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Crenshaw Skate Club Dunks Leaks Leave The Swoosh Fuming!

By May 13, 2023May 19th, 2023Nike, Sneakers

AIO - Crenshaw Skate Club DunksIt’s official, Crenshaw Skate Club Dunks are dropping… sometime this year! And like nearly every new release, we’re getting an early leaked look at the kicks. This became a standard act prior to sneaker releases. But these new Dunks’ leaks, in particular, led Nike into throwing a fit on Instagram.

Man, the wonders you see in the sneaker industry. Sneaker drama became a must and nobody told us? Ever since Adidas terminated its Yeezy partnership, it’s been going downward. However, all drama aside, we can’t deny the fact that we’re the Swoosh and Jordan Brand have taken it upon themselves to fill the gap Yeezys left behind and introduce us to the best drops out there. Nike’s creativity got to the point where they dropped a soft drink-inspired Dunks this year! Speak of cool sneaker collabs! All this aside, let’s find out more about the upcoming Dunks!

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Crenshaw Skate Club Dunks

Today’s generation is just on another level. They work fast as heck. Take Tobias McIntosh as the greatest example. You don’t know who this is. Well, he’s the mastermind behind the development of Crenshaw Skate Club, which he founded at just 14 years old. Also, McIntosh’s main goal in creating this store is to represent the skateboarding community. The founder has been making his way up the ladder pretty fast, to say the least. He has already collaborated with popular brands, like Jordan Brand and the LA Clippers. And now, he’s joining forces with Nike SB on the release of the Crenshaw Skate Club Nike SB Dunk. 

So, the new Crenshaw Skate Club Dunks ain’t your typical two-colored kicks you can style with literally everything. Therefore, if you wanna wear these kicks and make a statement in the sneaker community, know that you got to go with the simplest outfits you have. These kicks will do all the standing out you need. The new Dunks come in an Off-White suede base, while Brown and light Green leather overlays them. As for the Swooshes, they come covered in Blue. Finally, tan midsoles sit atop translucent outsoles. Do you see what we mean by keeping your outfit simple if you manage to cop these Dunks? Also, speaking of copping, how can you catch this pair?

The Drama 

But before we go any further into the details on how to cop Crenshaw Skate Club Dunks, let us stop here for a moment. Do you see that sneaker description up there? THAT, we were not supposed to know. We got it the usual way: leaks. And this time it was from a sneakerhead called @masterchefian on Instagram.  

However, this leak, specifically, made Nike snap and throw a fit on Instagram as they left a comment on Ian’s post, saying: “imagine getting the opportunity to create a dunk only to have an account named masterchefian leak it with no context to the story.”

How to Buy? 

As sneakerheads, we doubt anyone would pass on these cool Crenshaw Skate Club Dunks. But how exactly can you ace the game and manage to cop them? Whether it’s Dunks or Air Jordans, there are certain steps you should follow to buy them online. Catching Nike and Jordan sneakers has always been a difficult task to accomplish. And this task became even more difficult when the Swoosh updated its retailer rules. But this is neither the end of the world nor is it the end of your sneaker reselling journey. Because we got the secret you’ve been waiting for: a cheat sheet for buying Nike kicks AR RETAIL! 

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Crenshaw Skate Club Dunks
Release Date: Fall 2023
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Crenshaw Skate Club Dunks

Crenshaw Dunks