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Flipping Sneakers: A Not-So-Average Industry Crash Course!

By May 31, 2023June 20th, 2023Food for thought, Make Money

Flipping Sneakers AIO BotThe online world is huge, and when you have such a big space, there would be many sources of income. So if you’re looking up ways to make money online, you probably came across the most profitable industries. Surprise, surprise, the sneaker industry is one of them. And it got so big that many sub-industries started to branch out of it. One of these sub-branches is the sneaker resale industry, aka flipping sneakers! But how big is it? How and where can YOU take part in it? Worry no more because we’re gonna give you THE guide that has it all!

A Recap on Sneaker Industry Basics

Before we get to the sneaker resale part, we need to go over the main industry: sneakers. Although the sneaker industry saw a boom in the 80s, it dates back to years and years before. It became a whole culture and a way of expression that went beyond athletics. We’re not gonna bore you with the details, but you can check out the full sneaker history here! Anyway, out of the sneaker industry came many other industries. And well, you can’t know and be part of one without being a part of the other! Two of these industries are sneaker botting and flipping sneakers, aka sneaker resale.

sneaker industry value AIO botNow, let’s talk numbers before we dive deeper into anything else. As of 2023, the sneaker industry is worth more than $80 billion dollars. Statistics also show that this number is only gonna grow in the coming years. In fact, they expect the industry to become worth MORE than $100 billion dollars in 2027! In other words, the industry is staying, growing, because so is the demand for kicks. But even the biggest of productions can’t (or won’t) always cater to this demand. The solution that people came up with? Flipping sneakers.

Flipping Sneakers Is A Whole Other WORLD!

You see, when Michael Jordan signed with Nike in 1984, he put in motion the beginning of the sneaker resale industry as we know it today! You see, MJ influenced the sneaker game A LOT. No wonder his sneaker line is still one of the most popular. The point we’re driving at is that Jordan sneakers are part of the reason why flipping sneakers is a thing. Everybody wanted to be Jordan, to ball like Jordan, or to wear fits like Jordan. So naturally, everyone wanted to have his kicks.

Money_Banner - AIO BotSadly, getting ahold of Jordan sneakers was never an easy thing to do. This is why some people started reselling the new pairs they bought for a margin of profit. And this, in short, is how sneaker reselling came to life. Today, sneaker resellers make a lot of money, and you can check this out to find out how much exactly! Once you do that, we guarantee that you’ll wanna know how to get into sneaker reselling.

Although this sounds pretty sweet, you’ll need a couple of helpful tips to succeed. Luckily for y’all, we got just what you need. The following guides will pretty much cover most of the basics and more:

Sneaker_Resale II UPDATE - AIO Bot

Flipping Sneakers Needs Some Bot Magic!

It ain’t rocket science. If you wanna get into flipping sneakers, you’ll need exclusive kicks. And if you wanna get exclusive kicks, you’ll need a pretty good sneaker bot. Well, not to brag, but we can tell you what the best bots around are (besides us, duh) and much more. So, here are some pretty handy guides for everything sneaker botting!