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Enter to Win FREE YEEZYS in The Most Massive Giveaway

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  • November 13, 2017
Yeezy Giveaway



We here at AIO Bot are hosting the biggest giveaway in sneaker history! Sneakerheads around the world will have a chance to win up to $11k+ worth of Yeezys, like the much awaited Yeezy Boost Frozen Yellow (when it’s released). Getting free Yeezys has never been easier – no like literally, a giveaway this massive has never ever been done before!


The Struggle is Real

Everyone knows how hard it is to cop Yeezys, let alone free Yeezys. Even if you’re willing to pay the full price for them it’s nearly impossible without divine luck on your side. The fact remains that Yeezys sell out like hotcakes (or do hotcakes sell out like Yeezys?) Not to mention the ridiculously priced resale values. Based on our Ultimate Yeezy History Guide, some Yeezys even sold for 10 grand!

We know that copping Yeezys is hard. While we’ve been able to help sneakerheads like you cop over 61,000+ limited kicks,  we wanted to give you more so…

Therefore…Drum roll, please… We’re giving away Free Yeezys

Instead, we’re giving away $11k+ worth of everything Yeezy for FREE! With 2 simple steps, you could end up with the most limited release, the Yeezy Boost Frozen Yellow! Or even better, the brand new Yeezy Blue Tint! (of course, once they’re released)

And not only does our giveaway include FREE YEEZYS, but we also have a range of MYSTERY gifts we’re dying for you to try! 

Free Yeezys giveaway Yeezy Boost Frozen Yellow

How to Enter the Giveaway?


All you have to do is to visit the Giveaway Link
enter your Name and Email. Done and done!
Think of us as the Oprah of the sneakerhead community!

Free Yeezys Giveaway