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Size Guide: How do Air Force 1 Fit? Finding Your Lucky Number

By January 19, 2022February 12th, 2022Nike, Sneaker Tutorial

How do Air Force 1 Fit - AIO BotSome might argue that the perfect sneaker doesn’t exist. But, the Nike Air Force 1s come pretty damn close! It is a timeless classic that never seems to falter in terms of hype! It also has a long line of history to back it up! An awesome past with an even brighter future with the upcoming AF1 x Off–White x LV trio dropping! And so, figuring out the Nike Air Force 1 fit is absolutely crucial. 

An improper sneaker fit could lead to whole lotta issues. Other than a bunch of aching toes and sore feet, you could have a bigger issue. If you get the wrong sized Air Force you could end up… creasing your kicks! CREASES! And, sure, there are many methods to try and remove creases – some of which you can check out here. But, that just takes the fun out of the whole experience. 

So, here’s our very straightforward and easy guide answering: how do Air Force 1 fit? 

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Sneaker Boxes _Nike - AIO BotHOW DO AIR FORCE 1 FIT?
Air Force 1 Fit True to Size BUT…

Okay so, how do Air Force 1 fit? Well, generally speaking, the Nike Air Force 1 technically fits true to size. However, there are certain factors that you have to take into account when choosing a fit. So, here’s what you need to know.

1. The collar height – low, mid, or high – play a role in the overall fit due to different constructions
2. Nike chose to make the toe box on the AF1 a lot roomier for more comfort. But, this makes the AF1 fit bigger than other Nike models
3. You should always listen to your feet. The width of your feet does play a role in the entire fit


Air Force 1 Fit - LOW - AIO BotSo, beginning with the most popular one, the LOW AF1 fit! If you own a pair of AF1s, odds are they’re the classic low-tops. They are arguably one of the most timeless kicks of all time! These kicks come with a roomier toe box. This means lots of possible uncomfortable toe rubbing and creasing. Especially if your feet are more on the narrow side! The verdict?

The Air Force 1 fit for a Low is TRUE TO SIZE or HALF SIZE DOWN.


Air_Force Fit - MID HIGH - AIO BotOn the other hand, how do the Air Force 1 fit when they’re a MID or HIGH top? Does it actually make a difference? After all, it’s just a difference in the ankle-collar length, right? Well, yes and no. You see, the fit changes with collar length because the MIDs and HIGHs fit tighter. Why? Well, no one knows! Maybe they had to compromise the roomier toe box for a higher collar. This is very uncomfortable, especially if you have wider feet.

So how do Air Force 1 fit for a MID or HIGH top? Half a size up!

Finally, you should know that, regardless of the fit you go for, it always comes down to YOUR FEET. Take a good look at them. Do you have wider feet? Narrower feet? You gotta know that before you do anything else! All that’s left is to do some sneaker shopping! So, click on the button below to check out 2022’s complete Jordan lineup!