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Breaking News: Foot Locker To Sell Yeezys Again [Unconfirmed]

By July 20, 2023September 1st, 2023Food for thought, News

AIO Bot - Footlocker Selling Yeezys Again[UPDATE] Although Foot Locker entertained the idea of selling Yeezys again, they later reported that they wouldn’t be doing so after all. As to why, they say they’re afraid of potential backlash. Guess Foot Locker were too focused on “fearing a backlash” to notice that their sales are down by more than 30%. So, did they make the right decision? Or taking the risk would’ve been worth it in this case? You be the judge of it!

Inflation hitting sneakerheads aside, the first quarter of 2023 didn’t go easy on Foot Locker. Matter of fact, ever since Kanye left Adidas, a whole bunch of crappy events rolled out, including Foot Locker pulling Yeezy sneakers from stores. But it seems that things have taken a dramatic turn now. And Foot Locker might just start selling Yeezys again, beginning this August! 

The Backstory: Foot Locker, Nike, and Yeezy

Thing is, Foot Locker was still recovering from Nike’s accelerated DTC strategy when Ye made hell break loose with his antisemitic comments. Following Adidas and GAP, Foot Locker decided to put a halt on all Yeezy sales, stating: Foot Locker, Inc. does not tolerate any form of antisemitism, or hateful and discriminatory behavior. 

You can imagine what happened after that. As a result of Nike’s accelerated strategic shift to DTC, Foot Locker announced that beginning in Q4 2022, no seller in its stores would receive above 55% of the total supplier cost, a 65% decrease from the previous year. Thus, Nike’s DTC strategy basically had them in a chokehold. And they were receiving less and less Nike stock as time passed by.

So, if you top this off with a lack of Yeezys, you’ve got the store closure of the year. In other words, Foot Locker decided to shut down Eastbay at the end of December 2022 and redirect all customers to Champs Sports. 

The sneaker retailer also announced that they’ll be closing over 400 stores worldwide, later on. So, events kept on folding like there ain’t no tomorrow. But the Yeezy x Adidas breakup is mainly what inflamed the situation. Because it resulted in Footlocker literally losing half of the footwear stock they used to sell. HOWEVER, Adidas selling Yeezys again did give Foot Locker a glimmer of hope. They can finally catch a breath by securing a deal with Adidas on the second Yeezy sale. 

Foot Locker To Sell Yeezys Again

Footlocker Selling Yeezys Again 2023 - AIO BotBut will they? Well, the sneaker industry as a whole, lives on hype. And this hype basically starts with rumors. Which means you shouldn’t ignore one if you’re a sneakerhead. So, when you hear that Footlocker might be selling Yeezys again, you definitely shouldn’t ignore that. But you should rather go over those sneaker copping skills of yours. All while making sure your sneaker bot subscription isn’t outdated. 

You don’t even need to question it, you’ll definitely need a sneaker bot, be it on the Adidas Confirmed app or Footsites. Being deprived of Yeezys and their hype for so long does make people go crazy upon every single drop. So, although Foot Locker still haven’t confirmed the news of stocking up on Yeezys again, we’ve already got a list of all the Yeezs dropping in August 2023! Rumor has it that there are more releases to come!

Now, whether Footlocker sells Yeezys again or not, the kicks are still dropping on Adidas’ app. So, if you’re ready to make money with sneaker flipping, make sure to learn how to buy sneakers for retail on release day. And in case you don’t know where to start, we’ve got you! Click on the red button below for a FULL CHEAT!