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Down, Down to Goblin Town … WTF? The Neftee NFT Things!

By June 9, 2022July 14th, 2022NFTs

What is Goblin Town - AIO BotLadies and gentlemen, what you are about to witness is not your run-of-the-mill NFT collection. No. Goblin Town goes way beyond the bounds of even the virtual world. Stepping on the lines of what is generally accepted and what is not. But, are we obsessed? Absolutely. 

GoblinTown VII - AIO BotIf you’ve been into NFTs for a while, you more than likely know what this goblin-infested town is all about. If not, odds are you’ve been living under some kind of virtual rock. However, if you DO know about them, but understand nothing… we get it.

GoblinTown VI - AIO BotIn fact, no one really knows nor understands the actual makings of this particular NFT project. Or, as they call it neftee tings! Actually, if we’re being specific, even THEY don’t know what they are. So… what in the name of everything non-fungibles in Goblin Town? We’re here to help you figure it out!

Also, if by any chance you feel like you want to know more about non-fungible tokens, we got you covered. Whether it’s strange-ass goblins, art, beans, or maybe even some music NFTs; we’ve got it all. And, the best part of it is that it’s totally FREE! All-you-can-read NFTs at a click of a button!

NFT_ Button - AIO Bot

GoblinTown V - AIO BotGOBLIN TOWN: Going Down the Goblin Hole

What is Goblin Town? Other than it obviously being an NFT collection! First, their name references the most recent Terra Luna collapse in May 2022. This ultimately made the whole crypto market crash and slide down… down, down to Goblin Town. this is of course a reference to the 1977 film adaptation of The Hobbit

GoblinTown II - AIO BotIt launched for minting on May 19th, 2022. Therefore, as of writing, Goblin Town NFTs are exactly 22 days old. They also use something called a no-copyright-reserved Creative Commons license which allows anyone to look at the NFTs. No copyright?

Upon minting, the price of minting the NFTs was actually the gas price. Therefore, to buy a goblin all you had to do was pay the gas fee at that time! Free NFTs?

Goblin Town consists of 10,000 digitally-generated tokens with 1,000 of them reserved for the creators. And, they belong to the Ethereum blockchain. And, their most expensive NFT sale was goblintown #8995 – aka Crustybutt Da Gobblin King – for 69.42 ETH  ($136,440).

OpenSea Account

GoblinTown I - AIO BotSo, naturally, upon inspecting a new NFT collection, your very first stop would be NFT marketplaces. They go under the name And, once you’re there, this is the first thing greeting you:

“AAAAAAAUUUUUGGGHHHHH gobblins goblinns GOBLINNNNNNNNns wekm ta goblintown yoo sniksnakr DEJEN RATS oooooh rats are yummmz dis a NEFTEEE O GOBBLINGS on da BLOKCHIN wat? oh. crustybutt da goblinking say GEE EMMM DEDJEN RUTS an queenie saay HLLO SWEATIES ok dats all byeby” – By kingofthegoblin.

No, this is most definitely not gibberish… we think? This is the Goblin Town bio sitting atop a 10K collection that currently has a floor price of 4.8 ETH. Scrolling a bit down to the collection itself, you get an assortment of what appears to be misshapen goblins. Just staring back into your souls.

Heck, even their NFT attributes and traits have weird names to them! You can pick a variety that includes:

Goblin Town Phone Chat - AIO BotBoddee (body): flappy, dat spase soot gots holes, fansee…
Eers (ears): EERS, Earrz, Eerz?…
Egg: Mistryuss eggie??
Eye on dat side (right eye): Pinkpinkpink, Zoinks, Oook…
Eyz on dis side (left eye): Ooooh, Poop, Look up dere…
Hedz (heads): Growf, Kiwimonstr, Wart top…
MUNCHYHOLE (mouth): Flthththlffh, Mouf, Aaaabaaaaabbbaaa…
– Collrzes (colors?): Bloody milk yumm, FLEsh stik, Wat dis?…
Stankfinder (nose): Bloo, Udder pointy kind, Dizeezsd

Does this clear things up? Hell NO. In fact, if you start your Goblin Town journey here, you’re gonna be way more confused.

Goblin Town Website

Goblin Town I - AIO BotNext, you head to their website for better context. And, surprise surprise, you get a phone chat between Garf and Ukri discussing neftee tings! A conversation in Goblin lingo which oddly kinda makes sense. Don’t feel bad if you can read it quite clearly!

However, as for the general info that they provide. Well, it is a bit lacking. Actually, they’ve made it very clear that they have NO info to offer. Here’s what they have to say:

1 free + gas mint per wallet. Don’t be fucking greedy. That’s how we got ourselves here.
We are reserving 1,000 goblins. Because we want to.
With No roadmap. No Discord. No utility. CCO. Contract wasn’t actually written by goblins.

That’s it.

The Goblin Town website also comes with a very strange yet entrancing background music. So, we’re just gonna throw that out there so you know what to expect. But, other than that, it does not provide more context to the Goblin Town NFTs that they’re offering. Because, based on what they’re putting out, it sounds more like a rug pull.

But, is Goblin Town a rug pull?

Goblin Town II - AIO BotNFT projects usually come with roadmaps, pre-sales, whitelisting, and all kinds of stuff. Things that assert credibility and make people more comfortable in investing! However, Goblin Town does the exact opposite. 

NO roadmap. NO utilities or whitelist or pre-sales. And, NO Discord.

They just have a Twitter page that doesn’t really give you much context either! Let’s not speak of their three-hour-long Spaces that include 80k people listening to Goblin gibberish! Actually, they were mostly chanting “monkey burgers” and “rat degens”. Maybe this was secret code about their project? Or not.

GoblinTown III - AIO BotAlso, we don’t exactly know who are the people behind the collection! In other words, they do not have a doxxed team. So, in short, here’s a summary:
– We don’t know who they are
– They have no apparent plans for the future
– They’ve created a 60K+ Twitter following in less than a month
– Within 12 days of launch, Goblin Town raised the entry price on the NFT marketplace OpenSea from 0 to almost 6 ETH
– There is a 7.5% royalty fee on all secondary sales on Goblin NFTs
– They have no plans of launching their own cryptocurrency

So, all in all, there is a LOT going on here that’s tipping the scale on either side. Therefore, IS Goblin Town a scam? 

GoblinTown IV - AIO BotNot necessarily.

They are completely transparent about them being not transparent. But, then again, it is always important to exercise caution and don’t invest money that you don’t have. Maybe Goblin Town is the next blue-chip NFT! Who knows! 

Ok dats all byeby!