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Custom Sneakers: A Sneakerhead’s One-of-A-Kind Personalized Dream

By July 16, 2022Sneaker Tutorial, Sneakers

Custom Sneakers - AIO BotOne of the best ways to get rid of sneaker boredom is by resorting to custom sneakers! We’ve all had the case of the boredom blues, especially when we were all under lockdown. Some people resorted to cutting their, others to DIY projects… However, sneakerheads took it a step further with sneaker customization!

It’s one of life’s greatest pleasures to know that you own a sneaker no one else in the world has. A 1 of 1 pair that no one – in a million years – could ever have. And, sneaker brands have actually started to realize the power behind customization. That’s why they’ve incorporated color-changing sneakers and tear-away uppers. But, why stop there?

Custom sneakers give you the opportunity to create something that is completely YOURS. So, let’s talk special feet things… NOT in a weird way. Let’s talk about personalized shoes! Also, if you think about it, this could be a cool venture into sneaker reselling. Make a business out of it! To find out more about becoming a sneaker reseller, click on the button below!


Custom_Sneakers - AIO BotFirst, what are custom sneakers?

Custom sneakers are basically any sneaker from any brand that you’ve upgraded in your own way. You can do anything from a simple shoe lace style to a complete revamping. Thankfully, the general sneaker anatomy does allow for a lot of customization on our part. You can paint the midsoles, draw on the uppers like a blank canvas, tie-dye, and so much more. 

Sneaker customization isn’t even new! We’ve always had that one person Sharpie-ing his sneakers in class, or painting over their beaters. Also, for some time, it became a way for sneakerheads to retaliate against sneaker brands. Or, give their opinion on how they believe a sneaker should be. We often find ourselves drawn to fanart sneaker designs and disappointed by the actual release! 

Creators of Custom Sneakers

Custom Sneakers II - AIO Bot#1 The Surgeon

The Surgeon – aka The Shoe Surgeon – is a Los Angeles-based collective of creative designers of custom sneakers. Dominic Chambrone is one of the OGs of sneaker customization and has some of the most popular designs. He has partnerships with Adidas, the Jumpman, Shoe Palace, and so much more! Check their website at for more!


Also, there are @frecustoms for custom sneakers and apparel. They’re even integrated into NFTs with their Metaverse Merch, as they call it! And, they’re so good that their sneaker customizations reached industry giants including Nike, Adidas, and Foot Locker. Plus, celebrities like Chris Brown, 50 Cent, and French Montana all endorse their products! Check their website at for more!

#3 Kickstradomis Customs
Custom_Sneakers I - AIO Bot

Finally, there’s @kickstradomis – the custom sneakers designer that works for the biggest A-list celebrities! He also happens to design a lot of the most hyped retail products like custom Funkos, Sports Cards, and TCGs.

You can check out their storefront on whatnot at for more info!

These designers are the elite of the sneaker customization industry.
However, you can also personalize sneakers on your own using a few online tools. So, if you want to customize shoes on your own, check out the websites below:

Smoove Creations
Brand Your Shoes
Nike By You

Custom Sneakers I - AIO Bot