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The Ugly Dad Shoes Trend Standing Strong in 2019

By May 8, 2019September 1st, 2022Sneakers

Remember the old days, when you felt so embarrassed by your dad flexing his favorite funky kicks? When he boasted his ‘unique’ sense of style and ruined any chance you had at a decent social life. Well, these days were over. Until Kanye West decided to revive the ugly Dad Shoes trend, forcing us all to join that party.

The Iconic Dad Shoes Trend

Dad shoes are back, big time. They’re stylish, trendy, and on the feet of every influencer and artist, you ever thought highly of. The dad shoes that belonged in the past are now a symbol of SWAG and hype around the streetwear community. And what used to cost $20 to $30, now holds the logo of the fanciest fashion houses ever, along with their pricey price tags! LV, Versace, Balenciaga, and many more luxury apparel brands have adopted the dad shoe trend, making it appealing to a ridiculously large audience.

So what are they?

The name ‘Dad shoes’ refers to casual shoes or sneakers which thanks to the comfort they provide, appeal to dads. Well, they probably even appeal to moms but they’re named after our beloved fathers. They’re characterized by big bulky soles, thick uppers, and weird extraordinary patterns and overlays that belong way back in the 80s or 90s. Back when your dad was a sneakerhead.

How It Started. Again!

This question, in particular, doesn’t have a clear answer, more like debates and non-ending discussions. The sneaker community is vertically split between those who believe Kanye West restarted this whole trend and those who support Balenciaga’s claim that the modern dad shoe trend is theirs. While we prefer not taking sides, the dates clearly show that Kanye’s first Dad shoes dropped before Balenciaga’s Triple S.
Regardless of who started this whole dad shoe trend, it’s here. And if we keep on seeing the same level of influencer marketing, it’s staying for a long time!

Top 7 Dad Shoes

Now, we really couldn’t figure out how to categorize the dad shoes we’re about to discuss. Do we sort them by size? List them by the release date? Which one do we prefer the most?

So to be objective, and to set aside our taste, we decided to sort the upcoming top 7 dad shoes by price. And trust us when we say, regardless of your budget, you can always join the Dad Shoe Trend.

Fila Men’s Strada DisruptorFila Disrupt bulky

Even if your interests are light years away from the sneaker industry, you must have seen these. The dad of all dad shoes out there, the Fila Disruptor.

You can’t browse Instagram or Facebook any day without coming across them. We can almost swear there isn’t a single influencer that hasn’t put these on their feet. But it’s understandable. First, Fila just like Nike and Adidas is a sportswear brand, so it’s expected that Fila sneakers offer comfort and good performance. Second, they look very dope. Despite all the unnecessary details and extras, we see in other dad shoes, Fila took a more simple approach. yes the shoes are big and bulky but they’re simple and clean and they look good with absolutely any outfit you wear.

Best part? Fila’s Disruptor is the cheapest among all dad shoes we discussed here. To own a pair of Filas, and a piece of your favorite blogger, you only need to pay around $65 USD. However, their latest collaboration with Fendi marked a crazy $950 per pair. That’s what it costs to sport the Fendi logo on your feet.

dad shoe trend Adidas Falcon

Adidas Falcon

We believe this is the least Daddy-ish Dad shoe on the list. Although it features the big bulky silhouette, the variety of the colorways, in addition to the suede overlays give the Adidas Falcon a more sleek and simple feel.

In case you wanna hop on the dad shoe train but can’t afford the trend, the Adidas Falcon is a great option for you. The retail price of a pair of Falcons ranges from $100 to $150, and they’re available for purchase on the website. So no ‘limited’ or ‘exclusive’ sh!t to deal with.

Adidas has taken the smartest approach to the Dad shoe Trend, offering affordable, accessible, and trendy sneakers. In addition, Adidas as a sneakers & sportswear brand is about creating high-performance products. So unlike with other brands, you wouldn’t be paying just for the looks of the shoe, you’d be paying for comfort and performance.

Other than the Falcon which dates back to 1997, Adidas created the Yung-1. A new modern take on the big bulky shoe trend. The Yung 1 was featured in the Adidas Dragon Ball Z Collaboration as Freiza’s sneakers. The Yung-1 also sits on the lower end of the price range, with prices going from $100 to $120.

Adidas Yeezy Boost 700 WaverunnerAdidas Yeezy 700

Sneakerheads blame these sneakers for bringing the dad shoe trend to life! Although Balenciaga probably dropped their shoes first, the wow-factor Kanye adds to any of his products is unmatchable.

The Adidas Yeezy Boost 700 dropped in its first OG colorway back in August 2017 and opened the eyes of the industry to a trend that was long gone. Of course, a big thanks goes to Kanye, the Kardashians, and North and Saint West for flaunting these, day and night until they grew on us!

The Yeezy 700 in both its versions v1 and v2 retails at $300, which, amongst the unimaginably large price tags, is fair. To date, We’ve seen 7 versions of Kanye’s envisionment of Dad shoes, the Yeezy 700.

