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The Ultimate Holiday Season [2019] Sneaker Shopping Guide

By November 11, 2019June 23rd, 2023Fashion, Sneakers

The holiday season is just around the corner, and you’re probably already panicking about what you need to buy and how much money you’re about to spend. And with the sneaker industry expanding and sneaking fast into our lives, the odds are you definitely must have a sneakerhead or even two in the fam. And boy can they be hard to please. Great. But have no fears friends, we got you!
So, to make sneaker shopping (and your life) a bit easier here’s our guide on the perfect kicks to buy this holiday season. And it has something for everyone!
Whether you’re on a budget or you’re in the spending mood, we got everything you might need this holiday season, and more all in one place.

Sneaker Shopping Guide [Holidays 2019]

The Affordable Sneaker Shopping ListHoliday Sneaker shopping list

First things first! By the time you’re reading this, you’ve just gotten out of Thanksgiving dinner and done a lot of spending on Black Friday. And let’s be honest, you probably spent almost everything you got. So yeah! Budget matters. And sneakers aren’t the cheapest gift you can buy.
But when you do wanna show sneakerheads love, you gotta say it with soles. There’s just no other way, sorry. But we’re not saying that you have to sell your kidney to afford some cool sneakers worth giving someone as a gift! We got some kicks that are pretty awesome and have a decent price tag that won’t break the bank! 


Let’s start with our favorite totally affordable kicks that are still pretty awesome at the same time! A real crowd favorite. Like the Reebok Question Mid Double Cross!
It was released on October 23rd, 2019! So, bonus for it being a new release too. But wait, it gets better!
The retail price set for this sneaker is 150$. Not bad. And if you got the money you could cop it at that price! Or you can cop it for less off of reselling platforms like StockX!

Or, if you still wanna go for a lower price range, but still want Reebok, you could also get the Reebok Nano 9 for 130$. It’s got a cool look to it and it’s perfect for the “Gotta work out more” New Year’s resolution! Bottom line is that this sneaker is a must on your sneaker shopping list for this Holiday season.


Okay now, this one… This one is really really good! It’s different, it’s out there, and it’s got a pretty nice price tag too! Seriously though, what more could you ask for in a sneaker?
The LQDCELL Optic Sheer Men’s Training Shoes by Puma retails for 110$. It has four different colorways that you could choose from and it also happens to be crazy comfy!
The awesome thing about this sneaker is that there’s no way it could ever be considered anything other than downright awesome! Just look at the colors on that baby! It’s perfect for that kinda eccentric brother or cousin who just likes to be different!

You could also get the CELL Phase Men’s Training Shoes if you want a steeper price! You won’t be disappointed at all, and you could even choose from a set of different colorways as well. It’s also on sale!


If you still have some kind of doubts, you could always fall back to Adidas! Fail-proof way to go. And an Adidas that can never ever let you down, it a good old Ultraboost.
And lucky for us, UltraBoosts come in an array of different colors to choose from, and they’re not even that expensive! It’s a win-win situation.
You could even get the Game of Thrones UltraBoosts if that person’s a fan of the show! He’d be running all the way to Westeros in those sneakers! Or you could get the Undefeated Stars and Stripes UltraBoost if you’re feeling patriotic too. Although UltraBoosts usually retail for 180$ (a bit over our budget in this section), you could always cop it for less on StockX! 

It’s okay though if you can’t afford an UltraBoost, you can still get Adidas! The Yung-1s or the Yung-96 are pretty sick. You could get a classic all-black sneaker for everyday use for just a 56$ on Adidas. Or the Adidas Yung-1 in White with a hint of dark blue and green for a little something-something.


Checks over stripes kinda person? We got you. The cool thing about Nike is that you don’t have to worry that much about the money. They got sneakers for everybody! So if you’re looking into sticking to an affordable sneaker shopping list, Nike has to be on that list!
And even if it doesn’t cost a sh!t-load doesn’t mean it won’t look savage as hell!
Like the Air Force 1 Low Day of the Dead sneakers! These awesome kicks retail for 130$ but like, you could cop them for less. Wink wink.

The possibilities are endless with Nike! There’s the Kyrie 5 Friends for the one that loves TV-inspired sneakers. And then there’s the Air Max 97 in Floral White for them girl sneakerheads

The Stunningly Stylish Sneakerhead!Dior B23 High Top

Looking to impress & turn heads? Well then, you’re in the right place! Everything about this category is just on fire! The silhouettes, the colorways, the details, oh, and the prices! Like Woah!
So if you’re on a low sneaker shopping budget, then you might wanna just skip through to the next category. Thank you, next! Your wallet can thank us later.
Sneakerheads have been mentally harmed in the making of this list. Price tags here can hurt real bad! So, go ahead and take a look if the number in your bank account allows it.


Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind, and therefore is winged Cupid painted blind.” – basically every hopeless romantic person out there. And what better way to express love than designer sneakers! And Versace’s Savage Barocco Chain Reaction 2 sneakers has LOVE written all over it! Literally. The word love is written in braille on the kicks to express how love is blind. Now, how romantic is that? It’s price tag though, not so romantic! You can get these printed sneakers for a little over a thousand dollars

But hey, you can’t set a price on love, right?


It’s almost Christmas! And you’re in a real jolly festive mood! So what better way to celebrate than with some cool Christmas-ey-looking sneakers right? Yeah like some Balenciaga Speed Trainers in Red? They have a minimalist feel, they’re clean-cut and downright slick. They also scored 98 on Runrepeat! That’s insane.
Way to flex some kicks in the holiday season. It’s the time of giving… giving some cool Balenciaga sneakers! 

