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Custom Yeezy Boost 350 V2s from China? Think again – Fake Yeezy Store

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  • September 23, 2017
fake yeezys store

 Custom Yeezy Boost 350 V2s from China? Think again

Apparently, a trading company in China has opened a new store touting a collection of rare Yeezys. The sneaker outlet recently opened its doors in Wenzhou, China – home of bootlegs, counterfeits, and scandalous street-wear. Yea, the entire Yeezy store is a shop dedicated to Fake Yeezys. They have a massive neon sign on the front of the shop brandishing the trademark name YEEZY.” Walk inside and you’ll be greeted with signs that read messages like “American style.

How can they get away with this? Easy. Just like other stores across China, Italy, Moscow, and Seoul with a thriving market for counterfeit merchandise, they bought the trademark to the name and set up a shop.


Fake Yeezys!

The Yeezy store in China is home to a wide selection of Yeezy Boosts – both official and custom colorways. And some of their items are Yeezy models that have never been released and will never see the light of day on any self-respecting Yeezy fan’s feet. The store’s layout is immaculate. Despite being home to hundreds of fake Yeezys, the Yeezy store is decorated like a modern street-wear boutique. No expense was spared in preparing the illusion of authenticity. The shelves are socked and polished; the staff is hip and trendy; every poster and mannequin is positioned to create the feeling of American trends.  But all their Yeezys are fake Yeezys! So which models do we have to look out for when shopping online (especially from anyone shipping overseas)?

If we take a look at the Yeezy store’s brightly lit wooden shelves we can instantly spot a collection of Fake Yeezys that includes the Yeezy Boosts 350, 750 and 350 V2s.

Which makes perfect sense considering these are the most popular models to hit the market. The real question is what’s worse? Taking L’s and being left empty handed or taking L’s and ending up with fake Yeezys on your feet?

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Counterfeit Chess Game

China has always been a pioneer in the counterfeit game, and with this latest move they have successfully stepped it up a notch. A Mr. Hu of the Wenzhou Haifan Trading Company purchased the trademark to Yeezy back in 2013 across several categories. The loophole in international trademark law allowing them to parade around fake shoes is, admittedly, a clever move. Similar companies have created knockoff brands of New Balance and Supreme by utilizing the very same exploit.


Not too long ago, Jordan Brand won a lawsuit against a company in China attempting to counterfeit Jordan sneakers. The company was forced to cease operations and close its doors. As time marches on, we’ll see how Kanye approaches this new adversary and whether he fairs as well as Jordan.

Kanye West originally announced plans to open 200 Yeezy retail locations to make his popular sneakers widely available. This bold move by Chinese counterfeit merchants makes that plan further from reality.

During past interviews, when asked about the scarcity of Yeezy Boost 350s and Yeezy Boost 350 V2s Kanye West has stated, “I want my shoes to be available for everyone. I don’t want anyone to miss out.” It’s hard to make good on this promise when each release breaks the internet and sneakers are limited to a few thousand pairs worldwide. Albeit, we’re sure he didn’t intend for it to happen this way, mass production of Yeezy Boosts and wider availability is exactly what’s in store for the world.


If Yeezus loses, we all lose!

The major issue at stake here is brand integrity. As street-wear grows in popularity, so too will the propensity of those willing to produce and purchase knockoffs. Counterfeit wares coming from overseas is nothing new. We have seen in the past brands like Gucci, Prada, and Louis Vuitton – all luxury designers – being watered down by the presence of fakes. If you can’t afford a Chanel bag it’s an easy fix to go buy a knockoff for a fraction of the price. Now, if you’re one of those unlucky masses who missed out on that new pair of Yeezys it’s as easy as a few clicks to cop a pair of fakes.

Being the narcissist we all know and love, Kanye named his kicks after himself: “Yeezy”. So, for this new store in China to not only steal the make and model of Yeezy Boost 350, 350 v2, and other Yeezys but to also steal a man’s name is more than criminal, it’s unethical. He built his brand from the ground up and those parasites are leeching it.

Spotting a fake Yeezy Boost 350 v2

So how can true Yeezy fans protect themselves from malicious resellers of fake Yeezys? With all the hype over the new counterfeit Yeezy store and the ever-increasing demand for Yeezys it can be a real challenge to get your hands on a pair of authentic Yeezy Boosts. Luckily, there are always noticeable signs of a fake.

fake bomb flower yeezy


fake custom yeezys

For one, be wary of anything coming from overseas. If the price is too good to be true, chances are you’ve got yourself a fake. When buying Yeezys, only go through verified resellers and third parties that offer multiple authentication checks. It’s not worth the low cost and wasted cash to get a pair of Yeezy Boost 350 V2s delivered only to find out that the stitching’s wrong or the Boost sole is made out of cheap packing foam. Nobody wants to get ripped off!

And if you wanna be extra careful, cop Yeezys yourself. Using a sneaker bot like AIO Bot, you can get any Yeezy you wish to get at retail price without ever worrying about fakes. And with a great Yeezy bot like AIO Bot, you can get multiple pairs and start your own Yeezy reselling business.


A few signs to look out for when purchasing your Yeezys are:

  1. Low-ball price – it’s usually too good to be true!
  2. Random seller with no reviews:
    1. Always check the reviews of anyone you buy from on eBay, Amazon, or other social markets.
    2. International sellers thrive by ripping pictures of real sneakers off the internet and posing their fake Yeezys as real.


  3. Anyone selling “rare” or “custom” Yeezy Boosts is definitely a fraud:
    1. Kanye West announces all releases ahead of time and Kim Kardashian always tweets about each drop.
    2. AIOBot’s Twitter feed keeps you up to date with all the official news on anything related to Yeezy Boost.


  4. Only trust resellers who post hi-resolution pictures of their Yeezy Boosts:
    1. When you click on the shot, zoom in and get a good look at the shape of the shoe and note any odd markings.
    2. Fake Yeezys are usually misshapen in the tongue, toe, and heel-tab; the heel-tab and tongue are dead giveaways. If they’re too long or too tall you’ve caught a fake!
    3. Check the name of the image and run it through Google’s image search; if it’s been ripped off it will show up in another area of the internet.
  5. If you’re not sure, it’s best to leave it alone or ask for a second opinion
    1. We’re all certified sneakerheads, what good are friends if they can’t help you spot a fake?

spot fake yeezy

Can the real Yeezys please stand up?

The good news in all this is no matter how hard they try, they’ll never be Kanye. They got the name, but they’ll never cheat Kanye. Why? He made that store Faaaamous! Kanye has our vote of support if he takes this company to trial for the rights to his name. He’s the genius of a generation. He’s the man that stepped out in a full-length fur and made leather jogging pants a fashion trend. This marketing mogul, fashion Einstein, hip-hop monster has single-handedly changed an entire culture. No knock-off can topple his dynasty. And good luck trying to bite his steeze.

We’re rooting for Kanye in this trademark war and we won’t stop until we win. We like to think of ourselves as consummate fans and sneakerheads, but it’s the voice of the people that matters.

So, What do you guys think? Is it cool for this store in Wenzhou, China to run around rocking fake Yeezys and helping spread their plague on sneaker culture? Or is rocking fake shoes the new chic? Questions that need answers and the world is dying to know.