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Top 23 Holiday Gifts for Sneakerheads Under $100 [2023]

By September 25, 2023Sneaker Tutorial

AIO Bot - Gifts for Sneakerheads - Sneakerhead Gifts - Holiday Gifts For SneakerheadsChristmas is just around the corner. So, it’s about time you thought of what to get the sneakerheads in your life. Now, if you’re broke or you’ve got more than one sneakerhead gift to cover, buying limited edition sneakers, like the upcoming A Ma Maniere Jordan 5 is out of the question. But don’t worry, we’re here to help you NOT be as broke as you thought you’d be by the end of the Holiday season. Therefore, we’ve put together this guide of the top 23 sneakerhead gifts every sneakerhead would absolutely love. And the best part, they’re pretty much affordable, as most of them are under $100!

P.S., make sure you get a chance at a good sneaker deal on this year’s Black Friday!

Best Gifts For Sneakerheads

#1 A Sneaker Bot

First, we’re going to start with sneaker bots. So, we know that technically these gifts for sneakerheads aren’t usually under $100. The cheapest sneaker bots are generally the ones you can find under $500 or actually IN STOCK.

But, what if we told you that, for $299, you can get your favorite sneakerhead the best gift ever? AIO Bot is the most affordable, efficient, and reliable sneaker bot in the game! It’s literally a gift that keeps on giving! With a sneaker bot, they will have the chance to cop sneakers all year round.

And, if they’re extra smart, they might even get into sneaker reselling! In all honesty, from a sneakerhead’s POV, this is the best gift for sneakerheads. And, if you really care about the sneakerhead in your life, get them a bot!

The best gifts for sneakerheads are ones that make them money!

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#2 Slides

Next, slides make for some of the best gifts for sneakerheads because of how versatile they are! And, although you can get any Nike or Adidas slide for around $100, you might wanna check Yeezys! Rumor has it that the third restock might be happening around the Holidays!


#3 Rotating Turntable Stand 

Also, the best gifts for sneakerheads are the ones that help them flex their collection! Get them this rotating turn table stand to display their most pricey and rare sneakers!  

BUY FOR $17.99!

#4 Cactus Jack Neon Sign 

But, if a display doesn’t seem like their kinda thing, more gifts for sneakerheads include neon signs! This particular Cactus Jack neon sign is a great gift idea for any sneakerhead’s room!  

BUY FOR $71.43

#5 Clear Plastic Boxes

And then, there are clear plastic boxes – one of the most classic gifts for sneakerheads. This is a gift idea that will never go out of style. Every sneakerhead needs a set of clear plastic boxes to both display and preserve their sneakers! 

BUY FOR $79.99

#6 Supreme Beaded Logo Keychain 

So, you got a sneakerhead who is also a streetwear-loving hypebeast? The best gift for sneakerheads of this type would be this Supreme beaded logo keychain. It’s cool, it’s a good flex, and it costs around $80! Perfect! 


#7 ‘Wipe Your Airs’ Doormat

Also, if your group dynamic happens to be a bunch of Air Jordan junkies, then you need this mat. The ‘Wipe Your Airs’ floor mat is one of the funniest gifts for sneakerheads that is much needed. Say goodbye to dirt streaks! 

BUY FOR $29.99

#8 Nike Sportswear Classic Fleece Pants

Nike fleece pants also make for the best gifts for sneakerheads! Everyone needs pants. And, when it’s a Swoosh pant, you can never have too many. These ones in particular are EXTRA.  


#9 Hypebeast Sneaker-Building Set

Also, if you wanna find cool gifts for sneakerheads who like building blocks, this hypebeast sneaker-building set is perfect! It’s fun, cool, and makes for the best holiday activity! 


#10 Personalized Shoe Lace Charms

If you wanna give the sneakerhead in your life a chance to customize and bedazzle their kicks… get them personalized shoelace charms! It’s a cool way to get personalized gifts for sneakerheads at a good cost!

BUY FOR $27.35

#11 Cedar Shoe Tree 

Cedar shoe trees make good gifts for sneakerheads. Not only do they prevent the leather on the sneakers from cracking, but cedar wood also absorbs odor-causing bacteria and dries out the shoes. 

BUY FOR $36.92

#12 Oversized Sneaker Plushie

It’s not Christmas if you don’t wear matching Christmas-themed pajamas with the fam, and pair them with oversized plushies. But remember that you’re bringing a hypebeast this footwear, so it’s a must you get them an oversized sneaker plushie. This will surely be the only thing they wear at home all winter long!

BUY FOR $31.51

#13 Acrylic Sneaker Paint Pens

If the sneakerhead you’re getting a gift for has an artistic side, Acrylic sneaker paint pens make the best sneakerhead gifts in this case. They’re perfect for customizing sneakers as one wishes. 

BUY FOR $19.97

#14 Neon Jordan Sneaker Print

Hypebeast or not, a neon Jordan sneaker print will make anyone do a double take. It’s what every sneakerhead’s room has been missing!

BUY FOR $87.50

#15 Songmics shoe rack

Other sneakerhead gifts include Songmics shoe racks, which make a good sneaker storage option, in terms of saving space, and offering visibility and easy access to your sneaker collection

BUY FOR $20.49

#16 Waterproof Translucent Travel Shoe Bags

Waterproof translucent travel shoe bags are thoughtful sneakerhead gifts, especially if the hypebeast you’re gifting them to travels a lot. Since they’re resistant to both impact and water. 

BUY FOR $17.11

#17 Shoe Lace Replacements

Sometimes, the simplest items make the best sneakerhead gifts. A collection of shoelace replacements can literally make a hypebeast’s day. It feels like they’re wearing a new version of the kicks every time they replace the shoelace color. 

BUY FOR $6.99

#18 Shoe Deodorizer Balls

In addition, shoe deodorizer balls are like deodorants but for kicks. They play an essential part in every sneaker care routine, which makes them great gifts for sneakerheads. They can last up to 90 days, depending on how much one uses them. From adults’ to kids’ shoes, their small sizes help keep any sneaker smelling fresh and not a bit stinky!

BUY For $16.99

#19 SneakerAid Care Kit

Not only the best gift for sneakerheads, but the SneakerAid Care Kit is a must-have in every sneaker enthusiast’s life! We don’t want them ruining thousands of dollars worth of kicks while cleaning them the wrong way, do we?

BUY FOR $19.99

#20 Shoe Crease Protector

Nobody wants severely creased shoes. They’re a literal nightmare. So, other than lacing sneakers the right way, using a shoe crease protector can keep the creases at their minimum. 

BUY FOR $14.47

#21 Off-White Inspired Sneaker Phone Case

Being a fan of Off-White sneakers comes with the package of being a sneakerhead. And so, Off-White-inspired sneaker phone cases make epic sneakerhead gifts. 

BUY FOR $22.22

#22 Nike Neutral Socks

Socks have become typical Christmas gifts over the years. But that doesn’t make them any less appreciated, since you know that the “washing machine stealing socks mystery” is a worldwide thing. However, make sure these sneakerhead gifts are neutral Nike socks. They’re an all-time favorite.

BUY FOR $14.00

#23 Sneaker Wash and Dry Bag

You do know that throwing your sneakers into the washing machine without a sneaker wash and dry bag is literal sneaker murder? That’s why such sneakerhead gifts are a must if you know that the hypebeast in your life still doesn’t own some of them. 

BUY FOR $12.99

And so, that wraps it up for our list of gifts for sneakerheads. We’re pretty sure that these gifts will NOT disappoint. Use this guide to get all the best presents this Holiday season. And make sure to keep it locked on our blog for more guides on everything Holiday shopping!