaker bot to run simultaneously. Not only will you increase your copping chances but you’ll also figure out what bot works best for you. Through this compare/contrast situation, you’re sort of creating survey samples for a number of bots as you go. That way you might truly find out where your copping power lies.


6. Set up Multiple Tasks

That’s the main reason behind using sneaker bots instead of manually attempting to check out more than one pair. You get to set up multiple tasks without overwhelming yourself and actually take a shot at success. That’s what sneaker proxies are for! When you implement the 1 proxy per task rule and set up 100 tasks, you’re technically 100 people copping all at once! Which is why top bots usually have multiple task features. AIO bot for instance can set up to 100 tasks at once to boost your copping power by a factor of 100.


7. Assign Various Sites

Using your bot on one website is a gamble! What if the site has ultra-limited stock or crashes during a release? You’re screwed. The good news is that you don’t have to risk it. Instead of dooming your sneakerhead ambitions to premature failure, split and manage 10 to 15 tasks per site on all the sites your bot supports. That is if more than one site is dropping at the exact same time. That is how you benefit from your proxy packages and multiple task features. You diversify your copping power!

One thing that can help you assign various sites is a COOK GROUP. Cook groups are sneakerhead communities that mainly share insider information on sneaker releases and values. They provide early links during or prior to a sneaker release to help their members bot efficiently. Cook groups may also offer bot discounts and reselling opportunities. This means that the community you commit to can either increase or not impair your copping power and goals. So, if you’re interested in belonging to a pro sneaker community and benefiting from early links, discounts, and money-making deals, check out this ULTIMATE COOK GROUP GUIDE


8. Use Multiple Billing Accounts

Since sites may cancel orders under the same name/ID, how can you avoid the dreaded order cancellation? It’s easy. Use different credit cards if you’re using more than 1 account. This is a no-brainer since that is what your multiple proxies and tasks are set up for. It goes without saying that you’ll be editing your shipping and billing information as well, i.e. Ave à Avenue. Else what’s the point of becoming “other people” if your physical location is one and the same? A rookie mistake is what this is. That way, if a site refuses your card for some reason, you’ll be able to back up that failed attempt by setting up other tasks with different information. 

Click here if you need help setting up your billing profile in your bot.


9. Check Multiple Sizes

You can aim for a single size, but once that size sells out, you won’t be getting your hands on those Yeezys or Jordans. At least not on retail! So, what can you do instead? Set up tasks for a range of sizes, even if you’re a 20-year-old male copping 3Y Yeezy pairs. No embarrassment. Nobody cares to match your information to the sizes you want to cop. Also if you’ve been catching up on the kids’ sneaker reselling game, you’ll realize that it’s not such a bad idea. If you’re copping multiple sizes though, make sure you vary accounts to avoid getting banned.


10. Prepare for Manual Checkout

Why the heck are you paying for a bot if you have to worry about manual checkouts? Because systems crash, my friend. You’re dealing with AI machines that are not as smart as they seem. They can burn out and crash without a second’s notice.

AIO bot, for example, has Auto Checkout Support and Auto Checkout Retry features. It also retries checking out items for you when sites crash without the bot having anything to do with their failure. We’re well-equipped, which is what we’re trying to communicate, but technical difficulties can stand in the way. So, how do you prove you’ve got copping power without your bot? Well, if you find yourself at the very end of your copping journey with something fishy going on at the checkout gate, you click it yourself! You stall, you lose, and you know it. 

Stay alert when your bot does all the dirty work for you. But keep an eye on items added to cart. If the checkout process gets stomped, you right-click on the manual option and do it yourself. You can put off texting back for a minute!