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Flight Club vs GOAT: Which Is A Better Option For You?

By October 7, 2023Food for thought, Sneakers

AIO Bot - GOAT vs Flight Club - Flight Club vs GOATFlight Club vs GOAT, which is better? A dilemma both sneaker resellers and buyers often face. Both are legit sneaker resell sites. However, the features that might suit a buyer on one marketplace might not work for a seller. And even when it comes to sneaker resellers alone, each one of them has preferences or must-have key features that make or break the deal as they look for the best platform to sell sneakers on. So, let’s settle the debate once and for all and see which is the best option for you, GOAT or Flight Club.

What is Flight Club? 

Established in 2005, Flight Club is a sneaker consignment store that sells used and new rare sneakers online and in-store. Flight Club currently only has three physical stores in New York City, Los Angeles, and Miami. This is why most of its customers opt for online shopping

What is GOAT? 

GOAT is a global online reselling platform that was founded in 2015. Unlike Flight Club, GOAT isn’t a sneaker-exclusive platform. It also offers apparel and accessories. However, this marketplace doesn’t have any physical stores. Or does it?

Flight Club and GOAT Merger

No, Flight Club and GOAT are not the same marketplace. Let us clarify a bit. On February 8, 2018, GOAT announced the merger with Flight Club. This means that GOAT is now considered the parent company of Flight Club. However, ever since the merger, both companies have been operating as separate and independent entities. 

GOAT mainly focuses on mobile and web-based listings, whereas Flight Club specializes in consignment services for global retail and e-commerce. Also, in 2019, Foot Locker made a hefty investment of $100 Million in GOAT Group, which just sent the company surging through profits like never before. A year later GOAT launched in the Chinese market

All in all, Flight Club and GOAT kind of became the power couple in the sneaker culture. But as we previously mentioned, they operate independently. Which means they offer distinct features and work differently. Thus, the reason the Flight Club vs GOAT debate is still standing, up to this day. And that’s why we’ve compiled a list of similarities and differences between the two marketplaces so we make it easier for you to make up your mind on which suits you better! 

Flight Club vs GOAT

Flight Club vs GOAT - GOAT vs Flight Club - Best Sneaker Resale Sites - Best Sneaker Resell Store - AIO Bot 1- Flight Club vs GOAT: Popularity

Although Flight Club is older than GOAT, when it comes to popularity, GOAT steals all the limelight. Acquiring Flight Club in just three years after being established must be proof enough of GOAT’s aggressive growth strategy. Slow and steady wins the race is something GOAT definitely doesn’t believe in. Also, the digital-first approach made the platform accessible to a wider range of audience than Flight Club. So, although Flight Club is quite well-known, when compared to GOAT, it’s less popular. 

2- Flight Club vs GOAT: Product Category 

GOAT vs Flight Club? You see, although both Flight Club and GOAT sell sneakers, apparel, and accessories, GOAT still tops Flight Club in product categories. One of them is that GOAT sells a wider range of apparel. Also, keep in mind that GOAT sells new and used sneakers, kind of like Flight Club, which sells lightly worn and new sneakers. 

3- Flight Club vs GOAT: Authentication Process

The difference between the two marketplaces lies in the authentication process. GOAT authenticates sneakers and other products after the buyer purchases them. So, this is basically how it all goes down. The buyer purchases a pair of kicks after a seller lists them on the online platform. The seller then ships them to GOAT’s authentication center for verification before reaching the buyer. 

However, Flight Club functions differently. Here the seller has to either go to one of Flight Club’s stores or ship the sneaker they want to sell for authentication. Only after it’s authenticated does it get listed for a certain price, depending on the shoe’s condition, rarity, and size availability. So, in the GOAT vs Flight Club debate, which would you choose when it comes to their authentication method? 

4- GOAT vs Flight Club: Seller Fees

Money talk time! At the end of the day, that’s what mainly matters for both sellers and buyers if we’re being honest. Now, as for the selling fees, the seller has to pay 9.5% as commission fees plus seller fees, usually worth $5, as well as a 2.9% cash-out fee when earnings are deposited through ACH direct deposit or PayPal. 

As for buyers, they have to pay $14.50 as shipping cost if they live in the 48 contiguous states. However “Instant” orders’ shipping fees cost $27. This rate can go up and down for other countires. To check the full list, click here

5- GOAT vs Flight Club: Delivery

Flight Club vs GOAT? Well, it doesn’t matter much here, they’re pretty much the same when it comes to delivery. Standard items take 7-10 days to reach buyers. As for instant items ordered before 2 PM ET, they can take 3-5 days. But if you order them after 2 PM ET, they can take 4-6 days (Might as well keep them as standard deliveries).

You’ve also got the choice of instant orders with next-day shipping. If you order these before 2 PM ET, they reach you the very next day. However, they can take up to 2 days if you order them after 2 PM ET. 

6- GOAT vs Flight Club: Order Cancellation 

As a seller, you can cancel your order on GOAT by clicking under the Sell tab. However, you need to know that canceling your order multiple times might lead to you paying higher commission fees. You can also cancel a Flight Club order, but you’d have to pay what is called a retrieval fee. Now, as for buyers, you’re able to cancel your orders within 3 hours of placing them. Read more here.

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