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The Corteiz Nike Air Max 95 Is Here to Rule The World!

By March 17, 2023Nike

Corteiz Nike Air Max 95 - AIO BotDo you like sudden twists and turns? How about unlikely changes of events? The Corteiz Nike Air Max 95 is the world’s unlikeliest sneaker collaboration. Although Nike has had its fair share of collaborations that were *unfortunate*, to say the least. We’re mainly referring to Nike x Yeezy and the most recent fallout with Kyrie Irving. This one is a collab that we think will make sneaker history!

Corteiz is a streetwear brand that’s on the road to becoming a monumental name in the sneaker industry. British-Nigerian entrepreneur, Clint419, has created one of the most underrated brands in the game. In the last 6 years, Corteiz has managed to make a name for itself more than most brands ever have. And now, Corteiz and Nike are collaborating together for what might be one of the biggest collabs ever!

If you’ve never taken a trip down to London, you won’t understand the true strength of the brand. The CORTEIZ effect has people trading up their branded apparel for a pair of Corteiz Nike Air Max 95 sneakers. Naturally, Nike had to capitalize on this opportunity to create EPICNESS. Let’s talk about it!


THE DRAMA. You see, there’s a little twist to this story. The Corteiz Nike Air Max 95 collaboration seems too good to be true. Well, it kinda is. You see, wherever there’s Nike, there’s usually always a little bit of Nike drama behind it! Could you guess why Nike had an issue with Corteiz?

Well, Corteiz… Cortez?

The Nike Cortez, of course! One of Nike’s most popular and classic silhouettes is none other than the Cortez. At first glance, anyone would mistake the name for a Nike-related product. Nike LOVES their lawsuits and so they instantly sued the London-based streetwear brand. On March 16th, 2021, Clint419 paid Nike a sum of £1,850 GBP.

Nike took the money and then decided to collab in 2023. Water under the bridge! But, do you think the Swoosh gave them back their money?

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London, Baby!

So, the Nike Air Max 95 is generally a very popular sneaker in the UK. So much so that it used to be called the “110” – a reference to its price tag at the time. Sadly, thanks to inflation hitting sneakerheads, that’s no longer the price. Most Nike and Jordan silhouette prices have gone up – like the Air Jordan 1! But, despite the price change, the Air Max 95 is still one of the most popular silhouettes in the UK. 

The Corteiz Nike Air Max 95 collaboration features muti-material construction with netted bases and smooth leather panel overlays. It also comes in a military-inspired color scheme and chunky shoelaces to tie the entire look together – literally! We also have Corteiz branding stitched around the front and back with the signature Alcatraz logo on the tongue. There are also rumors that two more Nike Corteiz Air Max 95 sneakers are in the works. 

We’ll have to wait and see about that.

As for now, the Nike Corteiz Air Max 95 in Gutta Green dropped on March 10th exclusively via the Corteiz site. But, we do expect a much wider release on Nike SNKRS to come up very soon. So, keep your eyes LOCKED on our blog and Instagram @aiobot for the latest updates!

Nike Corteiz Air Max 95 Green - AIO Bot

Release Date: March 10th, 2023
Colorway: Sequoia – Tour Yellow – Black
Retail Price: $190
Average Resale: $403