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Will The Cream White Stock Level Bring Jordan Brand Back to The Top?

By May 31, 2018November 4th, 2022Adidas, Yeezy

Yeezys come, and Yeezys go. That’s the rule; they always go! Never in Yeezy history did an Adidas Yeezy sneaker not sell out. Depending on the stock level, it might take longer sometimes, but eventually, the shelves always. And this will still be the case with the Yeezy 350 V2 Cream White in July.

This is not the first time Yeezys dropped in large numbers. Late last year, the Beluga 2.0s were mass-produced, which eventually reflected negatively on, what was then, the most limited V2 ever, the Yebras.

Yeezy-350-V2-Stock-level-ChartAnd that’s why some sneakerheads are panicking—especially those who were waiting for the Yeezy season to get their reselling business started. Like if Yeezys aren’t so limited anymore, what makes them any better than Air Jordan sneakers?

This release should clarify the following: Do sneakerheads buy Yeezys to sell them? Or are there Yeezy fans who cop to flex whenever possible? So only a day after they got their Twitter account back, the Yeezy Mafia shared some exciting news.

 The Yeezy Mafia Are Back

Other than stating that Kim had nothing to do with their account suspension, the infamous leakers revealed some information about the cream whites re-release in July.

There have been rumors that there will be 160K pairs of the Yeezy 350 V2 cream white when they restock in July. That number being so high, you’d think the correction would be 60K. But the truth was something else. Apparently, after working with Adidas for 3 years now, Kanye finally makes Yeezys available for everyone.

So, according to the Yeezy Mafia, the Yeezy 350 V2 Cream White will drop in millions. Making it possible for every sneakerhead around the world to get a pair. Or more even!

Then, how much money will it make? What will happen to resale prices? Is it still worth copping?

In the case of a high stock level, you need to play differently. This will be a game of numbers in July, even if selling a single pair doesn’t make much, but selling several will do the trick. And since the stock level is so high, copping many pairs should be easy.

Keep in mind that it’ll drop in such a high stock level doesn’t and will never mean everyone will get a pair. If anything, this will make people feel more greedy and more tempted to cop multiple pairs. Every person in denial before will confess to secretly admiring Yeezys and try to cop as many pairs as possible. And that’s what you should be doing.

The Inescapable L!

For every lucky sneakerhead who got a W, there has to be one somewhere who got a miserable L. Some people, especially those who still cop manually. So you should take advantage of that and stock up on white Yeezys before they. There will be plenty, trust us. The Mafia’s map regarding the release locations clearly showed that there would be some less fortunate areas of the world. Even with such a vast stock, Canada and Australia will still, as usual, get much fewer pairs. So aim at unlucky sneakerheads living there. They will be the perfect customers, buying at any price out of frustration.

The way to get several pairs is to have a bot. No question here! But now that the stock level is so high, you need to use a bot that can get you the maximum number of pairs. So a bot that offers an unlimited number of tasks is a must for this release. You need to make sure you’re getting the most out of this exceptional stock.

Yeezy Cream White

Adidas Yeezy Cream WhiteThe Yeezy 350 V2 Cream white, which dropped over a year ago in April 2017, will now release in July, in what the Mafia called “a long online release.” Long indeed, if we’re getting a million pairs.

To refresh your memory, here’s a reminder of what to expect when expecting the Cream Whites. These sneakers boast the most desired silhouette among all Kanye’s designs, the V2. Featuring all-white primeknit uppers with matching outsoles and Boost material, making every step wearing these shoes count. And that light and refreshing color! Perfect for any outing this Summer.

Now that we know that neither the Butters nor the cream whites will be limited, we keep wondering, are we witnessing Kanye’s words turn into actions? And will these actions help Jumpman get their spot as the second sportswear Brand in the USWill there be a time when Jordans are more worthy to cop than Yeezys? Especially that Jordan Brand is more focused on collaborations and producing limited edition sneakers such as the Air Jordan 4 Cactus Jack, Levi’s, and the whole range of Off-White sneakers. So, we’ll wait to see what comes up until July is here.

And while you wait, here’s a look at the most hyped sneaker releases this year. And don’t forget that we still have an 8-sneaker collaboration ahead of us, along with a truckload of Yeezys.

Update 12/03/2019

After getting a million pairs of Cream whites in 2018, 2019 brought us 24 different Yeezy silhouettes. Adidas and Kanye dug through the archives and cleared some warehouses to bring us the Yeezy Deadstock day. And the cream whites were a part of this long, long day! Now the Yeezy 350 V2 cream white is selling for an . Barely enough to be considered an investment, but it’s still one of the most iconic Yeezys.

Update 11/03/2020

Not that we miss the Yeezy cream whites or anything, but from the last update until now in 2020 did not see another white restock. But what we did get, in abundance, light-colored crisp Yeezy colorways. And to be exact, we got 4 different colorways that all resemble the cream whites so much, you no longer need to sob for that L! Since September 2019, we got the Yeezy Citrin, Cloud White, Yeshaya, and Natural, which all look very similar to the OG whites. With the very excellent addition of the semi-translucent side stripe, we now dig do much!