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Height Increasing Shoes: Life is Short, But You Don’t Have to Be!

By February 28, 2024Sneaker Tutorial, Sneakers

AIO Bot - Best Height Increasing ShoesLet’s cut straight to the chase, shall we! People are making a big deal about height more and more every passing day. It even came to the point where studies were conducted on people’s height preferences. And what they came out with, is that HEAIGHT MATTERS. So, regardless of how much this might sound shallow, people are looking for height increasing shoes for the purpose of looking attractive. Humans and their minds…they work in mysterious ways.

However, looking more attractive might not be the reason you’re here. Sometimes looking taller might complement the outfit you’re wearing better. Or the pants you recently bought are an inch or two too long and you’ve got no time to hit the tailor shop to get the perfect fit. So, your next best option is to flex on some height increasing sneakers before hitting the road!

Thus, for whichever reason you’re looking up shoes to look taller, we’ve picked the best 5 kicks to make you look as epic as ever, as well as give you all the benefits of thick outsoles

Height Increasing Shoes

#1 Nike Air Max

Nike Air Max - AIO BotThe Nike Air Max line takes the lead in the height-boosting game. From the 90s and Uptempo ‘95s to the 270s, they all make great height increasing shoes. And they provide an average height increase of around 1 to 1.6 inches. But, the Nike Air Max 97 takes the cake, adding about 1.6 inches- approximately 4cm- to the wearer. 

#2 New Balance 550

Height Increasing Shoes - NB - AIO BotIt’s a common fact that dad shoes are the ultimate height increasing kicks. They got some THIC soles that distinguish them from any other shoe. Another fact is that New Balance redefined the dad shoes and made them a trend! So, all in all, New Balance is the perfect place to look for shoes to look taller. They can increase height up to 2 inches! Particularly, the NB 550 can boost your height up to 2.03 (~5.1 cm).

#3 Adidas Ultraboost

Height Increasing Shoe - Ultra Boost - AIO BotNext up, we’ve got none other than the Three Stripes offering us some of the best height increasing shoes. The Adidas Ultra Boost adds around 1.26 inches (3.2 cm) to your height. Ultra Boosts are some of the comfiest sneakers. Meaning that, if you want running shoes that make you look taller at the same time, these babies are your best option. 

#4 Run Star Motion CX Platform

Height Increasing Shoes - Converse - AIO BotAnother height increasing shoe making it on the list today is the classic Run Star Motion CX Platform. This one should feel as if you’ve climbed a whole floor. Because this Converse adds up to 3.0 inches (7.6 cm). They’re basically heels with sneaker soles at this point! And despite their gigantic soles, they’re pretty much lightweight and easy to walk in. 

#5  Elevator Shoes

Height Increasing Shoes - Elevator Shoes - AIO BotLast but not least, we’ve got shoes specifically designed to make you feel and look taller. Elevator shoes usually add up to 6.2 inches (~16 cm) to your height. Most of them actually look like dress shoes. So, if that’s what you’re looking for, you can find them available at online marketplaces, like Amazon

How To Look Taller With Shoes: What Other Alternatives You Got?

Outsoles - AIO BotSo, if you’re running on a budget, or you want the best of both worlds by keeping your favorite low-soled kicks but want to look taller at the same time, we’ve got you covered. All you need to do is go on an online search for height increasing shoe outsoles. You’ll see a TON of options available. So, pick what you think might be most suitable for you and add them to your shoes. 

However, make sure you know how to maintain this setup and keep everything down there clean. As in, when you go for some shoe cleaning session, make sure to DRY them soles right. Otherwise, you’ll end up with some nasty mold and stinky feet! 

In case you’re in for some storage and cleaning guides, check out the links below!