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How do Adidas Shoes Fit? The Three Stripes Sneaker Size Guide

By February 12, 2022Adidas, Sneaker Tutorial

How do Adidas Shoes Fit - AIO BotWe promised you inclusive size guides, and we’re giving you inclusive size guides. This means we can NOT forget about the most iconic Three Stripes models! So, this time we’re asking, how do Adidas shoes fit?

Adidas has come out with some of the most iconic, timeless sneakers in the world. Some of which have forever changed the game – including the epic sneaker technology! Sneakers like the Ultra Boost or the Stan Smiths are staples in anyone’s closet. Therefore, knowing the right size for you is absolutely essential! 

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How do Adidas Shoes Fit - Infographic - AIO Bot


Adidas Ultra Boost – Half a Size Up

How do Adidas Shoes Fit - Ultra Boost - AIO Bot

So, how do Adidas shoes fit when you’re thinking of buying an Ultra Boost? Well, when you think about Ultra Boost, more often than not, you’ll think about Yeezy 350s! And, you’re not really wrong. They do have the same build and pretty much the same material – Primeknits and Boosts alike. So, in theory, they should have the same fit. Technically, the Ultra Boost fits true to size. However, they do sometimes run a bit tight at the toe box. 

How do Adidas shoes fit for Ultra Boosts? We suggest you go half a size up for the ultimate comforting fit!

Adidas Stan Smith – True to Size

Adidas_ Stan Smith - AIO BotNext, another classic – the Adidas Stan Smith! So, how do Adidas shoes fit when they’re a Stan Smith model? Well, considering this is an all-time leather sneaker, you shouldn’t expect too much give. But, going a bigger size will risk a creasing toe box. Of course, you can learn how to remove creases, but why risk it if it fits!

Therefore, to answer the question – how do Adidas shoes fit for Stan Smith? True to size!

Adidas Forum – True to Size

How do Adidas Shoes Fit - Forums - AIO BotForums are one of the trending sneakers of 2022, so you definitely have to figure out how Adidas shoes fit for Forums! The Forums usually come in a strap-on or non-strip, but that doesn’t affect the sizing all that much. It is a classic basketball-style sneaker so there is no room for playing around.

So, how do Adidas shoes fit for Forums? We suggest you go true to size!

Adidas Ozweego Raf Simons – Half a Size Up

Adidas_Ozweego - AIO BotNext, we’ve got yet another classic, the Adidas Ozweego Raf Simons. These 90s sneakers come with adiPRENE cushioning technology. But, as for the fit, sneakerheads describe it as ‘fitting like a glove’. Although that sounds really awesome, Ozweegos do feel a bit chunky too, so you have to keep that in mind. Generally speaking, they run a bit small especially around the toe box where they become more narrow!

How do Adidas shoes fit for the Ozweego? We suggest you go half a size up!

Adidas Superstar – True to Size

How do Adidas Shoes Fit - Superstar - AIO BotFinally, we’ve got the Adidas Superstars – one of the most iconic sneakers in the world! So, here’s the thing about the Superstar sneakers: they also fit like a glove! Everyone has to have at least one pair of Superstars in their closet. Therefore, we can all agree that they do fit a bit snug at first. But, the good news is, they break in pretty fast and easy!

You can’t forget that these were initially called the ‘Supergrip’. Stick to your size, unless you mind breaking them in. Then, you might wanna go half a size up.

So, how do Adidas shoes fit when they’re Superstars? True to size!

On a final note, whatever Adidas sneaker you want to cop, always make sure to check this guide before copping. But, at the end of the day, it all comes down to how you feel about your feet. So, make sure you check out our guide on measuring your feet (linked above) to know your feet type. If you have wider feet and the shoe looks narrow, just go half a size up!