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How Much Do Cybersole, Wrath, and AIO Bot Cost?

By June 14, 2023September 2nd, 2023Bot

One of the main components of a successful sneaker-copping strategy is a sneaker bot. This is how the sneaker game works. However, you must know by now that not just any sneaker bot can do the job. You got free sneaker bots for example. To break out to you from the beginning, those things simply don’t work and only depend on luck- just like manual copping. So, whether you’re here because you’re rethinking your botting options or you’re just getting started and want to land the best deal, we’ve got you covered. Because we will provide you with the best sneaker bots on the market. So, whether it’s ground-breaking OOS bots like Cybersole, Wrath, and Kodai that don’t come cheap on the aftermarket. Or safe add-to-cart bots like AIO bot, and NSB that are steady on the success ladder, you can pick and choose what suits you of these sneaker bot prices.



Sneaker Bot Prices on the Market [2023]

First of all, let’s talk prices. Because your plan to buy or rent the right bot is in direct cahoots with your goal to make more money reselling sneakers. It’s like any business deal in the non-virtual world: you gotta get the best to earn your best. 


One of the priciest OOS bots in the market right now is Cybersole AIO, as you may know. It retails at £300 with a  £100 renewal fee per 6 months. But since it’s out of stock, you’d have to buy it for resale. Which of course is way above the retail price. Cybersole resells for $150/month. That’s $1,800/year. However, you can also rent Cybersole for $5/day. 

So, what makes this must-have bot super limited and sexy on the market? Well, first and foremost, Cybersole is extremely successful on Supreme and Footlocker. It was also one of the most successful bots on YeezySupply before it shut down. It has a steady success rate on Shopify and Footsites in general. This is impressive considering that Shopify holds limited stocks and is difficult to feast on.

In addition to the flawless success rate of Cyber, it offers a mobile companion app! This means users can manage their tasks, receive round-the-clock customer support, and cop without fixing their schedules around their PCs. 

Should you go for Cybersole?
For retail, ABSOLUTELY. Unfortunately, Cybersole rarely ever restocks so you’ll likely have to pay at least 1k+ for a top bot that, just like any other bot, may flop at any release. So, if you’ve got yourself a money tree, good proxies, and a good server, you can rent Cybersole here. But if you’re a beginner and are still crawling your way up, Cybersole may NOT be the best decision for you at the time. 

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Similar to Cybersole, Wrath has a consistent success rate on Shopify, Supreme, and US Footsites. When it first started out in May 2019, it was averaging 8 copped pairs per user. And it seemed to be kicking it off with its small user base. But with the lack of major updates and lazy customer support, Wrath has taken a hit as a top bot in the fiercely competitive market, a while back. 

Bot reviews have analyzed that the bot’s major success is due to Jason, the only developer and most active contributor on the Wrath team. That’s a lot of pressure on one brilliant mortal. Wrath retails for $350 with a $50 renewal fee/6 months. But since it’s incredibly difficult to spot on retail, it is currently reselling for $300/month on Tidal. Which puts it in the value range of Cybersole, one of the top AIO bots in the market. The bot cops consistently on the industry’s most competitive sites. Just the fact that it is considered among the top Shopify bots proves it’s got a game. 

Should you go for Wrath?
Considering that its resale value doesn’t fall far from that of Cybersole, this is not a beginner’s investment. If you’re an expert sneakerhead with copping experience, however, Wrath might be an option to consider if you’re aiming high on Shopify and are a total Yeezy fan. But you’re gonna have to take it for its already existing features if it’s slow on updates and support. Since it’s unlikely that Jason has a twin. 

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Compared to Wrath, Kodai definitely holds better customer-optimized features. It provides regular updates to ensure smooth copping before hyped releases. And its customer support team is active around the clock, although thanks to its helpful UI, users don’t seem to really need it that much to navigate free of struggle. It operates mainly on Footsites, Shopify, Supreme, and Adidas. With the Adidas extension developing more steadily on hyped releases than it used to. Even more so, Kodai hub allows users to track their copping analytics. Which go over the number of checkouts and failures like a personalized study. With the plus of being mobile-friendly!

Should you go for Kodai?
To purchase Kodai on retail, you’ll have to pay $199 for the first month and a monthly fee of $44.99 after that. Except, to your surprise, it rarely ever restocks. And last we check, its average resale value was around $350. So, Kodai seems as good an option as the two bots above. Even slightly better if you value easy navigation and an Adidas extension. However, it rarely ever restocks, and it’s even harder to find on resale. In fact, you have to join some kind of waitlist to get ahold of it… if luck was on your side.

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Other OOS AIO Bots you can check out, are: 


OOS Bots Are NOT THE KEY to Success

Now that you’ve wrapped your head around what OOS means in the bot industry, and how much Cybersole costs, it’s time to look at the other side of the spectrum. Also known as the safe space where bots are added to carts for prices the average brain can fathom. We’re talking about bots that are regularly in stock like AIO bot, and NSB. These are bots that normally have an Add to Cart option on their product pages and sell for one consistent price. And show consistent success drop after drop.

In other words, with the abundance of all-in-one bots for retail, such as AIO Bot and NSB, you don’t have to go through the hassle of renting them for resale. Which sometimes goes so high up, the number you’d be paying would be ridiculous. 

For example, NSB costs $349/year and operates consistently on Supreme, Shopify, and Footsites. Although somewhat expensive for a bot in stock, and for someone with limited capital to start with, NSB offers many helpful and efficient features that help increase its users’ odds to cop. It is advisable to buy NSB if you have some sort of botting experience. Which is not a timely concern considering that it’s always in stock whenever you need it. It’s also worth highlighting that you’ll be paying $349 for a full yearly subscription that doesn’t need renewal every other month. That’s less than the profit you’d make by flipping one pair of the new Born X Raised x Nike Dunks. So, imagine if you manage to cop in Bulk!

AIO Bot: Your Go-to Bot at Retail

best sneaker bots

If you’re looking for an OG bot with copping potential similar to that of Cybersole and Wrath at an affordable fixed price, AIO bot is your go-to bot. Operating since 2014, AIO bot supports Shopify, Adidas, and Nike SNKRS, just recently! With an unbeatable performance on Footsites. And a one of a kind customer support and satisfaction rate.

Get AIO Bot TodayAIO bot is fixed at a $299 retail price! It is among the most successful and affordable AIO bots always available on the market. With a success page booming with every successful sneaker cop. 

So, if you’re not ready to take the financial leap with OOS bots, or just think the prices are ridiculous, you’ll be able to get your retail value back and more in no time with AIO bot. Our Twitter page provides constant updates on our successes and giveaways. Here at AIO bot, we aim for a relentless presence on the bot market to keep the time window for sneaker lovers WIDE OPEN.