Or you could always go for the timeless classic black Speed Sock Slip-On Balenciaga too! Either way, the lucky sneakerhead will be lookin’ fly in this 700$ pair! Because we all “like those Balenciagas, the ones that look like socks!”


It’s bold, smooth, and slick. It’s Gucci! And It’s fancy and expensive AF but it’s so worth the flex! It’s the kind of sneakers that makes people do a double-take, and in reality, it’s a basic white shoe! But, it’s a Gucci basic white shoe. It feels like this fancy Gucci Christmas stocking! But, maybe you shouldn’t be leaving your expensive Gucci sneakers near the fireplace. Just sayin’!

So, for a real holiday season vibe Gucci sneakers, you should go with the Gucci New Ace Low Top Sneakers that retail for 670$. It has the snake skin on the heel with the golden spikes for that sweet but savage Christmas look! Totally giving us the Grinch kinda vibe! 

Women’s Only Sneaker Shopping List

Air Jordan 1 High Zip AWOK

While you could always buy men’s sneakers in smaller sizes, female sneakerheads would appreciate it much more if they get their own sneakers. Like women exclusive sneakers. And the more aware of anatomical differences they get, the more sneaker brands release women-only shoes. So you have no excuse to go sneaker shopping from the men’s section anymore. And here are our top picks for the season.


If you saw the “Dream Crazy” campaign, then you know that Nike is all about empowering women now! They even took a step forward and declared that 2019 is the year for women! So, it’s only natural that they dedicate many releases for women. And so they did. The Air Jordan 1 “Fearless” dropped in a women-only iteration that was on fire! It is a metallic rose color, it sparkles and shines… It’s basically every woman out there! 

It retailed for 160$, so it’s a pretty decent sum to pay for some pretty AWESOME kicks for them girl sneakerheads out there! So, if can she break barriers, then she deserves some women exclusive sneakers. Female sneakerheads know as much about the sneaker game and sneaker industry as any other sneakerhead would! And so, you’ll get some real serious sneaker points by copping Bae a pair of AJ1s! Way to show her inner hypebeast some love!


“Stop and smell the roses.” That’s exactly what this FILA Women’s Disruptor 2 in Rose makes you feel! It’s feminine, it’s delicate and it could serve a hard kick if needed. It’s an awesome way to embody women, beautiful and fierce. Delicate and strong! It’s the perfect combo, ergo the perfect gift! So if you got a female sneakerhead in the fam, she’ll definitely go crazy for this sneaker. Go ahead and add that to your sneaker shopping list. You’re welcome.

It retails for 80$ on so go ahead and cop a pair, and maybe get one for yourself too if you like! It’s just THAT good!

Adidas x Stella McCartney:

Looking for a sneaker designed by a woman for a woman? Look no more! Stella McCartney partnered with Adidas to create the most stunning sneakers exclusively for women! So if you want Bae to feel golden this holiday season, you gotta get these UltraBoost Sneakers by Adidas x Stella McCartney in Gold! It retails for 219$ on Stella McCartney’s website, and while you’re there you might as well get her a few of Stella’s clothing line to go with. To finish the look.

You can’t get your girl some awesome running sneakers without some matching tights! Yeah, we thought so.

Timeless Classics for Them OGsAdidas Stan Smith

When confused always resort to classics. You can never go wrong with timeless sneakers that built this industry and keep pushing it forward. They made sneakers everything they are today! Sneaker shopping for classics is also your only option when your dear sneakerhead is an OG, one who saw this community rising from the ground brick by brick. Most of these classics are affordable, however the colorway, shoe size, and where you buy them from play a big role in how the total sum turns out.

Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2:

If you’re looking to seriously impress, like for real, you HAVE to get an Adidas Yeezy. And not just any pair, no. You have to get an Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2. Why? Well, because you’re giving this to an OG sneakerhead. You can’t make mistakes unless you want to end up on their blacklist. 

But here’s the thing. Adidas Yeezy Boost 350s come in different colorways, and (if you’re on a spending streak) some of them are reflective or even glow which sounds great, right? Wrong. That’s because this also means that everyone else wants them! Everyone wants to have them on their sneaker shopping list, especially in the holiday season! You’re not the only one trying to please a sneakerhead. So, you could try or you could try your luck at StockX to buy it for less money!

You also might want to read this guide so you could buy Yeezys for retail!

Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star:

Converse are the literal OG sneakers, the ones that never go out of style, and are the go-to sneakers!  If all else fails, you always have the Converse Chuck Taylors. Their bestseller is the Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star Leather High Top in White. It looks clean, and it’s an OG. Perfect combo! Chuck Taylors are the easy solution if you left your holiday shopping for the last minute and you gotta get everything done! You have a huge variety to choose from, and the prices are not so bad! So, your sneakerhead won’t be disappointed if you got them this for Christmas because who doesn’t like a good OG Chuck Taylor! They’re classic sneakers, there is no wrong time for them! You could even wear them with a suit!

Air Jordan 1:

It’s a sneakerhead’s dream to get an OG sneaker for Christmas. But it’s a nightmare if you accidentally get them a pair they hate! So better be safe than sorry, right? For cases like this, you should always go for a Jordan. And to be more exact, an Air Jordan 1.

Air Jordans have a huge history in the sneaker industry and the one that started it all is a surefire way to a sneakerhead’s heart! Plus, you won’t be completely broke after this holiday season! Especially if you get the Air Jordan 1 Mid Obsidian which retails for 110$. BUT, if you play your sneaker cards right, you could get it for way less!

Good luck on your sneaker shopping quest and we hope you get a good cop!
Happy Holidays fam!