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eBay Sneakers VS StockX Sneakers: Taking On the Resale Giants

By December 22, 2021August 24th, 2022Retail, Sneaker News

eBay Sneakers - StockX Takeover - AIO BoteBay is an online platform where you can find all the “stuff”. And trust us, we need the stuff. But, being able to buy eBay sneakers, in particular, isn’t relatively new. You could always find all kinds of footwear on the American multinational eCommerce platform. And, every now and then, you get the chance to cop exclusive kicks and sneaker collectibles off eBay sneaker auctions

However, things have completely changed! Now, you can cop all kinds of hyped eBay sneakers just like you would off of StockX or GOAT! In fact, things have evolved so much that – rumor has it – this might be THE eBay VS StockX fight. 

Here’s our theory about it. Someone on the eBay team HAS got to be an avid sneakerhead that helped them figure out a target niche! You see, with the eCommerce market expanding, eBay is no longer on the top of the pyramid. So, they had to find another specialized focus to take them back to the top: sneakers! It’s time to move on from “stuff” to “sneaker ‘n stuff”!



eBay_ BANNER - AIO BotThe first venture towards eBay sneakers happened in late October 2020 with the eBay Authenticity Guarantee program – with Sneaker Con. It is a team of independent authenticators that carefully inspect resellers’ sneakers before sending them to the buyers. It also includes a “Verified Return” feature that also inspects your kicks – if the buyer sends them back. The entire eBay sneakers authentication process is FREE of charge!

How it Works:
– List your eligible sneakers and automatically a blue checkmark appears
– When someone buys your sneakers, they will be directly sent to the independent team of authenticators
– Your sneakers go through a multi-point inspection: verify the box, sizing labels, soles, stitching, logos, heel tabs, and laces.
– Receives a unique NFC-enabled tag.
– Your sneaker gets delivered to the buyer within 3-day shipping!

eBay Sneakers vs StockX Sneakers - AIO BotClick here to find what items are eligible and the requirements for the eBay Authenticity Guarantee feature. But, it definitely includes Yeezy, Jordans, Nike, Adidas, and all the most popular sneaker brands in the world! Also, all your pre-used sneakers are eligible for the check!

If you’re gonna buy some eBay sneakers, you definitely don’t have to worry about fake sneakers. Especially with eBay’s Authenticity Guarantee feature. But, you’re still gonna have to make sure you get your sneaker size right. So, check out these size guides:
Air Jordan Size Guide
Nike Dunks Size Guide
Nike Air Max Size Guide
Adidas Yeezy Size Guide


Sneaker Con App - AIO BotEarlier this year, the whole journey of eBay sneakers took a step forward with the acquisition of Sneaker Con! The sneaker authentication service partnered with eBay back in 2020 on the Authenticity Guarantee. Together, they have authenticated over 1.55 MILLION sneakers! And, around 1.9 MILLION sneakers are available on the platform on a daily!

This acquisition comes with a clear message: eBay has officially joined the sneaker resale market! It also shows that eBay is proving that they’re more than just a place to sell broken laser pointers. And, it also proves that the sneaker industry is always going to be the best investment you can make! Or else, why would they put so much money and effort into this new focus? This also goes to show that sneaker reselling is becoming an even more competitive game!

It also means that this is the time for shopping bots to shine! Yes, these types of platforms do encourage sneaker botting – even if they don’t admit it! So, it’s time you join it before it’s too late! With resale booming, you can also become a full-time reseller and make TONS of cash! Click on the button below to learn all about becoming a sneaker reseller and how much money you can make!


eBay_App - AIO BotAnother great 2021 breakthrough in the eBay sneakers focus is the 3D True View technology in collaboration with Unity. They have created and are not operating interactive, real-time 3D content. This allows sellers to showcase their sneakers with an interactive, 360-degree view! In other words, this helps buyers get the full shopping experience by viewing items in all angles. It also showcases all the true-to-life details which are VERY important when buying pre-used kicks!

How It Works:
Using the 3D True View technology is pretty simple! All you have to do is scan the sneaker with your mobile device, taking videos from multiple angles. Then, eBay uploads the data to the cloud and processes it using AI methodology. Finally, it creates a photorealistic 3D image of the sneaker.

The technology is currently available to select sneaker sellers and eBay plans to expand access in 2022. You can use this feature on eBay’s mobile app on iOS and Android. However, StockX has offered a 360-view feature for a long time before eBay. And, GOAT also offers AR sneaker previews even before a sneaker release. And, with D2C strategies in motion, sneaker brands will probably shift focus as well!

But, the launch of this new True View technology for eBay sneakers is just a testament to their commitment. It’s obvious that eBay wants to swim with the big fish of the game and become your partner in reselling. This also shows how much they want to build a trusted relationship with tech-oriented sneakerheads worldwide. Just in tune with the entire digital sneakers trend!


eBay Sneakers - eBay vs Stockx - AIO BotSo, can eBay sneakers really take on the sneaker resale giant, StockX? Could these features be enough to sway people away from the stock-like market we’ve gotten so used to? Let’s talk about the pros and cons of the situation we have at hand! 

– The hub for rare eBay sneaker finds
– Free Authenticity Guarantee feature
– New 3D True View technology
– eBay caters to high-value buyers
– Allows selling pre-owned or used sneakers
– Removes seller fees for sneakers selling more than $100

– A rumored shrinking base with a decline in the percentage of items sold globally
– The new features only available for select sellers on eBay
– High-value shoppers make up around 20% of eBay’s customer base

A long-standing reputation for being a sneaker reselling platform
– High credibility and reliability
– A team of sneaker authenticators
– A 360-degree view of all sneakers listed on the site

– A 12.5% transaction fee for sellers
– Limited shipping options
– You can’t use personal product pictures
– No communication with customers
– Only accepts deadstock products

And so, that’s all we’ve got so far on the eBay vs StockX debate. But, the verdict depends entirely on you! Would you try building a brand as a reseller on eBay? Like opening your very own virtual sneaker store or online brand! We’ve got lots of time in 2022 to play around with these two platforms and make a decision! In the meantime, keep it locked on our blog for all the latest sneaker updates and all things copping-related! Keep you in the loop!