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How Do Bots Work: Taking a Closer Look at the Insides of Sneaker Botting

By June 29, 2021July 3rd, 2021Bot, Sneakers

How Bots Work - AIO BotYou know what keeps the sneaker industry and sneaker copping alive to this day? Sneaker bots. The ability to buy sneakers online is not like it used to be. Back in the day, the whole process of copping yourself with a pair of hyped sneakers didn’t take as much effort. But, in a world gone virtual, copping sneakers online AT RETAIL is not that easy – not without a bot. Which makes us kinda wonder how do bots work?

Sneaker botting is definitely not a new concept in this industry. In short, bots are your way to owning the most epic limited-run sneakers in the game, without added effort! But, it is the mechanism behind these magnificent creations that have us in complete awe.

What is it about these bots that have sneaker resellers and sneakerheads all over the world crazed? Why are anti-bot security systems working day and night trying to fight them off? Let’s put sneaker bots under the X-ray and find out how do bots work!

How Do Bots Work

Part I: Understanding Sneaker Bots

reCAPTCHA Automated Software - AIO BotThere are pros and cons to buying and running a sneaker bot. But, then again, there are pros and cons to virtually any purchase you make. In the case of bots, the pros always ALWAYS outweigh the cons. When you think about how do bots work and what purpose they serve, you’ll always get one answer: make your life easier.

In brief, bots are automated software created for the purpose of autocompleting and automating buying and checkout processes. It also allows you to make multiple purchases of the same sneaker from the same website! They could vary from 10 to 100 lines of code! But, thankfully, you won’t have to worry about that unless you wanna make a bot on your own!

A bot is also the major contributor to anyone trying to make money online straight from home! Especially if you want to become a reseller or start your own sneaker collection, then you have no other choice.

Some anti-bot activists claim that bots offer an unfair advantage over human users trying to cop sneakers. But, how is it an unfair advantage if it is an option available to all! Sneaker botting is for everyone! And, you just gotta make the smart choice of understanding that. Copping manually is literally like a single Spartan going up against the invading Persians.

In other words, a sneaker death wish.

Part 2: Putting the Mechanism Under the X-Ray

What Is Yeezy Supply and How to Cop - Adidas Return - AIO_BotThe first part of understanding how bots work is understanding how online retailer websites work. When they set up their sites, most of the time retailers test it out using automated shopping bots. This is the virtual backdoor that sneaker bots sneak through undetected and cop whatever it is you want.  PLUS, they’re wicked fast.

The coolest thing about how do bots work is the crazy speed that they offer. Sneaker bots operate at, well, BOT speed! A speed faster than human speed, and you’ll be at the check out before non-botters get to the waiting room! 

Another important factor is MULTIPLE sneakers! Copping in bulk is the main concern of any botter these days. It isn’t just about copping one limited-run sneaker. It’s about copping many, flipping some, and flexing some! With the use of certain proxies, you can have multiple IP addresses, don multiple personas, and never EVER get caught! That’s the beauty of it all.

You’ve got a variety of proxy providers to choose from that may also have the option of offering servers. You can buy a server to further increase your copping speed. With servers, you don’t have to worry about internet speed and you can choose a location closer to the retailers!

The bot does the rest! It auto-fills your billing information, solves CAPTCHAs for you, and gets the sneaker right to your doorstep! That’s how do bots work!

Finally, Part 3: Finding the Bot for YOU!

Best_Bots for Sneakers - AIO_BotThe best way to know how do bots work is behind the screen and figuring it out yourself! Find a sneaker bot for sale and see how it works first-hand. Don’t just take it from us! The best things in life are those you get to experience yourself.

And just think, you’ll come out of this experience with an epic Jordan or even a wild Yeezy! It doesn’t require effort, nor does it require too much money. Despite what the media has you believing, botting should not be too expensive

But, if you wanna start out on the right foot, then start with the right bot! A bot that’s not only affordable but SUPER efficient. It works fast, gets the job done, and also has the HUGE experience to back it up. The bot that’s been in the game longest. We’re talking about AIO Bot! If you check botbroker, you might as well find listings to sell your kidney! But, with just $325, you can have AIO Bot and your MONEY BACK in no time! Just check it out!