10 Awesome Holiday Jordans to Flex, Gift, and Flip [2020 Edition]

By July 25, 2020December 15th, 2020Jordan

HOLIDAY JORDANS AIO FEATRun, Rudolph, run! The Holidays will be here before we know it and Thanksgiving calories won’t burn themselves. We’re here to give thanks to Air Jordans for lighting up the most wonderful time of the year. We doubt that any of the pairs below will sell as cheap Jordans. But in case the market/aftermarket dynamic wasn’t in the favor of some, we’ve listed them into the 3 following categories. Based on our knowledge and hype detectors. But if you’re going Mike Tyson on that Holiday budget this year, you can always polish up Jordans you already have. Or put a fancy bow on a pair after dipping into your sneaker storage. The possibilities are endless. But one thing’s for sure. We know what won’t be seeing the Holiday light this year and it’s the Air Jordan 2. If you’re a middle child too, we apologize for the story of your life.

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Holiday Jordans 2019

We couldn’t wait for Holiday Jordan releases last year and chose to pack early in summer. Nothing wrong with early wrapped gifts after all, is there? What matters is planting them under the living room tree on time. Out of the 5 most expensive 2019 Jordans, 4 models are being recreated this year. One of them being the upcoming Jordan 1 Dark Mocha for taking after last year’s Travis Scott Jordan 1 Retro High. And the anticipated Jordan 1 SP Top 3 that nods to features of the Jordan 1 Satin Black Toe. The Holidays are essentially about recreating old memories and embracing new ones. And it looks like the Jordan brand is in on this mission. 

Gift-Worthy Air Jordans 2020

Jordan 12 Reverse Flu Game

Release Date: December 2020
Style Code: CT8013-602
The Jordan 12 model is currently big on gold and indigo colorways. But out of respect for Holiday merriment, it’s seeing red just in time for Christmas! The latest retro of the Jordan 12 Flu Game dropped in 2016 with an average resale value of $334. This is so your secret santa doesn’t call you cheap for picking a not-so-hype Jordan.

Air Jordan 6 WMNS Black

Release Date: Holiday 2020

Style Code: DB9818-001
Didn’t pick up your game on Valentine’s? No need for nervous sweats. Girlfriends and sisters, this drop is for you too. An all-black take on the Jordan 6 with robocop features is a must-gift. If you don’t want to think of it as a less shiny version of the Jordan 6 DMP, sell it as the spray-painted model of the Travis Scott Jordan 6. Buy her a leather jacket or a brand new Jaguar to go with it and you’re set till New Year’s. 

Air Jordan 13 Hyper Royal

Release Date: 19 December 2020
Retail Price: $190
Style Code: 414571-040
“Because you are royal to me.” “For the one who sits on my heart’s throne.” Think of something. The Jordan 13 Flint was the last of its kind to catch our attention. With a current resale value of $264 for a soft flip. So if it’s not exactly the type of Jordan you’d want to flex, wrapping it up doesn’t make you low-cost. Besides, it takes after the Jordan 1 Royal Blue. Which is hands down one of the dopest Jordan 1 releases of the year. 

Flex-Worthy Air Jordans 2020

Jordan 1 Dark Mocha

Release Date: 21 November 2020
Style Code: 555088-105
Now, this is a safe space to pamper yourself without receiving stink eyes. This Jordan looks undeniably similar to the Travis Scott Jordan 1 reselling for $1,358 on average. The basic difference between the two is that instead of mocha overlays on the sneaker’s front, black leather takes over the front scene. So, don’t cry over an uncopped Travis because this is the next best thing!

Air Jordan 1 Retro High Yellow Toe

Release Date: Holiday 2020
Retail Price: $160
Style Code: AR1020-700
Not that big of a Yeezy fan or Semi Frozen Yellow didn’t fill you in? Be your own sunshine with this Yellow Toe Jordan. Hi Res Yellow and Core Black dominate the colorway for an extra crisp. Jordan fans live for color-filled toes, so this one might be worth flexing more than the Jordan 1 Retro High Yellow Ochre

Air Jordan 11 Metallic Silver

Release Date: Holiday 2020
Retail Price: $220
Style Code: CT8012-011
Surprised to find this Jordan here instead of the next section? If you recall the Jordan 11 Bred drop of December 2019, you’re halfway there. A Holiday-inspired take on the Jordan 11 High took place last year too and it got us drooling. It was on every hype list, but where is it now? At $294 on resale. Which is not bad but no match for the sneakers in the next category. So enjoy flexing that Metallic exterior panther-style instead! And if its afterdrop value is worth the flip, follow your gut. Just like the Jordan 11 Concord couple of the year did.

Air Jordan 3 Court Purple

Release Date: 14 November 2020
Retail Price: $190
Style Code: CT8532-050
Purple Jordans are always in. And the Jordan 1 Court Purple gave the colorway one hell of a boost this year. So, what better way to make it to Christmas morning than with a pop of diversity? Court Purple hits up on class and the iconic Jordan 3 elephant icon pulls out the wild card. 

Flip-Worthy Air Jordans 2020

Jordan 1 Metallic Gold

Release Date: Holiday 2020
Style Code: 555088-032
The full patent leather look is back for the first time since 2013. When the Jordan 1 Retro Black Metallic Gold dropped. Do you know that it is reselling for $1,654 on average? Well this year’s retro is covering up the white midsole from 7 years ago with an extra black gloss. Which is bound to cost future buyers some extra bucks. 

Air Jordan 1 Retro High J Balvin

Release Date: Holiday 2020
Style Code: DC3481-900
J Balvin is a Colombian reggaeton artist with emoji fashion interests. It’s all rainbows, heart eyes, and smiling suns with this guy. And this year, he’s introducing a rainbow fusion to the Jordan 1 silhouette. Like a more positive, rainbow version of the Jordan 1 Tie Dye. With smiley face charms and patches, this Jordan also adds physical sunshine rays to the toe and Swoosh areas. For a quirky, kaleidoscopic feel. 

Air Jordan 1 High SP “Top 3 2.0”

 TOP 3
Release Date: Holiday 2020
Style Code: DA2728-100
We’re all about saving the best for last. This Jordan 1 High takes after the Jordan 5 Top 3 design concept and applies it to its own! The latest Retro of the OG Bred, Chicago, and Royal Blue vibes dropped in 2016. With a current resale value of $540. Only this sharp modern take goes Jordan 1 Satin Toe to a blues concert. With a Royal Blue ankle flap adding both pop and contrast to the overall sneaker. This legacy will not resell for pennies. 

Conquer THEN Divide Holiday Jordans!

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