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Where to Find Early Sneaker Links for Copping: Finders Keepers!

By June 23, 2021Bot, Sneaker News

Where to Get Early Sneaker Links - AIO BotHow do some people find out where and when to buy sneakers online before anyone else catches up? Well, that’s pretty simple. These lucky sneakerheads probably have intel to early sneaker links that tell them where to go! It is NOT rocket science and it is NOT some kind of dark sneaker magic.

Of course, having early links does not guarantee a definite sneaker cop. Nothing really does. It all depends on your method of sneaker copping. In other words, it all depends on the sneaker bot that you are going to use. It also depends on the type of proxies, and whether or not you wanna use a server. THAT’S how you cop sneakers. But, having the early links does help.

In short, you want the links to make a difference to your copping game? Get a proper sneaker bot. What does a proper bot include, you ask? A bot that offers speed, efficiency, and reliability. And, above all, one that supports these early links. What’s the whole point if it doesn’t? One that is indispensable for your successful sneaker lineage. We can’t think of any better bot for the job other than AIO Bot. So, make sure you check it out and all of the features that come with it!

buttonGetting there early DOES give you a cutting edge either way. So, here’s where to find the early sneaker links to help you cop all the epic sneakers of your fantasies

Where to Find Early Sneaker Links?

How to Be a Sneaker Reseller - AIO Bot - GUIDESo, when we talk about early sneaker links, we’re talking about the places that you should hit on cop day! They are basically URLs that direct you to the release page a few minutes before the launch.

Nike links usually direct you to the product page 1 to 5 minutes before the launch. If you’re copping with a sneaker bot, your job ends there! Keep in mind that the competition on these sites will be fierce! So, make sure you got the Nike bot that’s up to speed.

On the other hand, links for Footsites may get you there up to 30 minutes before the launch, just make sure to check the countdown. It all comes down to the website you’re trying to hit, and the tools you got to back you up. Now, although they all serve us, sneakerheads, the same way, Early sneaker links LOOK different based on every site.

Here’s where you can get early sneaker links!


You can get early sneaker links off of Twitter accounts that usually drop release-related sneaker news. This includes @sneakernews and @solelinks for a bunch of release information on the upcoming sneaker releases. However, the best & most accurate early links are normally shared on Discord. That is why joining a Cookgroup has become a necessary step into a successful copping process. Based on trit authority and experience in the game, sneaker cookgroups offer a long list of early links that cover sites from Footsites to Yeezysupply all the way to Shopify. Always ahead of time else they won’t be EARLY!

Sneaker releases are always extremely time-sensitive. This is what makes getting your hands on a couple of sneaker links is a huge PLUS. You can also head on to online sneaker retailers that usually host sneaker drops for early URLs. So, if you keep a close eye on them on social media, you might just get lucky!


Can you guess what is the easiest way to get sneaker links? Well, you can find early links on sneaker bot blogs. Blogs like AIO Bot’s blog provide you with basically everything you need to cop sneakers.

You get early sneaker links, copping guides, tutorials, and so much more. You can learn all about sneaker sizes, general caring for sneakers, and even how to become a reseller. Well, technically, that’s what you get from OUR blog! We can’t promise you such quality content from everyone.

So, if you wanna find early sneaker links, just keep it locked on our blog for the latest updates on all the hyped sneaker releases!