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Is Cybersole an EU-only Sneaker Bot Now?

By September 4, 2023September 16th, 2023Reviews

cybersole bot reviewCybersole is one of the best sneaker-copping bots on the market, and here are all the reasons why!

Now, before we get into the good stuff, why are sneaker bots so in demand? Well, the answer is quite easy! Sneaker bots are a type of software application commonly used in the context of sneaker and streetwear buying and reselling. 

Basically, they are designed to automate the process of purchasing limited-release sneakers and other high-demand fashion items online. Successful bot users can resell sneakers at higher prices, making it a lucrative endeavor. And who doesn’t love profit? 

As a result, they give users a competitive advantage in acquiring exclusive sneakers in the highly competitive resale market. Moreover, they level the playing field for those seeking to profit from it. 

In detail, they allow users to target numerous online stores simultaneously, increasing chances of success and outpacing manual buyers. So, if you wish to get your hand on FIRE limited releases, bots are absolutely essential for securing a pair- or multiple!

Cybersole Overview

Cybersole launched back in 2017, so that makes it quite a while. The fact that it managed to stay consistent throughout these long years earned it a big name in the botting industry and among botters. 

With over 3 million checkouts, 150K followers on their active Twitter account, and a solid support network, Cybersole is one of the fittest contenders in the sneakers botting market. However, it’s often judged as being on the pricier side of the spectrum. Let’s get into the details!

Cybersole Pros

  • Unlimited number of tasks 
  • Supports Shopify and Footsites
  • 250+ supported retailers.
  • Supports multiple 3rd party captcha providers.
  • Supports mobile applications.

Cyber sole Cons

  • Currently out of stock. 
  • Expensive.
  • Only supports Windows.
  • Does not support Nike and Adidas.

Cybersole Pricing

Cybersole sneaker botThe Cybersole bot comes at a hefty cost, requiring a significant investment. How much exactly? Well, it is initially sold at £300, with an additional £100 renewal fee every six months. 

However, due to the fact that it’s currently out of stock, you might need to purchase it at an even higher price for resale. It can go as high as $1600. Insane. 

Cybersole commands a resale price of $150 per month, totaling $1,800 yearly. If renting bots is your game, you can rent Cybersole for $5 per day. 

Should You Go For This Sneaker Bot?

With its recorded success on Supreme and Footlocker, it will definitely satisfy your Nike Dunks, Air Jordans, Supreme, and Yeezys sneakerhead obsession.

Although Cybersole boasts supporting over 170+ websites, one must note that till now, it does not support Nike and Adidas, two mighty giants in the sneakers industry. A huge disadvantage… 

However, since it is currently out of stock, renting it will come at a very huge disadvantage. Not to be discouraging, if you have the bucks for it, as well as the solid server and proxies, you can absolutely go for it. 

However, for the noobs that are just dipping their toes into the sneaker game, investing an arm and a leg for Cybersole might not be the smartest decision you can make. There are so many other successful bots out there that you can check out at more affordable prices! Check them out here!

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