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Food Sneakers: The Way to a Foodie Sneakerhead’s Heart!

By June 6, 2024Food for thought, Sneakers

AIO Bot - Food Sneakers - Food Themed SneakersEven legit studies have found that the way to a man’s- and woman’s- heart really is through their stomach! But, you know what the way to a sneakerhead’s heart is? Food sneakers! Though we’re on cloud 9 every time a Travis Scott x Nike collab drops, we can’t help feeling all giddy when a food-themed sneaker releases, as well! I mean have you seen any? Well, if not, we’re here to change that! They’re no short of epic and fun! 

8 Best Food Sneakers

#1 What The Lobster Nike SB Dunks 

Food Sneakers - Lobster Dunks - AIO BotLet’s start the list with THE best food sneakers of all time! Inspired by New England’s traditional lobster dinner experience, the first Lobster SB Dunk dropped back in 2008 in collaboration with CNCPTS. Then, the collection started growing throughout the years. And the latest we’ve seen from this collab was in 2002. And now one of the F&F releases is one of the most expensive Dunks on the market today!

#2  Ben & Jerry’s Nike SB Dunk

Ben & Jerry's Nike SB Dunk - AIO BotAnother epic food sneaker collab is Nike’s collab with Ben & Jerry’s. Drawing inspiration from Ben & Jerry’s multicolored pint packaging, SB Dunk Low x Ben & Jerry’s Chunky Dunky dropped in 2020. To get your hands on these food sneakers today, you’d have to pay $1,541 on average! 

#3 Jarritos Nike SB Dunk 

Food Sneakers - Jarritos Dunks - AIO Bot Next, we’ve got the Jarritos Nike Dunks. Not only are they some of the top food-themed sneakers out there, but they’re also one of Nike’s most hyped collabs. And let’s just say, cancelling some orders was every sneakerhead’s nightmare coming true. Because not only do they make one heck of a flex, but they also make a great investment. You can sell a pair of Jarritos at $508 on average on sites like StockX. So, those who bought them in bulk are the real winners here!

#4  M&M’s x Adidas Forum Low 84

M&M’s Adidas Forum - AIO Bot Time for the other giant sneaker brand to take the spotlight! The M&M’s Adidas Forums, which dropped in 2022, are the food sneakers your sneaker collection has been missing. And you can actually catch them at an affordable price of $106 on the aftermarket!

#5 Caviar and Vodka New Balance Pack

Food Themed Sneakers - Caviar and Vodka NB Pack - AIO Bot Now, that’s a fancy one. Dad shoes are one thing. But, dad shoes taking on the whole fancy dad vibe is another thing. In 2018, New Balance dropped a three-shoe pack of hybrid models featuring premium leather and rich colorways, which the brand named after two of Russia’s finest delicacies.

#6 Crocs Classic Clog KFC

Crocs Classic Clog KFC - AIO Bot These food sneakers shouldn’t come as a surprise to you. Crocs is known for its food collabs, like Lucky Charms, Pop-Tarts, and Mcdonald’s. But, one of the most popular food-themed collabs is the KFC classic clog. It’s also one of the most popular Crocs on the aftermarket, making resellers $212 on average!

#7 Nike SB Dunk High Waffle

Nike SB Dunk High Waffle - AIO BotAnd, we’re back to them SB Dunks! We ain’t trying to play favorites here or anything, but what can we say? They look tasty! This and the fact that numbers are speaking loud on the resale market! In 2016, Nike dropped these food sneakers at $110. But, now, they’re reselling at $432 on average! 

#8 Refinery29 x Jen Mussari x Wmns UltraBoost New Jersey

Refinery29 Wmns UltraBoost - AIO Bot Last but not least, another Adidas pair makes our list of the best food sneakers. These kicks look good enough to eat! So, in 2017, Refinery29 and Adidas collaborated with female artists to create limited edition UltraBoost X sneakers for all 50 states. The pepperoni style, representing New Jersey, gained notable attention and is now among the top food-themed sneakers out there. Unlike other limited-run sneakers, only one pair was made and auctioned off, with all proceeds going to the Women Win organization.

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