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Guide to Getting Lucky: How to Cop Some Adidas Yeezys!

By May 8, 2017June 17th, 2022Adidas, Yeezy

Guide to Getting Lucky with Adidas Yeezys - AIO BotAdidas Yeezys might be one of the most controversial AND most coveted kicks in the entire sneaker industry. But, that is also the reason why it’s so much harder to get your hands on some Yeezys! However, we’ve found guaranteed ways to do so!

These Kanye West shoes are a staple in the sneaker game which makes copping Yeezys online a bit more difficult. Nowadays, it’s all about the Yeezys. What Yeezy you wearin’? Everyone wants to try their luck and cop these epic kicks. 

Here’s the thing about Adidas Yeezys. When demand goes up, reselling becomes a legit option that could cash in a LOT of money. In fact, sneaker reselling has become the best side hustle any person could ever ask for! After learning how to buy Adidas Yeezys online, then you can learn how to resell them for more!

Now, before we go into how you can get so lucky with Adidas Yeezys, and how much you can make flipping them, check the list below. It has everything you’ll ever need to know about Yeezys.

  1. History of Adidas Yeezys
  2. Where and How are Yeezys Made
  3. Copping Yeezys Guide
  4. Where to Buy Yeezy Sneakers
  5. Where to Sell Yeezys
  6. The Ultimate Yeezy Size Guide
  7. Best Yeezys of All Time
  8. Yeezy Supply & Demand Rules


How to Make Money From Selling Yeezys_Online - AIO BotSo, as any reasonable entrepreneur would do, you gotta check the waters before you venture on a fishing trip. 

What does that roughly translate to in normal English? Well, it just means you can’t jump right into reselling if you don’t know what the market’s like! How are Adidas Yeezys doing at the aftermarket? 

Let’s take a look at one of the most popular resale platforms in the sneaker industry: StockX. We’re going to take the MOST popular silhouette of the Adidas Yeezys, and the least favored one in terms of a price premium. How much are sneakerheads making off reselling Adidas Yeezys?

Adidas Yeezy Slides

Adidas_Yeezy Slide - AIO BotSo, the most popular Adidas Yeezys of the year 2021 with the highest price premium is in fact a slide! Slides have gotten SO popular in the past two years. So much so that people are willing to pay over $200 for the $55 slides! Take a look at the Yeezy example! That’s 322% over the retail value!

Yeezy Model: Adidas Yeezy Slide Core
Release Date: April 26th, 2021
Retail Price: $55
Average Resale Price: $232

Adidas Yeezy FOAM RUNNER

Adidas_Yeezy Vermilion Foam Runner - AIO BotOn the other hand, an Adidas Yeezys that has gotten a lot of bad heat is the Foam Runner. We called it the clog, the Crocs… Some even said it looks like a lobster! The Vermilion most definitely does. 

Yeezy Model: Adidas Yeezy Foam Runner Vermilion
Release Date: October 29th, 2021
Retail Price: $80
Average Resale Price: $377

But, at the end of the day, no matter how ugly people said it was – we copped. Taking the Vermilion into consideration, it has an average price premium of about 370%! Keep in mind that the Foam Runner usually retails for about $75. So, a price premium that high is like stealing candy from a baby! IT HASN’T EVEN DROPPED YET!

So, we’re sure that you’re convinced that you gotta join this market! Therefore, we’re going to tell you exactly how to buy Adidas Yeezys on retail and start SELLING! Or flexing, your choice!


Buying Adidas_Yeezys Guide - AIO BotTo be very honest with you, copping Adidas Yeezy in 2021 is not like it was back in 2016. The good old days! In fact, most Yeezy silhouettes NOW are not so hyped or exclusive as they were before. Here’s why:

  • In 2018 when Kanye and Adidas dropped over 40 different Yeezy sneakers and colorways
  • This included about a million pairs of the iconic Yeezy Cream Whites!
  • This increase in stock made copping Yeezys manually somewhat possible. 
  • BUT, it also brought down the reselling value.
  • HOWEVER, this accessibility did not apply to all Adidas Yeezys.

So, what does this mean? Well, some silhouettes still drop in very limited quantities, or regionally. In other words, this means you’ll still need help to get a pair or more – AKA a sneaker bot.

Since Kanye is giving us MORE Yeezys, we need to cop MORE of the stock! More sneakers to resell = more money to make! 

