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YEEZY Cemetery: The Dead Yeezys That Are Stuck in Limbo!

By November 4, 2022Adidas, Yeezy

Dead Yeezys - Yeezy Cemetery - AIO BotAdidas and Yeezy’s relationship is OVER. Done for. Finished. Dead Yeezys. If you don’t already know what happened, check out this article with a timeline of how Ye lost his partnership.

But, we are not going to repeat that now. In a nutshell, Ye crossed the lines of acceptable social conduct to the point where it wasn’t just Kanye-being-Kanye. And so, Adidas had to actually drop him. Not just Adidas, most the internet has canceled Ye too. People have taken it as far as burning their Yeezy stuff and shaming anyone wearing Yeezy! Like… chill, fam.
We’re all pretty pissed at Ye, and by no means do we stand by what he did… BUT, Yeezys cost hundreds of dollars. Even more, if you didn’t cop on retail! So, no, we ain’t burning or selling our Yeezys… 

However, we are going to grieve in the Yeezy cemetery: the could’ve, should’ve, would’ve been the most epic Yeezys in history. We’re talking about the dead Yeezys that are now forever stuck in sneaker LIMBO. The lost “soles”… These are the Yeezys that never happened, and now, never will!


Dead Yeezys - Are Yeezys Dead - AIO BotSo, by dead Yeezys, we’re neither talking about the hype nor the resale. If you’re looking for resale, we’ve got an entire rundown of how resale’s looking for Yeezys. You can check it out here if you want. But, this article is basically us, giving a eulogy to all the dead Yeezys that won’t ever see the light of day!

Dear dead Yeezys,
You were the sweetest deal
Although some people called you Feezys,
We hoped you’d be real…
But, Ye wanted to go DEFCON on Jews
And now, you’re paying all his dues
Adidas YEEZY no more
So, the game’s basically a snore

We are no longer able to ask the question: Yo when’s the next Yeezy drop? However, we fully intend to make the best out of this as we can. We know it’s not tasteful to talk about money in a wake, but we’re gonna come out and say it. 

Yeezys_Dead - AIO BotAre Yeezys dead?

Will Yeezys ever die out completely?
Also, no.

So, should you sell your Yeezys?
Definitely NOT.

Although we don’t necessarily approve of Kanye’s methods, we have to give the man props. He built an entire empire (then went full-on Mad King on it).

He single-handedly raised himself to billionaire status (which he also single-handedly lost). And, the man created certain sneaker culture in the industry that won’t ever go away. Plus, if we’ve learned anything from the Nike x YEEZY thing, it’s that you should hold onto your Yeezys. You just wait and see!

And now, without further ado, let us introduce the dead Yeezys in the Yeezy cemetery. All the Yeezys won’t get a chance to see the shelves. The unreleased Yeezys with the most epic potential!

Here lay the bodies of dead Yeezys…

Yeezy x D Rose
Date of Conception: Aug 9th, 2020
Date of Death: October 25th, 2022

Dead Yeezys 1020 and 1050 V3
Date of Conception: November 2021
Date of Death: October 25th, 2022

Date of Conception: September 17th, 2022
Date of Death: October 25th, 2022

Closed-Toe Yeezy Slides
Date of Conception: August 9th, 2020
Date of Death: October 25th, 2022

Yeezy 500 Slate Blue
Date of Conception: October 15th, 2020
Date of Death: October 25th, 2022

S8 Yeezy Foam Boots
Date of Conception: October 15th, 2020
Date of Death: October 25th, 2022

Suede Yeezy Boost 350
Date of Conception: June 14th, 2020
Date of Death: October 25th, 2022