9 Sneakers That Got Us Wishing We Were Friends and Family

By May 2, 2019July 18th, 2021Sneakers

Admit it or not we all love getting a little special treatment every now and then. We like skipping long queues. We wanna have that last piece of cake. And we sure as heck love being Friends and Family. Especially when it’s about sneakers. Getting your hands on an extremely exclusive pair of kicks is like finding a buried treasure.

Historically, every creator, designer or manufacturer of goods had the privilege of giving away some of these goodies to “Friends & Family”. Heck, if you work at Target or Macy’s you get a special employees’ discount CZ you’re considered a part of the family.

Friends and family sneakersWhat does this mean in the world of sneakers?

When it’s about sneakers, being close friends with a designer, or the stock manager means you get access to pairs that are not even made for the public. You get to have sneakers no one else will get. Well, at least not for a long time.

Getting hold of such limited and rare pairs gives you the chance to brag about them. Oh! And flip them for hundreds of times what they’re actually worth.

Do You Need to Be F&F?

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Learn-moreTop Friends and Family Sneakers

The thing about F&F sneakers is that you probably don’t have to pay for them. If you’re friends with Kanye, Pharrell or Lebron, chances are you’ll be getting some limited pairs just to flex them on social media. This makes F&F pairs even more profitable, and thus more desirable.

While reading this, chances are you’re not actually friends and family, yet. So, here’s a list of the top 9 F&F pairs that will get you working on your connections, ASAP!

Air Jordan 1 Colette F&F

  • Air Jordan 1 Retro High Colette 

Back in December 2017, world-renowned retailer Colette closed its doors. Celebrating the brand, Jumpman released a limited-edition Air Jordan 1 featuring the store’s signature Blue scheme, double dots logo, and the years 1997 and 2017 commemorating the brand’s 20 years of service. As a special touch, the sneakers also flaunted translucent soles covering the words “Au Revoir”.

The Air Jordan 1 Colette was a very exclusive Friends and Family pair, which is now listed for over $7000 on Flight Club. Imagine being at that event, and getting a pair FOR FREE!

Nike Air Max 1 Parra F&F

  • Air Max 1 Parra 2018

The F&F version of the Nike Air Max 1 Parra resembles the public one very much. However, some features make them easier to differentiate. The blue paneling on its midfoot along with a cloud graphic and a red candy striping around the ankle collar gives this pair an identity of its own.

Of course, one major difference lies in the resale value. The Friends and Family Parra is being sold for over $2,500 on reselling platforms such as FlightClub, While the general release version is making $400 to $1000. And even that is a lot for a $150 shoe.

Air Jordan 4 Cactus Jack F&F

  • Air Jordan 4 Cactus Jack

Travis Scott’s partnership with Nike and its subsidiary brand kicked off with this pair. Although it looks almost exactly like the pair from the general release, this iteration has Nike’s swoosh logo replacing Jumpman’s on the heel. This minor difference in design made a major impact on the resale value.

Pairs from the general release of this AJ4 are selling for an average of $550, while 2 Friends and Family pairs sold for $2K and $3K on StockX. It’s numbers like these that prove how connections shape up this whole industry.

Adidas NMD Burgundy F&F

  • Adidas NMD R1 Pharrell HU (Burgundy)

One of the most iconic and memorable partnerships in this industry is that of Adidas and Pharrell Williams. The long-term collaboration which started in 2014, capitalized mostly on the Adidas NMD silhouette, which made them even more appealing and desirable. In addition, Pharrell also pours his creativity and values into the Adidas Tennis Hu and Crazy BYW. Pharrell is also known to be especially generous with his Friends and Family. And one of his most desired F&F pairs is the Burgundy NMD R1.

The 2017 pair, worth $250, featured full burgundy uppers with 3M reflective detailing throughout. The sneakers even had “Family” stitched on the right shoe and “Friends” on the left, making it very clear that only Pharrell’s close circle could get them. If you’re looking to buy a pair now, you can get one for the price of $4,000 and up to $20,000 depending on your shoe size.

Nike PG 2 Playstation Pack

  • Nike Paul George PlayStation Pack

This one is a personal favorite! Everything about the sneakers was just perfect. The colorway, the contrasting Swoosh and eyelets, the tiny controller buttons graphics, and the whole galaxy-themed appearance. The pair that publicly launched in February 2018, had a Friends and family version which was released just before.

Not only did Paul George’s Friends and Family get the sneakers, but they also got the full promotional package.

