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The 7 Weirdest Funny NFTs to Make You Question Your Existence!

By November 8, 2022NFTs

List of the Top Funny NFTs - AIO BotSo, the world of non-fungible tokens has definitely come a long way since it first made its big debut. And, quite frankly, the virtual world has since become a hub for all kinds of weird stuff. People are really going all out on the weird factor! Which is why we’ve had a shit-ton of weird and funny NFTs.

Well, funny is a bit of an understatement. Some people didn’t really understand the true purpose of non-fungible tokens. And, in all honesty, a majority of people just abused the entire hype making ANYTHING into an NFT! Things like a jpeg file of Jack Dorsey’s first Tweet or even a digital perfume to spray in the metaverse? Like, you can’t even smell it, fam!
However, the industry hype has definitely settled and we’ve got fewer outrageous “art”  incidents. This is because people finally realized that NFTs aren’t just about fast money. (If you ARE in it for the money though, check this out!)

BUT, we still can NOT get over how absolutely ridiculous these funny NFTs are. Well, they’re funny until you see how expensive they are! People really take it too far with turning ANYTHING and EVERYTHING into NFTs. Just check this list of the 7 most bizarre NFTs that we can NOT get out of our heads. And, you’ll see what we mean!


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#1 Toilet Paper NFT

Charmin Toilet Paper - Funny NFTs - AIO BotFirst, we’re going, to begin with, what we think is the most outrageous of all the funny NFTs here! We’re starting strong with flowery toilet paper NFTs. Yes, the good old TP. Of course, we can’t deny our growing love for the roll of toilet paper during the pandemic. But, virtual TP?

Toilet paper manufacturer Charmin decided to digitize their TP rolls back in March 2021. Now, that’s all fine and dandy. Each virtual roll of TP came with a unique design of flowers and grass – yes, pretty. However, each roll – dubbed the NFTP – costs about $4,100! Now THAT’S no joke… 

#2 WarNymph NFT Baby

WarNymph NFT_ By Grimes - AIO BotNext up! We’ve got more funny NFTs that are verging on the edge of downright cringe. Actually, this is more weird than funny if we’re going, to be honest about it. Canadian musician, Claire Elise Boucher – aka, Grimes – created the WarNymph: a collection of babies with swords and wings guarding Mars. Yes, the planet.

If you didn’t know, Elon Musk happens to be the baby daddy to Grimes’ kids: X Æ A-Xii and Exa Dark Sideræl. So, it only makes sense that she also partakes in the world of non-fungible tokens. However, the collection sold for 5.8 MILLION dollars in a 20-minute NFT auction on Nifty Gateway. They’re naked Cupid babies for heaven’s sake!

#3 Digital Weed

Digital Weed - AIO BotNow, THIS is the type of funny NFTs that Snoop would approve of! So, selling weed is generally still illegal in a lot of places in the U.S. and the world. However, there are no rules or regulations saying you can’t buy NFT WEED! Granted, you can’t really smoke it or get high on it. But, it’s there!

Jessie Grundy, pot entrepreneur and founder of legal cannabis brand, The Peakz Company created Lava Coin – the world’s first digital bag of weed. You can buy this digital cannabis or opt for the real thing… We’d go the high, fam. At least you’d have something to actually laugh about!

#4 Homer as Pepe

Homer as pepe - Funny NFTs - AIO BotOkay, but what about funny NFTs meet a meme nightmare? This is kinda like the Frankenstein of our list, the Homer Pepe. It is exactly as it sounds, Homer Simpson + Pepe the Frog in a Pokemon-style digital card. A friendly meme friend, or a creature from hell? You decide.

But, all we know for sure is that people take funny NFTs to a whole new level. Sometimes to the point where it isn’t even funny. And yet, that’s not even the weirdest part of it! In 2021, Homer Pepe sold for $320,000! No joke.



#5 Digital [f]art

Digital Farts - Funny NFTs - AIO BotAnd then, this is where things take a turn to the absurd. We know this is all about funny NFTs. But, this was just so beyond cringe that you’d be laughing out of the awkwardness alone! DIGITAL FARTS, people. Digital farts.

Now, if you thought Beeple’s naked sleeping depiction of Trump is weird, you were wrong. So, we understand that some people have a “thing” for flatulence. And, if that is some kind of fetish you have, then you do you! We are not ones to judge… BUT, these are farts that you can’t even SMELL!
We assume that that’s the whole point of it. Right?

We think these are some funny NFTs mostly because of their conception. You see, reality star Stephanie Matto made a business of selling “fart jars” – no explanation needed. However, with $ 200,000 worth of her smelly jars, she turned virtual with 5,000 Fart Jars NFTs for $186 per jar. 

And, ironically, this is not the only case of virtual flatulence! YES, there’s more! In 2020, film director Alex Ramirez-Mallis created a compilation of fart sounds. He collected fart sounds from himself and his friends and created a 52-minute-long toot symphony. The collection of “One Calendar Year of Recorded Farts” starts at $85 on the NFT marketplace, OpenSea!

#6 NFT Stick for the Dog

Funny NFTs - Stick for the Dog - AIO BotIt only goes downhill from here! You got a dog you love and wanna get him a nice stick to play with? Well, you CAN! But, a virtual one… 


Introducing the NFT Stick! This definitely should top the list of funny NFTs because of how absurd it is. Like, just imagine this:
– “Come on boy, go get the stick”
– “Oh shit. It’s a $1,200 virtual stick”

Actually, the word “stick” is a little bit of an overstatement. It’s actually called “Twig” and it comes from a pavement in West Village, NY. The creators describe it as “where picturesque tree-lined streets blend perfectly with the putrid smell of overflowing trash that makes the area so irresistible to dogs. There is nowhere else like it.” In short, it is a digital image of a twig. 

Technically, if you buy the NFT, you will get the actual stick with a presentation stand and an aluminum display. But, it’s a $1,200 twig! A TWIG… 

#7 First Human Soul NFT

First Human Soul NFT_ - AIO BotFinally, we’ve got the last one on our list of funny NFTs, something you would only see on Craigslist. A human soul NFT. Yes, there’s a person who created an NFT out of his human soul – well, not technically. And, honestly, unless this is a marketing move catered to Satan himself, we think this is a tad too much.

A 21-year-old Dutch student named Stijn van Schaik – aka, Stinus – listed his soul as digital artwork on OpenSea. And, he also dedicated a website for the “Sale of Soul Contract” for the uses of said soul. The terms include but are not limited to:

  •  Publicly claiming to be the owner of the soul in question
  • Transferring of the said soul in whole or part (hear that, Voldemort?) to any person or entity
  • Sacrificing or offering sail soul to any deity or spiritual entity
  • Spending the soul for any purpose 

But, what earned this token a spot on our list of funny NFTs is this declaration on the contract: “In the event that Stinus’ Soul does not exist as an independent entity outside of the whole “one-ness” of reality as commonly described in some belief systems, and in the event that this belief about the nature of reality reflects actual reality, this contract will remain in effect for whatever period of time or non-time and to whatever degree that Stinus’ immaterial essence is distinguishable in any form, manner, or state of being from the sum whole of immaterial or material existence.”

Yeah, the NFT has a current listing of $2,198 on OpenSea… So, no.