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What is a GPU Bot, Why You Need It, & Where to Get one!

By May 25, 2022Retail

Why You Need a GPU Bot - AIO BotThere was a time when buying GPUs was not something you had to dread beforehand. However, things have completely changed now! So much so that it is virtually impossible to buy a graphics card without the use of a GPU bot! 

Much like a lot of other hyped and exclusive items in the retail industry! Botting is now the prevalent norm and the only way to get your hands on a lot of things including a super hyped gaming console like the PS5, graphics cards, Pokemon or any other exclusive trading cards, and more. People have taken a page from the book of sneaker copping and utilized bots to their advantage. Therefore, this has created a competitive, crazy environment where botters eat up the stock leaving nothing behind. And, forcing other people to resort to secondary markets and pay outrageous amounts of money! Sounds familiar?

And so, we’ve all come to one final conclusion: if you can’t beat them, join them! So, to do that, we’ve put together everything you need to know about a GPU bot. And, if you wanna find out more about these changes in retail, click on the button below. You might even learn how to start making more money online for a change!


The 3 Ws of a GPU Bot

WHAT Is a GPU Bot?

GPU_ Illustration - AIO_BotA GPU bot is an automated software that does what you can’t do: it checks retail sites every few seconds for GPU listings. It automatically completes the checkout process at an inhumane speed. And, finally, gets you all the graphics cards you want! At every GPU restock time, these bots come out eating most of the stock!

The bots go straight to checkout without hesitating for a single moment. The secret to it all is figuring out the backdoor entrance that every online website has! And, the best thing about it all, is that this is completely legal! Instead of sitting on a waitlist for over a year, you could be copping multiple GPUs at the same time.

Just make sure you buy the ones that make you the highest profit – check out this list!

Of course, using these bots does not necessarily mean that you gotta become a greedy GPU scalper! But, the money you can make from it is definitely a cool incentive. And, it will be a good investment on your part if you use a bot. So, if you wanna check some of the best retail bots out there, click here!

WHY You Need It?

Money Bag - AIO_BotSomething that we feel is pretty self-explanatory, especially given all the talk about botting speed. However, there are other reasons that have caused people to resort to botting. Even if they didn’t want to, it became their only option. The main reasons you need a GPU bot are the same reasons that make them so expensive on resale! This includes the following reasons:

– Chip shortages
– High demand
– Low supply
– Tariffs
– And, Cryptominers!

Also, the only other option you have besides using a bot would be sitting on a waiting list for ages. Without even knowing if you’ll get a chance to grab a GPU for yourself! And, if you want to entertain the idea of secondary marketplaces, you’re gonna have to pay a hefty sum. The best GPUs to use sometimes resell for 150% above their retail! Do you need any more reasons to use a bot?

WHERE to Buy a GPU Bot?

Finally, the last part is knowing where to buy a GPU bot – since you’re convinced you need one! Well, this type of bot is called a retail bot because it works on retail sites hosting GPU restocks. This includes websites like Best Buy, Walmart, AMD, and more. So, you’re going to want to find a bot that supports the retail sites we mentioned. Check out the list below for the best options in the game!

GPU Bot - AIO Bot

Akari Bot
Wrath Bot
Stellar AIO
Ominous Bot
Nike Shoe Bot