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The Best 25 Gifts for Sneakerheads: 2021 Holiday Gifts [Under $100]

By October 27, 2021Food for thought, Sneakers

Gifts for Sneakerheads - Holiday Guide 2021 - AIO BotThis is our favorite and most dreaded time of the year all at the same time! The holiday seasons are coming up pretty quickly, and it’s time we get out shopping lists ready. And, let’s be honest, fam. Finding the best gifts for sneakerheads in your life can cost you a lot of money if you don’t ACT FAST.

In other words, you can still find thoughtful gifts that any sneakerhead would appreciate without breaking the bank. And no, we don’t mean sneakers.

You see, the Holiday season is not the only season that’s coming up in the next few months. It also happens to be the time of the BIGGEST shopping season of the year. We’re talking about Black Friday bargains and Cyber Monday deals – it’s the smartest way to finish your list! But, either way, we’ve put together a list of 25 EPIC gifts for sneakerheads that they will LOVE. And so will your wallet! Find out more!


Holiday Season Shopping Guide List 1 - AIO Bot


Okay, we’re cheating a bit. We know this list says gifts for sneakerheads UNDER 100$, BUT this is the gift for the WIN. And don’t worry, we’re not telling you that you’re gonna pay for everything you got for this gift. Granted this will have to be a gift for a sneakerhead you REALLY care about.

The right sneaker bot might cost you around $300 and LESS around the Holiday season. And, it’s a gift that keeps giving. With a sneaker bot, not only will you be giving them a chance to cop sneakers online. You will also be giving them the gift of endless money-making opportunities. Which also means more gifts for YOU! Specifically speaking, AIO Bot is the best offer you can find. It gets the job done, it’s SUPER efficient, AND it retails for $325.

But, wait. It gets better. If you follow AIO Bot’s sneaker Twitter and Instagram, you might even get PRO BONO. FREE! Or, you can catch a deal around the Holidays. In other words, you can’t lose! This is not just a gift, it’s an investment! Click on the button below to check it out!


# 2 Crew Socks

Crew socks are pretty cool inexpensive gifts for sneakerheads that will make any sneakerhead happy. You can go for Adidas socks, Nike socks, or just any socks off of Amazon! Buy some here!

#3 Colored Shoe Laces

Christmas Hats - AIO BotShoelaces are the brand of any sneakerhead wanting to make a personal fashion statement. And so, they make really cool gifts for sneakerheads who like to change it up! Buy a pack of colored shoelaces here!

#4 Shoe Crease Protector

No one likes a creased toe box. So, this will be one of those gifts for sneakerheads who truly take their sneaker game seriously. Keep your kicks looking fresh at all times! Buy some here!

#5 MISSLO Shoe Bags

Shoe bags are particularly awesome if the sneakerhead in your life likes to travel a lot! Or, just to keep them safe and clean! And, you can buy them in packs. SO, technically speaking, that’s more than one gift! Check them out here!

#6 Sneaker Posters

This gift is a gift for the sneaker collector in your life. It’s pretty cool to display some posters and decor around your collection. It’s inexpensive and feels kinda personal. Really shows that you know your sneakerhead. Buy here!

#7 Shoe Deodorizer Balls

Does something smell? Well, it doesn’t have to! Just because last year’s Holiday season STUNK because of the lockdowns, doesn’t mean this season has to! Buy some here.

Christmas Mug - AIO Bot#8 Shoe Care Kit

Proper shoe care is essential. It can make your sneakers last for a long long time! So, this is definitely one of the best gifts for sneakerheads wanting to keep their kicks in pristine condition. Check out the best kit here!

#9 Dr. Scholl’s Massaging Gel Insoles

Sneaker technology and cushioning are the biggest blessings of the game! But, sometimes we might need a little extra comfort for our achy soles. This is where the coolest massaging gel insoles come in handy. Got a sneakerhead with achy feet? Get them these insoles here.

#10 Sneakerhead Mug – Nike Got’Em

If you’ve got a sneakerhead in your life that’s always running Nike bots, then it’s guaranteed they’ll love this! Nike Got’Em mugs are the perfect gifts for sneakerheads burning the midnight oil on releases! Buy one here!

#11 Nordstrom Cedar Shoe Tree

This is another gift to help reduce some B.O and moisture in sneakers. The Nordstrom Cedar shoe tree helps maintain the proper shape of kicks and makes them last so much longer. Buy here!

