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Top 10 Most Expensive Sneakers of 2019!

By September 10, 2019June 22nd, 2023Sneakers

Looking back at what’s happened so far in 2019: Yeezys are back in the race and ranking among the top releases to date. Jordan Brand is all about collaborations and their sneakers with Travis Scott are just crazy! And the Nike  Off-White collab is still on, but not nearly as coveted as it was a year ago.
And well, resale prices are especially high this year, with more valuable and expensive sneakers hitting the aftermarket every day. But, to date what are the most expensive sneakers to buy off sneaker reselling platforms?

PS: Prices were taken off StockX on September 9th. The ranking was set based on the Price Premium which is the Net profit over the retail price. Based on the latest sales and other uncontrollable factors this ranking may have changed since.

Count Down: Most Expensive Sneakers 2019

top 10 most expensive sneakers 2019

10. Sacai x Nike LD Waffle (Pink)Nike Sacai LD Waffle

To say that these sneakers are unique is an understatement. It wouldn’t even be fair. Everything about the Sacai x Nike Waffles is extra. And the Mesh uppers are a huge cherry on top of a crazy design. The starting price of this pair is a humble $160 but the reselling price, well, Wow!

At the time we were writing this article the pink Nike Sacai Waffles hadn’t yet released, but when they do we really hope you run a sneaker bot to cop. If you really wanna cop them!

Learn moreAir Jordan 6 Travis Scott

9. Air Jordan 6 Travis Scott

Maybe at the point when we were writing this piece, the AJ6s weren’t the most expensive sneakers of 2019. But they were without a doubt, the most talked-about this year. Making it on every top sneakers list this year. Top in design, hype, collaboration value, and the resale price. Ranking in 9th position on this list is the already iconic and very profitable Air Jordan 6 by Travis Scott. Scoring a crazy 472% in profit over the $250 retail price.

Nike Blazer Vintage 77

8. Nike Blazer Mid 77 Vintage Slam Jam

This is more of a low key pair. Or at least it was, until Off-White’s Logo, Zip tie and feel completely covered it. From that point, the Nike Blazers saw a couple of makeovers which were all instant hits. One of these makeovers was co-signed by Slam Jam. Slam Jam introduced a new version of the shoe by flipping the Swoosh on the inside medial panel upside-down. While keeping the lateral side Swooshes straight. And, for a vintage touch, the words “year” and “1977” are respectively stamped on the left and right heels.

The current price premium of this pair on StockX is 500% over the original retail price of just $100.

7. Air Jordan 1 Retro High Travis ScottAJ 1 Travis Scott

Another one of Travis’ creations. This time, however, it’s more of a subtle colorway dressing the silhouette of the legends. The earthy brown Air Jordan 1, even with over 20,000 sales on StockX is still making over $1000 in profit per pair. Can’t imagine how it feels now for those who actually copped multiples!

Another low top version featuring the same color palette also dropped this year, and you might, depending on the last sales, find it among the most expensive sneakers.

6. Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Synth ReflectiveYZY Synth

2019 marked Yeezys comeback. And what a comeback this was?! A long hectic Deadstock day, limited regional releases all year long, and shimmer. Loads of that!
So when a pair of Yeezys combines exclusivity and shine this should hint at a hyped release that you must cop. The Synths released exclusively at retailers in Africa, Asia, and Australia. And , it seems that the Yeezy 350 V2 Synth was the favorite among all 3 Yeezys that dropped around the same time.

The Synths have sold on StockX for an average of over $1,200 with a “highest sale” of $2,345.

5. Air Jordan 5 Trophy Room Ice BlueAJ5 Trophy Room Blue

Back in May, Jordan Brand released 2 colorways that would change how sneakerheads feel about the 5s forever. Among all Air Jordan sneakers, the Air Jordan 5 isn’t exactly a fan favorite. It’s always the Air Jordan 1s, 4s, and 11s that get all the attention. But a good combo of colorway, stock number, and a powerful collaboration can change a lot. And that’s exactly what made both colorways of this pair join this list.

The Ice Blue version of these Air Jordan 5s is making a profit of 525% over the retail price of $200. Still doubting your need for a sneaker bot?

4. Air Jordan 1 Satin Black Toewomens Air Jordan 1 black toe satin 1

One of the latest hyped releases to join your collection but making enough cash to rank 4 among the most expensive sneakers. The Air Jordan 1 Satin Black toe added a luxurious and feminine touch to a pair otherwise known to be a hoops shoe. Out of all pairs on this list, the Satins gotta be the most turbulent in terms of resale. They’re selling for as low as $500 and go up to $1000. So chances are you won’t find it among the most valuable/ expensive sneakers on StockX.

3. Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Black ReflectiveYeezy Black 350 v2

This is without a doubt the best Yeezy release we’ve seen in over a year. It’s black, exclusive, and reflective. And with a “lowest ask” of over $1K, you’d think Kanye finally got things figured out.
The Black Reflectivesare currently selling for an average of over $1,400. Making that.

2. Nike SB Dunk Low Panda Pigeon (Special Box) (Engraved)Nike SB Dunk Low Panda Pigeon

Sometimes, all the value is in the packaging. While that isn’t fully true in the case of the Nike Panda Pigeon, it’s still somewhat valid.
So far we’ve seen some really big numbers, but we can’t say that $700 or $800 is a big number. So, in theory, the Nike Staple Panda Pigeon doesn’t make a lot of money. Oh, but wait! With a starting retail price of $100 flipping for just $200 means you got yourself 100% profit. And with the special Extra Butter Wooden Box, this profit quickly skyrockets to 800%.

Now some lucky sneakerheads might’ve gotten away with a couple of pairs at a low price, but currently, the lowest ask is as high as $2,300!

AJ5 Trophy Room F&F1. Air Jordan 5 Trophy Room F&F

2900% profit!
That’s how much you could’ve made IF you were a Friends and Family of someone at Trophy Room. Gotta start working on those connections, don’t you think?
It’s really easy to see how this AJ5 made it to the top of the most expensive sneakers list. 11 pairs of these sold on StockX so far, and the prices range from $3,700 to $6,600. That’s the price you pay for not knowing “People”!

Coming Up Next?

We’re still almost 4 months away from closing in on 2019. And a lot can change in 4 months. Heck, in this crazy industry, a lot can happen in just 1 day! Remember the “Yeezy Deadstock” event?
September alone will see more than 7 hyped releases. And don’t forget the yearly holiday season chaos!
So don’t freak out just yet, you can still make a sick load of money if you cop like a pro using AIO Bot.

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Update 1/14/2020

Now that 2019 is officially over, it’s time to look back at everything that dropped then and add to our list of the most expensive sneakers. And believe it or not, there is one pair that earned its new positions here, Big Time! One of the major 2019 releases is the Air Jordan 1 Mid SE by Melody Ehsani. This women-exclusive pair is the mash-up of creativity, elegance, and history. And is proof that women sneakerheads are slowly earning their place in the game.