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The History Of Shoe Bots! A Rite of Passage Into ALL Sneaker Knowledge

By July 12, 2021October 7th, 2021Bot, Sneaker News

Shoe Bots in History - AIO BotShoe bots, sneaker bots, EPIC bots! Call them what you want. But, we like to call them the source of all power in the sneaker industry. The one and the only way to truly increase your copping powers, to flex the most hyped sneakers, and reign supreme!

But, being a sneakerhead isn’t just about setting up your bot and copping some kicks. A true sneakerhead has to know everything there is about the industry. This includes knowing everything about sneaker botting as well. And, we’re not talking about just getting to know how bots work – which is very important. We’re talking about the history of shoe bots, how they started, and how they expanded!

This way, you’ll have a better understanding of the past and expectations for the future of copping! The mark of a true sneakerhead is knowledge.

Sneaker bots are, supposedly, the BIGGEST “plague” to sneaker retailers. They’re so important, that sneakers sites keep coming up with the best antibot security – like Akamai – to keep them out! The industry that’s forecasted to reach a value of 102 BILLION  dollars by 2025, implicates that it’s definitely worth learning more about shoe bots! 

They call us an ATTACK on the sneaker industry. Well, guess who’s winning the battle?

Introducing Shoe Bots

So, if you already know what shoe bots are, just skip to the next section! This is for the curious beans who have yet to experience the thrill of botting.

We’re not gonna get all techy on you, don’t worry. In short, sneaker bots are automated software that you get online to run on a release. It basically does everything from finding the shoes, picking the size, adding it to the cart, and checking out. It also gets it delivered to your doorstep without you doing anything at all.

All you do is feed it all your information beforehand, give it some proxies, maybe rent a server, and VOILA! If you try it, you’ll find that it’s like filling out a quiz on your personal information and sneaker preferences. 

But, if you feel like you still got questions on the whole concept of shoe bots, we got you! Just click on the button below to get all the information you need on buying and running a sneaker bot!

Learn More AIOFun Facts!

TW! If you are a person who owns an e-commerce website or someone very much against shoe bots. Then this article is definitely NOT for you. You may be triggered by how cool bots are and find yourself longing to own one. It’s okay. Don’t fight it.

#1 Shoe Bots Go WAY Back

Beat_Bots with Shoe Bots - AIO BotSo, a little history lesson on shoe bots. If you’ve been in this game for a while, then you remember the release of the Air Jordan Doernbecher 9. That was the first time that Nike decided to drop a sneaker via Twitter with a first come first serve method. You DM first, you reserve. In short, this is when inhuman speed became a necessity.

Therefore, this prompted the creation of scouring bots to DM Nike to reserve the Doernbecher. Ingenious! 

This was around the same time that Shopify made an appearance as a strong eCommerce platform hosting sneaker drops. Shoe bots became the hottest commodity in existence! People created sub-Reddit threads to find bots for sale, the different types of bots, savage cook groups, and more. 

It was the dawn of the shoe bots. In 2015, Supreme x Nike dropped the Jordan 5 Desert Camo and the Supreme Saint arose! Matt Steiner and his partner Chris built a shoe bot and charged $100 for people to buy EACH pair. The duo made $20,000 in five seconds

This also happens to be around the same time that Kanye’s Yeezys started taking over. Everyone wanted to get a pair of Yeezy’s epic kicks. No cap. It was Yeezy history in the making! All of this together created the perfect catalyst for shoe bots to take over.

That was it for non-botters. That was it!

#2 They Dominate the Game

It’s release day, and you’re hanging around the retailer’s website. You should know one thing for sure: you are SURROUNDED by bots. According to Akamai’s director of threat research, Moshe Zioni, “When these very big sales are going on, close to 100 percent of the traffic is bots alone.”

You heard the man. Limited-run or high-profile sneaker collaborations bring such high demand, that there is no other option than shoe bots. So, if you think you have some kind of chance at making it without one, you’re mental. Literally mental. 

Don’t believe us? Let’s talk a bit about numbers, then. According to a breakdown by industry of bot traffic on the Akamai network back in 2019, bot traffic in the retail industry alone was 107,301,948,091. Can you even read that number out loud? This just goes to show that shoe bots and shopping bots are taking over. So, in other words, either you join the ranks, or wave your flag of surrender.

#3 What’s Your Type?

Beat_Bots with_Bots - AIO _Bot

You know… everyone has a certain type. You know, like a preference – whether you’re into feet or what’s ON the feet. If this wasn’t true, the whole checks over stripes debacle wouldn’t have existed. And, frankly, the industry would have been a lot more boring.

So, if people have a preference for specific sneaker brands, they definitely have a preference for shoe bots! But, that ain’t an issue. You see, bot makers are sneakerheads. This means that they know what sneakerheads want. This is why we have so many types of shoe bots perfectly suited for every drop on the release calendar.

There are Supreme bots strictly made to cop the biggest heat of the red Bogo site. There are Nike bots to hang out around the SNKRS app and bring home the bacon! You can also go for Shopify bots with around 30+ sneaker stores to cop. 

But, ultimately, after spending so much time in this game, we’ve come to one conclusion. The best, most efficient, most reliable, and cost-effective bots are all-in-one shoe bots. The ones like AIO Bot – it supports ALL kinds of sites, cop ALL types of sneakers, and it’s AFFORDABLE. You can check it out yourself, and compare it with the bots you find on botbroker. You’ll see what we mean.

Buy AIO NOW#4 Leading Cause of the Industry Evolution

The sneaker industry is a GIANT that keeps on growing day by day. We’ve got the most epic sneaker releases lined up every month, and all the best sneaker news. You can’t scroll through your IG without a celebrity flexing their latest addition to their sneaker collection. And, you definitely can not chill on Twitter without getting drawn into a Nike VS Adidas debate.

Even though it’s basically been radio silence from Adidas for quite some time, Nike has been bringing UP the heat! So, the better the releases get, the stronger the shoe bots become. The more they try to keep us out, the more we claw our way back in!

Besides, shoe bots are what’s keeping the hype alive – anticipation, excitement, and the competition. We’re just basically making it more fun! Therefore, as long as the hype’s alive, the industry expands, and bots evolve! basically, this is the course of sneaker nature – botting.

#5 Bots Are The BEST Way to Make Money

Beat_Bots with Shoe Bots - AIO Bot

Finally, the best for last… Shoe bots are the best way to make money online. No cap. Why do you think people would go through lengths to get their hands on these kicks? Sure, the flex is pretty awesome. But, the FLIP. Oh god, the flip! That’s something else. 

Moreover, do you know how much sneaker resellers make a month? A large enough sum to make people want to learn exactly how to become a sneaker reseller themselves. It is so easy and so lucrative, that for some people, it’s not just a side hustle. It’s a full-time job. Forget the 9 to 5!

Talk about some money-making hobbies! And, you don’t actually have to have a huge budget for it. You can even start copping sneakers under retail to flip them for more on the aftermarket. The secret to success, though, is copping in bulk – AKA, using shoe bots. You can’t do that on your own, or else risk your IP being banned. Something you can avoid using proxies and a sneaker bot!

Also, for more help, check out this guide on how to resell sneakers online in the most efficient and profitable way possible!