This Electro Orange Jordan 1 Is the Perfect Kick For A Summer Kickback!

By July 13, 2021Jordan, Nike

Orange Jordan 1 Nike Release - AIO BotReady for the newest Jordan up next in the lineup? The Electro Orange Jordan 1 is the perfect sneakers for those laid-back Summer kickbacks. It’s time to get your beach-vibe groove on in this new electric Jordan.

We’re all in for new Jays on our feet – especially with the upcoming Dior x Travis threesome. These are the kicks paying homage to the Jordan that shattered the industry – the Shattered Backboard 3.0. Could this be the new SBB 4.0? Doesn’t make much of a difference! No matter what we have set on our sneaker calendars, Jordan 1s are a definite cop. So, keep reading to find out more about the sneaker making a comeback after 35 years in electrifying colors! 

The AJ1 Electrifying Drop Info!

Air_Jordan Electro - AIO BotBack in 1985, during the Nike Europe tour, His Airness wore an orange, black, and white uniform. A perfect encapsulation of the colorway at hand. This Jordan features the iconic OG black laces, Swoosh, and Jordan branding with black toe. It also has the signature titular orange hue on the rubber outsoles, collars, and heel of the Electro Orange Jordan 1. All of these lay on a nice clean white leather base on the outer upper panels and midsoles. The perfect color-blocking blend!

Considering that this is basically a doppelganger for the Jordan 1 SBB, you gotta think of the money. The SBB has an average resale value of around $1513. This means that the new Orange Jordan 1 has so much potential on the aftermarket! So, take it from us, cop this Jordan!

You can never go wrong with adding even more Jordan 1s to your sneaker collection. It’ll only add value to it, and it is definitely a never-ending flex. The electrifying colorway on this silhouette just adds to the epicness of the model!

Electro Orange Jordan 1 Nike Drop - AIO BotRelease Date: July 17th, [email protected] 10:00 EDT
Retail Price: $170
Average Resale: $301

Where to Buy the Electro Orange Jordan 1

Electrifying Colored AJ1 - AIO BotWanna be one of the lucky few copping this new Electro Orange Jordan 1 by the end of this week? Then you have to know where it’s dropping – all the websites holding the release. Also, you have to have a few things ready for this drop. You see, an SBB dupe will definitely be a competitive release. So, you can’t expect that it’ll be anything other than a job for a sneaker bot.

Of course, if you wanna increase your chances at copping, you do need a few little extra things. Like proxies – we suggest going all out and getting some ISP proxies for this cop. You might need a server, but that depends on your PC’s capabilities and internet strength. Also, it wouldn’t hurt to have access to some early links to give you a headstart. That’s basically all the things you need to guarantee that you have a successful copping experience. Just take our word for it. This is not a sneaker drop you wanna miss out on!

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