Gifts for Sneakerheads - List 2 Holiday - AIO Bot#12 Adidas Victory Bucket Hat

Bucket hats are the type of gifts for sneakerheads that you can never go wrong with. Everyone likes them. They’re strangely fashionable. And, they’re trendy! Not to mention pretty affordable! Cop a cap here!

#13 Clear Plastic Boxes

Another great gift for the collectors! Clear plastic boxes help sneakerheads care for collections and keep away the pesky dust! We do not like dust on our kicks. Grab a few here!

#14 Spalding UO Exclusive Globe Basketball

Christmas Hats III - AIO BotNow this one is a COOL gift! It’s a decor that everyone would love. It’s pretty unique and out there. It will definitely blend right in with your sneaker collection and add a little something-something. MJ would definitely like a gift like this. Get an MJ-worthy gift here!

#15 Sneaker Sole Protectors

Another gift to protect our kicks! We always wanna find ways to keep our sneakers with us 4LIFE! Any sneakerhead would appreciate giving their beaters another chance at life! Buy some here!

#16 Sneaker-Smart 3D Lamp

How about lighting up the life of your sneakerhead friend with a sneaker-smart 3D lamp? It’s cool and different. It does the job! These gifts for sneakerheads are really personal and speak Holiday vibes all the way! Get one here!

#17 Angelus Brand Acrylic Paint

Got a creative sneakerhead in your life who keeps trying to spice up their sneakers? This is the perfect gift for them! They can customize their kicks in whatever way they want to! The gift of creativity. How’s that for the Holidays? Buy here!

#18 SNS Cool Beanie

Christmas Candy - Gifts for Sneakerheads - AIO BotJust like bucket hats are cool, beanies are even cooler. Well, technically they keep you warm. But, you get the gist. An SNS beanie is all they need to keep warm all winter long! Buy it here.

#19 The North Face Belt Bag

A MUCH fancier version of a fanny pack! But also, one that will definitely elevate your outfit! The North Face Belt bag is inexpensively fancy! It makes one of the coolest gifts for sneakerheads. Cop one here!

#20 Nike Sportswear Club Fleece Pants

Wanna find a gift they could pair with their epic kicks? The Nike Sportswear Club fleece pants make a great gift for any sneakerhead. Finding some comfort during the Holidays. Especially if you’re planning on eating a lot in the Holidays. Gotta wear pants with a little give. Find them here!

#21 Adidas Adilette Slides

Christmas Gifts - Gifts for Sneakerheads - AIO BotWe’ve already established that slides are IT this year. But, we’re not gonna tell you to go get some Yeezy slides. Unless you’re running a sneaker bot, you won’t be able to afford the slides at retail. However, you can still get some Adidas Adilette slides instead! Get a pair here!

#22 Standing Shelf Units

Again with the sneaker collection kit! But, it’s a reality that we can’t avoid when it comes to copping sneakers. You’re gonna have to store them right. Sneaker storage is not something you can take lightly. And, with these standing shelf units, your sneakerhead can proudly display their sneakers out in the open. We’d like a gift like that. Check some out here!

#23 The Sneaker Bible

Moving up in the price tag a bit. We’ve got the Sneaker Bible. It’s the holy grail of all sneaker books that will help sneakerheads learn all they need. Every important topic on sneaker copping and taking Ws is here. You can also send them a link to our sneaker blog, which is a lot cheaper. But, if not, get the Bible here!

#24 Nike Venturer Face Mask

We’re still not over wearing masks – COVID ain’t no joke fam! So, some special gifts for sneakerheads could be the Nike Venturer face mask. It’s a little more expensive than you’d usually pay for a mask. But, it’s the work of the Swoosh. Totally worth it. Check it out here!

#25 Kicks Kase Premium Duffel Bag

Christmas Hats II - AIO BotFinally, the last and most expensive gift on this list, the Kicks Kase premium duffel bag. We did keep our promise of gifts for sneakerheads under $100! And, this gift happens to be perfect if your sneakerhead likes to travel a lot. Travel in style and in complete organization with this premium duffel bag. Buy it here!

And so, that wraps it up for our list of gifts for sneakerheads. We’re pretty sure that these gifts will NOT disappoint. Use this guide to get all the best presents this Holiday season. And make sure to keep it locked on our blog for more guides on everything Holiday shopping!