Along with the shoes, the pack also included a PS4, two controllers carrying the PG logo, and a backpack featuring the same color scheme as the classic PlayStation controller.

The general release sneakers alone (MSRP $100) are currently listed between $400 and $1000. But the promo pack, for now, has not made its way to the reselling market, making it even harder to cop! Maybe whoever got it is waiting until it fetches a better price. So until someone decides to give this pack up, you can keep on admiring how well the sneakers look in this video.

Air Jordan 5 PSG White

  • Air Jordan 5 Paris Saint Germain (White)

Back in September 2018, Jordan Brand revealed its collab with Paris Sait Germain, which was its first-ever collaboration with a football club.

The collection which included two limited-edition UEFA Champions League match kits, matching apparel, and sneakers also featured a Friends and Family Air Jordan 5. This exclusive F&F Air Jordan 5 version was White instead of Black, and it featured the same details offered in the retail version. As for the resale price of these, well, 7 pairs were sold on StockX to date, for an average of $1,500.

Air Jordan 3 PE UNC

  • Air Jordan 3 PE UNC

The story behind these is epic and sad at the same time!

Thirteen North Carolina football players got suspended for at least one game last season. The reason? They were caught selling player edition Jordan 3s, which is a secondary NCAA violation.

Currently, you can get a size 9.5 of the Air Jordan 3 PE on StockX for $6000 and on FlighClub for $8000. Pretty impressive for a $150 shoe, until it costs you your career!

Friends and Family Nike FOG 1

  • Nike Fear of God Air 1 (Light Bone)

Jerry Lorenzo’s partnership with Nike is one to talk about and keep an eye on. Ever since Nike and Off white’s The Ten collection ended, sneakerheads were on the lookout for the next big collab. And this could be it!

The Nike FOG Air 1 saw a couple of releases however, none compares to the value of that F&F Version. Featuring light bone uppers, sail soles, and blue air units this pair sold for an average of $1100 on StockX. The major difference between this and the general releases is the color of the mini Swoosh on the lateral sides which was White for the lucks F&Fs and black for the public.Adidas NMD Gold Friends and Family

  • Adidas Pharrell NMD HU China Pack Happy (Gold) 

The Adidas NMD Happy dropped in May 2018, as part of the China-exclusive pack. The pack included 3 other colorways, Red, Blue, and Green however it’s the Gold pair that was the star of the pack.

With a stock of only 300 pairs, this pair was as limited as a Friends and Family drop. The standard price of the Adidas X Pharrell NMD shoes is $250. And with this colorway not really being an F&F, you actually could’ve paid this sum to get a pair. Too bad it was exclusive for China. Now, those who did cop them Golds sold them for an average of $4,200! And right now, a pair of 8.5 is listed for a mega $6,800 on StockX!Air Jordan 1 1985

  • BONUS: Air Jordan 1 (1985)

If you’ve been around for a while in this game, you’ve probably heard of this. The mythical & iconic Black & Gold Air Jordan 1.

stories say that back in 1985, Jordan Brand produced 20 pairs of a one-of-a-kind AJ1. Which was never made available to the public. It was a Friends and Family exclusive. And up until 2017, these sneakers were mere myths and stories worth telling around a campfire. That’s until one very very lucky, and hard-working, sneakerhead found a way to a pair of the long-lost 20. Jackpot!

Read the full heartwarming story here.

Update 12/17/2019

Air Jordan 5 Trophy Room RedExactly 16 days after publishing this post, a new extravagant pair of Friends and Family sneakers was released. It was none other than the Air Jordan 5 Trophy Room. And no it’s not the pair you have in mind. It’s not the pair quite a few sneakerheads copped. It’s the red version everyone would sell a kidney to get a hold of. And for that Resale price, it might just cost as much as a human kidney! And though the Blue Trophy Rooms were as few as 7000 pairs, the reds were limited to only 223 pairs. So it’s no wonder they’re one of the most expensive sneakers of 2019.

Of course, the concept of Friends and Family goes beyond sneakers. Streetwear brands such as Supreme, Bape, and many more also promote their upcoming collections through F&F releases. These releases serve in building hype and desirability for whatever the brand is dropping next.

Getting Friends and family items is a matter of connections. So to level up in this game you gotta know “people”. However, it is still possible to make quite the cash without kissing up to anyone. So, if you’re into aiming at general releases that are KINDA easier to cop, all you need is a good sneaker bot.