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Germany’s Switch to Nike Sounds Like the Final Blow to Adidas!

By April 4, 2024News

AIO Bot - German National Team Leaves Adidas for NikeImagine Michael Jordan leaving Nike for Adidas… that’s exactly the kind of betrayal everyone felt when they first heard of the German national football team leaving Adidas for Nike! Now, a sports team changing sponsors might not be such a big deal. It happens all the time. But when it’s THE German Football Association (DFB) signing a deal with Nike after being sponsored by Adidas for 77 consecutive years, that will definitely make headlines for days on no end. So, read through to learn more about the death of the Adidas Germany partnership. 

Nike German National Team Deal

A couple of weeks ago, the German Football Association announced their switch to Adidas’ biggest rival, beginning in 2027 up till 2034. This came as a shock to soccer fans and German politicians alike. For example, the German Minister of Finance expressed his disappointment, saying “I can’t imagine the German jersey without the three stripes on it.”

In addition, the Minister-President of Bavaria (the state in which the Three Stripes is located) shared his opinion about the German Nike partnership, saying “It is wrong, a shame and also incomprehensible that this piece of history should end now.” 

So, simply put, the German national football team choosing a full-on American brand over the local brand. A brand that sponsored them for more than seven decades isn’t sitting well with many. 

Is It About the Money?

You see, this isn’t the first time Nike has tried to pull the rug from under Adidas. In 2007, the Swoosh tried to tempt the German national football team away from Adidas. They even offered five times what Adidas was then paying. 

However, at that time, switching to Nike was by no means an option. And even if it was, Bayern Munich threatened to stop releasing their players for the national teams if the DFB accepted Nike’s deal. And no one would have risked THAT. 

So, let’s say it wasn’t about the money back then, is it now? At the end of the day, Nike is offering double the €50 MILLION ($54 MILLION) Adidas has been paying the team annually. According to the DFB, “The DFB has to make economic decisions against this background. Nike made by far the best financial offer in the transparent and non-discriminatory tender process.” 

The German Football Association further clarified its decision to accept such a significant deal. Turns out, Nike won’t only bring a co-branded kit as part of this partnership. The deal came with the promise of amateur football promotion, along with a sustainable development of women’s football in Germany. 

How Does This Affect Adidas?

No matter what way you look at the German football team leaving Adidas for Nike, you won’t find a good side. Nicely put, it’s a literal clusterf*ck for the Three Stripes. They still haven’t recovered from the Yeezy breakup just to be met with the loss of their biggest sponsorships. 

But, unlike the Yeezy partnership, this ain’t no 10-year-old collab. During their time with Adidas, DFB won four men’s World Cups, two women’s World Cups, and various European titles. Meaning that, there’s no doubt Adidas perhaps relied heavily on this partnership. So, question is, what did the Adidas CEO have to say about this all? 

Well, CEO Bjørn Gulden did attempt to change the team’s minds and presented a final offer. But, it was of no use. They’d already made up their minds, and so they rejected the offer. And so, in a post on Instagram, the CEO wrote: “Regardless what happens in 2027… we are 100% behind the team! We are fans and you are family!” 


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