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December Jordan Release Calendar: The Final Drops of 2023

By November 27, 2023Jordan, Sneaker Release

December Jordan Release Calendar - December Jordans 2023- AIO BotAnd we’re back again with yet another monthly release lineup: December Jordan release lineup!

This month is particularly special because you know, we can hear those Christmas bells already! Now, we understand that some of you might be feeling a bit Grinch-y at the moment, sulking over the fact that it still feels like 2019 to you, and you still can’t face that reality—that, and the fact that October has been quite eventful… and not in a good way. We’ve got Nike going back to filing lawsuits left and right, and Adidas announcing the possibility of writing off their remaining Yeezy stock value. However, that doesn’t deny the fact that there’s much more to the sneaker industry than lawsuits and ending partnerships

Foe example, we’ve still got Jordan Brand– the backbone of the sneaker community at this point. And being the consistent drama-less sneaker brand it is, Jordan Brand blew the cover off the new Jordan lineup for December 2023. This is the last one we’re going to get before we start with the 2024 Jordans! 

Also, the best part about this lineup is that it will be featuring the Air Jordan 3 x Doernbecher Freestyle designed by the young artist: Hugo “Juice” Covarrubias Molina as part of the XIX collection. Which also happens to have the HIGHEST resale value of the December Jordan release list – $500+. This means that with a single Air Jordan release, you can make enough money to bathe in! However, considering this is a once-in-a-year epic drop supporting such an amazing cause, trying to cop it on your own is an immediate L.

How To Cop The Air Jordan 3 Doernbecher Freestyle Hugo?

Well, to buy the Air Jordan 3 x Doernbecher Freestyle Hugo and any other December Jordan release, you need one thing. A solid sneaker-copping strategy. One that will not fail you when things get tough. Because trust us, this will most definitely be a BLOOD BATH. 

Therefore, make sure you’ve got our sneaker copping cheat sheet by your side. Study it well before the release, and you’re golden! Click on the button below to find out more!

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December Jordan Release Calendar - AJ3 Doernbecher HugoAir Jordan 3 x Doernbecher Freestyle Hugo
December Jordan Release Date: December 2nd, 2023
Style Code: FZ3030-919
Retail Price: $210
Average Resale: $587

December Jordan Release Calendar - AJ8 SoleFlyAir Jordan 8 Retro SP SoleFly Mi Casa Es Su Casa
December Jordan Release Date: December 8th, 2023
Style Code: FJ2850-107
Retail Price: $225
Average Resale: NA

December Jordan Release Lineup - AJ11 GratitudeAir Jordan 11 Gratitude
December Jordan Release Date: December 9th, 2023
Style Code: CT8012-170
Retail Price: $230
Average Resale: $250

Christmas Jordans - AJ2Air Jordan 2 Retro Low Christmas
December Jordan Release Date: December 16th, 2023
Style Code: DV9956-006
Retail Price: $150
Average Resale: $127

December Jordan Releases - AJ14 Retro Black WhiteAir Jordan 14 Retro Black White
December Jordan Release Date: December 20th, 2023
Style Code: 487471-016
Retail Price: $200
Average Resale: $254

AJ1 High Craft CeladonAir Jordan 1 High OG Craft Celadon
December Jordan Release Date: December 23rd, 2023
Style Code: FB9934-300
Retail Price: $180
Average Resale: NA

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