The Dazzling Blue Yeezy 350 Might Be the Most Epic Drop of 2022!

By January 5, 2022Adidas, Yeezy Boost 350

New Blue Yeezy 350 - DAZZLING BLUE 2022 - AIO BotSo, the year 2022 comes with a promise of a blue Yeezy 350. A Yeezy that takes us back to the good old Yeezy days. The new Yeezy Boost 350 V2 DAZZLING BLUE is here to give us the throwback we never knew we needed.

Back in 2016, the Kanye West sneakers welcomed four new Yeezy 350 colorways – one of the most iconic ever! The colorways included: the Yeezy Boost 350 CORE BLACK COPPER – RED – GREEN – AND WHITE. To this day, these Yeezys hold some of the greatest average resale values of all Yeezys! Especially the Adidas Yeezy CORE BLACK RED at around a THOUSAND bucks!

So, considering that this blue Yeezy 350 DAZZLING BLUE release has the same vibe; we’re sure it’s gonna be epic. Can we expect a similar resale price? Well, the dazzling blue side stripe might just be the defining factor! Read to find out more!

*PS – check out a full list of the 2022 Yeezy lineup here!



This blue Yeezy 350 DAZZLING BLUE features a truly dazzling 350 colorway that includes Core Black and Dazzling Blue. The black Primeknit base material has a lateral SPLY-350 side stripe in a dazzling, royal blue. Of course, just like any other 350, it comes with full-length Boost technology encapsulated in the translucent black midsole. This ensures complete optimum sneaker cushioning. They also make for the most comfortable sneakers in the WORLD! 

The color-blocking is exactly the same as the Black Friday Pack from 2016 that has a colorful side stripe. Also, it has the classic SPLY-350 like the Yeezy Blue Tints or the Yeezy Belugas! Final details also include Dazzling Blue random speckles and the insole logo! 

Adidas Blue Yeezy 350 - DAZZLING BLUE - AIO BotRelease Date: Spring 2022
Retail Price: $220

Make sure you check out our Yeezy size guide to get your perfect fit before copping this blue Yeezy 350. These are the definite sneakers for you to wear all the time during the Spring! They look very easy to style with whatever you wanna wear. AND, the sneaker does feature a very special color scheme! BONUS – this colorway doesn’t require too much sneaker care! Also, check out more images of the Yeezy 350 DAZZLING BLUE below!

Yeezy_350 - Dazzling_Blue III - AIO BotWhat You’ll Need to Cop

To cop the blue Yeezy 350 in DAZZLING BLUE, you’re gonna need a few things! So, consider this your official Yeezy copping cheat sheet. Keep it with you for all the upcoming Yeezy releases. Other than that, all you gotta do is follow us on our blog for more news and updates. We’ll keep you filled in on all things related to sneakers!

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