In addition to the Yeezy 700s, Kanye alongside Adidas has designed another big shoe, the Yeezy 500. This silhouette, however, lacks the bold pops of colors and sci-fi vibes the 700s gave off. It features a combination of Mesh and Suede and comes fully monochromatic, and retails at just $200.

Balenciaga Triple SBalenciaga triple S 1 Dad shoes

If you really can’t get to accept the trend, and just can’t take it anymore, feel free to take it out on Balenciaga. Not only does the Balenciaga Triple S follow the 90’s Dad Shoes hype, but it also looks like it dates back to that era.
The shoe looks intentionally worn-in as if it belonged to your dad.

The Triple S takes inspiration from running, basketball, and track sneakers. In fact, it looks like a mashup of 3 different shoes, which resulted in this heavy and pricey pair (~$950).

Objectively speaking, the Yeezy 700 along with the Balenciaga Triple S are the sneakers behind popularizing the revival of the dad shoe trend. Every other brand just followed.

Versace Chain ReactionVersace-Chain-Reaction-High-x-Kith

Versace’s Dad shoes have the most unique silhouette and story behind them. Which you can read about here.
The Italian fashion house went above and beyond with these sneakers. Even with the price. The Versace Chain Reaction sneakers feature a chain link outsole, with the uppers constructed out of leather, mesh, suede, and in some versions rubber.

Recently, Versace collaborated with streetwear brand Kith on a new iteration of the Chain Reaction. Kith’s version featured a new high-top design, executed in luxurious velour and finished off with zipper and Velcro closures. The uppers featured Versace’s signature Medusa design in addition to Kith’s logo across the eyes. As for the retail price, Versace’s sneakers are priced at $995 for the regular versions and $1100 for the Kith collab.

Louis Vuitton ArchlightLouis Vuitton Archlight Sneakers

This next pair can be a lot to take in. They’re big, bulky, a little twisted, and high-top. But the LV Archlight sneakers are the perfect combo of luxury, Couture, and Casual. Of course, when we say Louis Vuitton we’re also saying loads of cash. Exactly $1090!

Although the LV Archlight sneakers are part of the dad shoe trend, they’re not the typical dad shoes. The shoe draws inspirations from futuristic trends and 90’s basketball sneakers. The SS18 sneakers feature a high arch on the sole unit, a long tongue, a traditional lacing setup, and a high heel for additional height (5cm).

Gucci Flashtrek sneakerGucci Dad shoes

So although this pair doesn’t feature a high-top collar, it is one of the biggest dad shoes on the market right now. The Gucci Flashtrek sneakers feature one of the bulkiest sole units, giving the military boots feel while being luxurious AF! The uppers are constructed out of premium leather, technical canvas, and mesh. A long heel tab holding ‘Gucci’, stands out just like every single feature in this shoe.

And if they’re not big enough for you, you can add some extra bulky chunky crystals! Around the shoe wraps a removable elastic strap with embroidered sparkling crystals. Everything about these sneakers is big, even the price tag. You can own a pair of Gucci Flashtrek sneakers by paying a grand $1590.

travis Scott X Nike Air max 270-minCactus Jack X Nike Air Max 270

Back in May 2020, Travis Scott joined the Dad shoe trend, adding another touch of style to bulky shoes. The Cactus Jack Air Max 270 featured everything you’d love in a dad shoe, bulkiness, stylish color combo, and extra comfort thanks to the 270’s amazing cushioning tech. Although less pricey than other Travis Scott kicks, the $170 dad sneakers resell for over $500. But you can’t put a price on love, or style for that matter. The best part about this shoe, in particular, is that it dropped in Kids’ sizes too. So if you wanna look all matched up for that Christmas card, drop the matching PJs and buy the fam a full-size range of Cactus jack’s 270s.

Bodega-New-Balance-Better-DaysNew Balance X Bodega Better Days

One of the good things that happened in 2020 was New Balance taking over the whole front page of many sneaker news sites, many times! The secret to this boom in business is not really a secret and it could be the reason Kanye is planning on moving Yeezys to the US next year. And as low-key as New Balance can go at times, ad bold as it went with its Bodega collaboration.

New Balance’s co-designed sneakers with Bodega subbed “Better Days” is the statement dad shoe we all wish to flex. Like all of us, not just dads.

The grey suede at the toe, the shades of tan and yellow across the midfoot, and the textured touch of crimson around all scream STYLE! And if you’re more into the sole than the looks, Underfoot, ABZORB, and ENCAP technologies are utilized to give those hard-working dads an unmatched fit of comfort. At the time of writing this, I was still impatiently waiting for the Bodega NB 997 to drop and bring along some better days! We could really use that post-COVID-19. The retail price is set at $160, which is really affordable, and the release date should be the 25th of September 2020. But come a day late and you’d have to pay over $400 for a pair off the aftermarket.

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So there you have it, a summary of the most extravagant dad shoes on the market now. And whether you’re into this trend or not, you gotta admit that it’s taken over the industry very fast. And with more big sneakers dropping every season, it looks like the trend isn’t fading away any time soon. But if you really are into this there is without a doubt, a sneaker that will suit your style and budget.

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