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How to Find the New Yeezy Shoes Without Sneaker Bots

By April 7, 2016July 30th, 2020Yeezy

Do you want to get your hands on new Yeezy shoes before they cost you 400% over retail price? If so, there are some options, but don’t expect them to be easy. In this post, we’ll show you how you can use some other cyber sleuthing tools to stay on top of the latest Yeezy and other popular shoe releases.

1. Web Alerts

Google Alerts is a free tool by the top search engine that lets you set up an email alert when something gets mentioned on the web. Sounds good right?
yeezy alerts cop manuallyHere’s the problem you’ll run into. Yes, you’ll get an email each time a major news outlet talks about the release of a new Yeezy Boost. But here are the factors you have to consider…

  • The number of sneaker blogs out there…
  • The number of times these bloggers are going to jump the gun and publish something when the words “new Yeezy” are overheard…
  • number of times everyone is going to repeat everyone else’s news…
  • The number of scraper sites that are going to copycat the news…

Effectively, your inbox is going to eventually blow up with alerts. I just tried this and literally, a minute after I set it up…
22222I’m guessing within a day, there will be many more.

2. Instagram Alerts

Instagram seems to be a popular place for people to talk about their new Yeezys, whether they are celebrities who just got gifted a pair before the shoes official release date to retailers who are unboxing a pair to make their customers drool. And when they post those photos or videos, they tag them with #yeezy, #yeezyboost, #yeezyboost350, etc.

So another good way to get alerted to a new Yeezy on the market is to get alerted to photos of new Yeezys on Instgram. A popular service called IFTTT will let you get email notifications when new Instagram photos appear with a particular hashtag. Just sign up for a free account, connect your Instagram account, connect your email account, and add this recipe to your account.
33333Again, though, your inbox will be blowing up as depending on the shoe you’re tracking, there are going to be lots of posts.

yeezy boost
3. Retailer Alerts

Your next option is to get on the email list of every retailer in your area to ensure that you’re the first to know when the next Yeezy Boost is going to drop in stores or go on sale online.

Here’s what you gotta know about both approaches. If you’re going to trying to score a pair in stores, you better be the first person in line. Actually, nevermind that. You better know someone who works at the store that might be willing to hold a pair off to the side for you. Otherwise, you better be camped outside the store like the next iPhone is about to drop.

Otherwise, you’re going to miss out.

As for online shoppers, you better have the website loaded before the shoe is going on sale, have your account created for the online retailer complete with your billing, shipping, and credit card details already entered, and have the fastest internet connection possible. Shut off your Apple TV and all other streaming media in your apartment if you have to. Don’t trust the Wi-Fi and plug directly into the network if you can. You need your connection to be rock solid.

At this stage, you still might not get it. It’s like trying to buy concert tickets from Ticketmaster the day they go on sale. You’ll be competing against the scalpers, and the scalpers have better software than you. They’ll likely win.

In Conclusion

So while we’re not just trying to discourage you by saying you have no shot, we are trying to say that you are going to have to work for it if you want to get the latest Yeezys or any other new shoe release when it comes out at retail price. If you’re not staying on top of the latest news and on top of your local or online retailers, you’re going to be paying dearly for it later.

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