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The 5 Hottest High-End Streetwear Collaborations: Luxury Meets Casual

By January 21, 2022Food for thought, Sneaker News

High-End Streetwear Brands - AIO BotHigh-end streetwear is the ultimate key to pulling off any type of “style” these days. If you’re not into streetwear, you’re technically not into anything at all. That’s just the way it is. In short, the style of the casual has reached the entire edges of the spectrum – including luxury fashion!

And, although the transition from complete luxury to high-end streetwear started a long time ago, there were catalysts. One of the biggest impacts on casual luxury happens to be none other than the late Virgil Abloh himself. If you want, you can read more about his life and influence on fashion here. Even the most luxurious fashion houses across the globe have given into streetwear and sneakers. Or else, why would we have an abundance of luxury sneakers on our hands?

It is also the reason why so many people aim to start their own streetwear brands! Which isn’t as impossible or difficult as it may seem! Something that YOU can do as well. You can check out our complete, detailed guide on starting your own business. Just click on the button below to learn more about it!


Or, for now, you can get to know 5 of the best high-end streetwear collaborations currently ROCKING the sneaker industry. Technically speaking, these are the big fish in the sea – the ones everyone wants part of! So, let’s go straight into it!


Air Jordan Dior

Air Jordan Dior - High-End Streetwear Brand - AIO BotFirst, we’re gonna start with one of the most epic high-end streetwear collabs out there – Air Jordan x Dior. Nike announced the collaboration near the end of 2019 – part of the Fall 2020 Dior men’s collection. It first debuted on none other than Travis Scott himself during an IG story – bring in the La Flame! The full charm and appeal of this Jordan came from the monogrammed Swoosh. And, the fact that Nike released 8,500 high-tops and 4,700 low-tops ONLY made it even more hyped. Oh, and the $2,000 price tag!

Supreme Louis Vuitton Collaboration - AIO BotSupreme x LOUIS VUITTON

Also, we can’t go through an entire list of high-end streetwear collaborations with the mention of the infamous BOGO, right? We can’t! And so, we’ve got the Supreme x LOUIS VUITTON epic collaboration gracing this list. The partnership dates back to 2017 with their first debut in the 2017 Paris Fashion Week. 

The capsule included iconic hooded sweatshirts with the LV monogram, Supreme accessories, and even sneakers!

The North Face Gucci Collaboration - AIO BotThe North Face x GUCCI

The North Face and Gucci tied knots in late January of 2021. And, saying that it was a ‘highly awaited release” is definitely an understatement. You see, this high-end streetwear collaboration cemented the whole concept of casual luxury! And now, in 2022, they’re back at it again with an entire collection of 90s-inspired exploration gear. The collection includes vintage-looking mountain parkas, puffer jackets, and probably fanny packs!

Adidas x PRADA

Adidas Prada - High-End Streetwear Brand - AIO BotHowever, despite raging retail, we’ve got something on the more broke-ass sneakerhead spectrum! The Adidas x PRADA high-end streetwear collaboration does come with expensive retail prices. BUT, well, let’s just say it’s not having the best time on the resale market! Well, not all of them! The Forums are doing okay, but they had an excessively large retail price, to begin with. The latest LUNA ROSSA releases are selling well below retail! So, you can definitely be boujee on a budget!

The North Face x KAWS

The North Face x KAWS - AIO BotFinally, we’ve got more high-end streetwear collaborations with The North Face x KAWS. And, we’ve actually got their first-ever collection coming up in 2022! The new KAWS XX collection features a full line-up of trippy multi-colored Nuptse, freeride fleeces, tracksuits, beanies, and more! The entire collection retails for a price range from $55 to $550!

And that concludes our list of the hottest high-end streetwear collaborations of the industry! Of course, trying to be boujee does cost money. After all, high-end does NOT come cheap! So, you gotta make sure that you’ve got a very tight side-hustle under your belt. And since these luxury brands have joined our turf, we can still rely on sneaker botting to save the day! 

The truth of the matter is that, where the money goes, the sneaker bots follow! All you have to do is find the right one!