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What is a Genesis NFT Collection and What Makes it So Different?

By May 24, 2022July 14th, 2022NFTs

What is a Genesis NFT - AIO BotThe deeper you get into the world of non-fungible tokens, the more there is to know about them! And, if you wanna be one of the truly elite members of the NFT society, Genesis NFT is the way. In other words, understanding what is a genesis NFT and what makes it so special is exactly what you need! 

Being a part of the NFT industry takes more than just knowing what NFTs are. And, it definitely takes a lot more than just following some influencers and talking about blockchains. AND, believe it or not, it does take more than being an NFT holder yourself. Buying an NFT does not automatically mean you’re a connoisseur of the non-fungibles! If you want to be an OG with access to exclusive benefits and NFT perks, knowledge of GENESIS is all you need.

In this article, we’ll be breaking down an NFT term that you’ve probably come across a couple of times now. With starting any NFT journey, at some point, you will encounter the term Genesis NFT. And when you do, you will be VERY curious as to what it is and why it’s so different! And that’s why we’re here: to explain it all to you! So, keep reading to find out more about these special NFTS. Also, if you wanna know more about EVERYTHING NFTs to become an actual connoisseur, click on the button below! Join our FREE hub today!


Genesis_NFT (2) - AIO BotSo, we’re gonna start with the basic definition of a Genesis NFT and why is it so different from others. Well, in simple and basic terms, a Genesis NFT means the very first collection of a project. This is one of the first collections that an NFT project has ever released. This is also called the OG drop or the Gen-1 release of a certain project!

A Genesis NFT gives you access to a lot of utilities, perks, benefits, and a lot more community-related matters. These unique pieces of non-fungibles give their holders all types of unmatched cred that increase the value of their NFTs. Some of the benefits that come with being a Genesis holder include the following:

– Guaranteed whitelist spots
– Mod placements
NFT airdrop privileges
– Participating in exclusive collectible auctions
– Revenue sharing & rewards

Genesis NFT (1) - AIO Bot– Access to future non-fungible projects
– Invites to IRL events or events in the Metaverse
– Access to online games (if available)
Alpha group access
– Access to exhibitions
– The ability to sell your Genesis NFT for so much more money
– First priority with any future projects
– Limited-edition Genesis merchandise
– Future staking and DAO allocation 


Genesis_NFT (3) - AIO BotNow that we’ve established what an NFT genesis is and how they are different, let’s discuss some of them! Checking out these collections will make you understand even more what kind of perks come with minting a genesis! So, make sure to check out the list below for some Genesis projects:

Psychedelics Anonymous Genesis
Impostors Genesis Aliens
Creepz Genesis
Metroverse Genesis