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Why You Need to Use Datacenter Proxies for Sneaker Bots & Copping

By June 10, 2021June 15th, 2021Bot, Sneaker Tutorial

Why You Need Datacenter Proxies for Sneaker Bots and Copping - AIO BotThe newest part of our proxy series is all about Datacenter Proxies. Datacenter proxies are the third type of proxies used to run sneaker bots on the greatest of all sneaker cops. When you’re going for a major hyped sneaker cop, proxies are a MUST. You don’t really have a choice. Unless you’re just starting out, take your bot for a test run. But, the type of proxy you go for also plays a huge role in how your copping goes! Even if you’ve got the most epic sneaker bot on your side, you still gotta feed it the proxies to get it going. The proxies are what give you the fighting chance, with the bot providing the epic speed and efficiency.

But, there are three main types of proxies: residential, datacenter, and ISP proxies. We’ve already covered both residential and ISP proxies before. You can check the guide for residential proxies here, and the one for ISPs here. And, with this guide on datacenter proxies, you’ll be able to figure out exactly what the best proxies work for you.

Not all copping needs are made equal! So, what works for you might not work for someone else. It depends a lot on where to buy the sneakers you want (from which online retailer) and whether or not you wanna cop in bulk.

What Are Datacenter Proxies?

Why You Need ISP Proxies for Sneaker Bots and Copping - AIO Bot BlogSo, in essence, the main job of datacenter proxies does not differ from a RESI or an ISP – they all do the same thing. And, that thing is masking your own IP address to give you that anonymous mysterious edge! Just think of them like Harry Potter using his cloak of invisibility to get into the restricted section of the library. 

Datacenter proxies are proxies that come from a secondary corporation that provides you with an IP address (the proxy) that is completely authentic and anonymous. But this corporation is not related to any Internet Service Provider (ISP), which is the main difference between DCs and RESIs.

So, technically speaking, DCs won’t look like a home IP to any decent antibot system. This ultimately makes it a little riskier to run DCs on certain websites. Also, the thing is, most datacenter proxies come from cloud server providers and may have been used before. This causes a huge risk of the proxy being already flagged or banned since it doesn’t come from an ISP. If you wanna avoid proxy blacklisting, make sure that you get your proxies from a reliable source.

Features of DCs

Different IP Addresses with _Proxies - AIO BotBy now, you’ve probably figured out that you can’t run your bot without proxies or else you’ll risk a life-long ban. That’s literal sneakerhead suicide. But, why would you use datacenter proxies as opposed to other types of proxies?

There’s always been a lot of talk and speculation about the datacenters vs residentials and all about ISPs getting so popular. But, datacenter proxies are still the most common type of proxy used, and that’s for a whole lot of reasons. So, let’s get into DC features!
– Limited number of proxies
– Mostly available for US and EU regions
– Unlimited data usage
– Ping range between 50 and 100 ms
– Costs $25 to $44 per month

The huge difference between RESIs and datacenter proxies is in the obvious speed difference and the proxy generation. Those are the two differences that matter anyway. But, what DCs lack in proxy generation, they make up with excessive speed!

And besides, residential proxies allow you to generate unlimited proxies, but you still have the limitation of data usage. That’s something you don’t have to worry about with DCs – you can have them running around the clock on endless tasks. But, keep in mind that they do have an expiration date! So make sure you use them as much as you can before their due date.

Their price is also very reasonable, especially when you compare them to ISP plans. The honest truth, though, about DCs is that you’ll always run a higher risk you’ll end up on the blacklist. But it’s the proxy that will get banned, not your IP! 

To be brief about it, if you wanna hit websites with low stock, keep the bot running for hours at a time, and are on a budget – go for datacenter proxies!

Where to Buy DCs Plans

ANB DC 25 proxies for $65/month
CHI Proxies 25 proxies for $40/month
Oculus DCs 25 proxies for $36/month