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Footsites Are The BEST Places to Cop Sneakers Online! Find Out How!

By June 15, 2021September 3rd, 2021Bot, Sneaker News

What Are Footsites - AIO Bot

The first place you stumble upon while sneaker copping online, are online sneaker retailers called Footsites. No matter what sneaker you’re trying to cop, odds are, you’ll find yourself on Footsites wondering what to do! 

Whenever you’re looking up where to buy a hyped sneaker, you’ll almost always find Footsites on the list. So, it’s important to understand all there is to know about copping on these websites and how to do so.

What Are Footsites?

In brief, Footsites are a group of online retailers that all fall under the wings of the Foot Locker chain. The cool thing about them is that they all function pretty much the same – same release methods, antibot security, and, copping tactics. For us, this means your bot will be able to bypass all websites under the Footlocker name! 

These websites include:

Foot Locker US
Lady Foot Locker
Foot Locker CA
Foot Locker Kids
Champs Sports

BUT, keep in mind that Footsites also share the same database. So, this means that if you get caught by their antibot systems on one of the websites, you’ll be banned from them all. This is where proxies come into the game. Find out the best proxies to use on Footsites here – they’ll make sure you have a seamless cop every time. To find out more about Footsites and all things related, keep on reading!

How To Cop Footsites?

Jordan Shoes - The Greatest Flex - AIO Bot

Copping sneakers online could be as easy as adding a sneaker to your cart, checking out, and flexing it the next day. But, that’s in a universe where hyped, limited-run releases don’t exist. For more epic sneakers, you’ll definitely need some help. Maybe a lot of it! 

Footsites are one of the best places to cop sneakers online because they host high numbers of stock. This also means that a lot of sneakerheads will be trying to run their bots on these sites. This is also great news for sneaker resellers since it gives them a higher chance of copping in bulk.

Another cool thing about Footsites is that sneaker releases on these websites usually last a little bit longer than other sites – around 30 minutes to an hour. Sometimes even more! That literally translates to a website that’s pretty easy to cop with a bot! The competition won’t be an issue if you get a bot, the best set of proxies, and a very fast server

The Best Footsites Bots

It’s all about reliability when it comes to copping off of Footsites. You don’t have to worry about speed because the sneaker bot should be able to handle it alone – granted you’ve got a decent bot by your side.

And, considering a lot of sneaker releases drop on Footsites, a lot of bots support these websites! There’s an incredible demand for Footsites bots with a huge amount of variety! So, here’s a list of some of the best Footsites bots out there:

Footsites is a pretty chill platform to cop sneakers on, you can take your time, and try out as many times as you want. Of course, using proxies! We would never recommend you hit Footsites without proxies more than a couple of times. You do NOT want your IP address blocked.

If you wanna know more about the best bots of the sneaker industry game, just click on the button below. There are a lot of different bots other than Footsites bots. So, check them out and see what the possibilities are!

Learn-moreNew to the Scene

So, if you’re new to the whole sneaker scene, you probably have a much better idea of what Footsites are. You also know what you need to cop them. But, the question is, what should you look for in a sneaker bot to cop these sites?

We always recommend that you go for an all-in-one bot that supports Footsites – like AIO Bot. It also supports over 100 other sites – you won’t ever find a website you can’t cop. AIO Bot is one of the oldest sneaker bots of the entire industry – literally seen it all. 

So, if you want an affordable and efficient sneaker bot GUARANTEED to cop Footsites without a hitch, check out AIO Bot today.