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Legit Check: Using the eBay Sneaker Authentication Service

By December 21, 2022Retail, Sneaker Tutorial

eBay Sneaker Authentication Service - AIO BotWe can NOT afford to get fake sneakers. But, when you’re buying sneakers on websites like eBay, are you running the risk of fakes? Sneaker collaborations are dropping like flies and others are rising from the ashes. And so, this gave a lot of people the opportunity to sell fake sneakers online – especially on retail sites! Therefore, using the eBay sneaker authentication service is more important than ever!

Doing a guaranteed legit check and making sure your kicks are authentic is the best feeling ever. You see, when we talk about fake sneakers, we mean actual fakes. We’re not talking about unauthorized authentic sneakers. No. Fake kicks are not even manufactured in the same place as the legit kicks! So, they’re basic BRICKS. But, even authentication services can sometimes not be authentic too.

So, how can we be sure that using the eBay sneaker authentication service is also safe? When you’re shopping online for specific sneaker brands, it can be scary. But, sometimes your budget doesn’t allow you to shop on sneaker resale platforms. Or, you haven’t yet discovered the power of sneaker botting and you’re always stuck at resale.

Either way, if eBay is the choice for you, here’s what you should know about the eBay sneaker authentication service.

eBay Sneaker Authentication Service

Before sneaker platforms became a thing, sneaker collectors used eBay to sell and buy rare kicks online. This goes WAY back like to the early 2000s! But, of course, since eBay is not strictly a sneaker reselling platform, there wasn’t much supervision. And so, a lot of fake and unauthentic sneakers emerged which made a lot of people distrust the platform.


Near the end of 2020, the eCommerce platform announced that it will provide multi-point inspections for sneakers sold for $100+. This will include all new and pre-owned collectible sneakers! They called this service the “Authenticity Guarantee Program”. Then, in 2021, eBay partnered with SneakerCon for an eBay sneaker authentication service! In November of that same year, eBay announced the acquisition of SneakerCon’s authentication business to further power the service!

This was such a HUGE service that it sparked the entire eBay VS StockX debate!

Why Use eBay Sneaker Authentication?

So, here’s a question: why use eBay sneaker authentication as opposed to just another platform, like StockX for example? Well, there’s the whole Nike suing StockX for their authentication claims. Apparently, Nike thinks that StockX is selling fake Nike and Air Jordan sneakers!

Ever since then, StockX has been taking measures like removing the “verified authentic” tags from their authentication process. However, they still claim to have the same process.

Kinda rich for Nike to sue StockX for authenticity after the whole moldy Air Jordan incident…

Boxes_eBay - AIO BotBut, even so, StockX has been receiving a lot of backlashes lately – especially after increasing their fees for single-item shipments.  This makes people’s choice between the eBay sneaker authentication service or StockX’s shady rep pretty easy. Also, when you factor in the latest 2022 updates on the program, you’ll be pretty impressed. Some of the latest updates include:

  • Adding more silhouettes to the Authenticity Guarantee program
  • More efficient shipping processes and logistics for both buyers and sellers
  • Loss and damage protections
  • Buyers pay a flat shipping fee of $14.95 in the U.S.
  • Also, a 12.9% final value fee on sneakers costing between $100 to $150

Finally, do we think that the eBay sneaker authentication service is legit? Well, any sneaker that passes through their inspection goes through a LENGTHY process with tons of criteria. They check out the box, labels, soles, stitching, logos, heel tabs, laces, and all the sneaker anatomy. Also, shoes that pass the authentication get a unique NFC-enable tag with details of the purchase and proof of authenticity.

Any fake or unauthentic sneakers go back to the seller and the buyer gets a refund! So, if you ask us, sounds pretty legit! No more fake kicks!