Finding a bot like AIO Bot with affordability, consistency, and experience is YOUR ticket to winning the YEEZY LOTTERY. Back in 2020,  AIO Bot users enjoyed copping sneakers without having to pay for updates. And, they managed to snatch THOUSANDS of Adidas Yeezys, adding up to over $1.2 MILLION USD in reselling profit. Click below to learn more about AIO Bot, and all the features it has to offer so you can buy those Adidas Yeezys.



Adidas_Yeezys Copping Guide - AIO BotAdidas & Yeezy Supply

Here’s how to cop Adidas Yeezys off the Adidas website! Full step-by-step instructions to get you through! As for Yeezy Supply, we’ve also got you covered. You can check out this guide right here for the detailed walkthrough on copping YS!

  • Adidas uses a ‘Waiting Room’ to randomly select users lucky enough to cop Adidas Yeezys. 
  • Sneakerhead Twitter will announce when the sneakers go live. So, watch those closely and have your computer open to the page at all times.
  • When they drop, refresh the page ONCE. 
  • We suggest you disable any script blocking software that has your ad-blocker turned off for the duration of this process. 
  • If you make it past the waiting room and into the product page, cart your kicks and check out as quickly as possible.

Once they’re in your cart, they’ll be there for 10 minutes (ONLY 10 minutes) while you attempt to pay for your sneakers. You will get errors. You will get frustrated. The weak will cry. For those strong enough to brave this gauntlet, the prize of a new pair of Adidas Yeezy Boost awaits. Again, persistence is key. AND, being there on time!

BONUS TIP: Have Your CC Info Ready

One of the best features Google has to offer is Auto-fill. It’s easy to set up, super hand, and free. All you gotta do is set up your payment methods in Google settings, and save them. It might sound risky, but copping sneakers requires taking risks. 

So, what auto-fill does is fill up the fields for you on the checkout page in literally 1 click. This will help you avoid taking Ls on Adidas Yeezys. 

In-Store Online Raffles for Adidas Yeezys

Copping Adidas Yeezys Online - AIO BotAnother awesome way to cop Adidas Yeezys online is through in-store online raffles – like playing Russian Roulette! It’s all about entering as many raffles as possible, and maybe just maybe you’ll be the lucky winner! Just keep it locked on our blog, and we’ll let you know what retailers offer in-store online raffles.
– Just fill in your credentials
– Your Yeezy size
– And, that’s it.

After that, it’s all about the wait, the luck, and the prayers to the sneaker gods!  Champs Sports, Foot Locker, FootAction, etc. will do raffles and hand out tickets for you to reserve a pair. When they announce the Yeezy release date, be sure to watch the social media accounts and sneaker stores. Once you enter the raffle, stay close to your phone because they’ll call you if you win!

Use Adidas Confirmed App

Another way to get buy some Adidas Yeezys would be through the Adidas Confirmed App. You can check out this full guide on how to use the app, or follow these brief instructions.

  • Reserve yourself some Adidas Yeezys by signing up for the launch before reservations open. 
  • The window spans from the time the official release date is announced to a few days before the launch. If you miss it, you miss out. 
  • Sign up with your size and location (zone). Reservations will open a few days before the launch and you’ll receive notifications through the app prior to the opening. 
  • Once the registration is about to open you’ll receive a countdown timer. Start clicking. Keep Clicking. Don’t stop clicking until you make it to the product screen. It’s FCFS so be persistent.


Copping Adidas_Yeezys In Store - AIO BotIf you’re lucky enough to have a major retailer near you, you can reserve your sneakers in-store. And then, all you have to do is pick them up on the day of release. 

No online hassle and no waiting for shipping. Way too easy. Footlocker, Adidas, and other retailers usually host in-store releases of Adidas Yeezys. It depends on where the sneaker drops! 

But, you’re going to want to camp out the night before in front of the store! You probably won’t be the only one there either. Also, with the ongoing current pandemic, most sneaker retailers are canceling in-store drops and opting for online releases and raffles. However, IF there is an in-store drop, by all means, give it a shot! We just prefer the easier and more guaranteed way – sneaker botting! We don’t take risks when it comes to Adidas Yeezys!


To be completely honest with you, we’d say the best way to cop Adidas Yeezys is sneaker bots.

Sneaker bots give you the opportunity to cop fast, and easy. And if you were feeling greedy, just add more proxies, and you’ll cop as many Yeezys and you need. Also, if you wanna increase your chances, you’re gonna have to cover all sites. So, make sure you know what are the best bots for every site, and maximize your copping potential. 

Also, one last thing, in case your device or PC can’t really handle running multiple bots, rent a server. It will solve all your technical obstacles and you can thank us later. Now go cop some Adidas Yeezys, fam!