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How Do Air Max Fit? Finding the Perfect Nike Fit For YOU! 

By December 10, 2021February 12th, 2022Nike, Sneaker News

How do Air Max Fit - Size Guide - AIO BotHow do Air Max fit? This is a question that you should get answered before the start of the year 2022. Why? Well, here’s our theory. You know how Nike Dunks completely took over the year 2020? Every time we thought it was going to be their final frontier, they came back stronger than ever! However, next year, we believe that this will be the era of the Nike AM sneakers. You can read all about our AM conspiracy theory here. But for now, you can take our word for it!

The AM  is one of the Swoosh’s most iconic silhouettes to date and an integral part of anyone’s collection. It was one of the first sneakers that Nike made for the sole purpose of style AND functionality. Sneaker designer Tinker Hatfield made a ground-breaking decision of making the Air technology visible in the soles. This ultimately made them one of the most unforgettable, innovative sneakers ever!

This is why is it absolutely necessary to answer this question! We’re here to give you all the answers related to their sizing! Do Air Max sneakers run big or small? Do they fit true to size? Keep reading to find out!

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How do Air Max Fit - INFOGRAPHIC - AIO BotAir Max 1 - How do Air Max Fit - AIO BotHOW DO AIR MAX 1 FIT?
Nike Air Max 1 Fits True To Size

First, we’re gonna start with how do Air Max 1 FIT? Usually, the Swoosh does stay true to size when it comes to their sneakers. But, the molding, shape, and even material all play a part in the fit. Luckily for you though, the Nike AM1 sneakers all fit true to size in all their variations! If you compare it to other Nike models like the Air Force 1, you can go half a size up.

Air_Max 90 - TTS - AIO BotHOW DO AIR MAX 90 FIT?
Nike Air Max 90 Fits TTS

Next, we’ve got another one of the most popular AM models – the 90s! So, how do Air Max 90 fit? The Nike Air Max 90 fit true to size but, if you’ve got wide feet you might wanna size up half a size. The 90s are slightly a bit more narrow on the sides. They fit exactly as the AM1 does, so you can go on that if you like! 

Air_Max 95 - How do Air Max Fit - AIO BotHOW DO AIR MAX 95 FIT?
Nike Air Max 95 Fits TTS

When Nike designed the AM95, its entire composition looked like it hugged your feet. So, it does generally look like it falls on the tighter sneaker spectrum. So, what’s the verdict on the Air Max 95 size? Well, believe it or not, they actually run true to size! As usual, if you do feel like you’ve got wider feet then you may wanna go half a size up. They generally have a slightly more narrow midfoot! So, this is just to make it a bit more comfortable, but they do stretch out eventually.

How do Air Max Fit - Air Max 97 - AIO BotHOW DO AIR MAX 97 FIT?
Nike Air Max 97 Fits TTS

Next up on the list, we’ve got the legendary AM97! So, how do Air Max 97 fit? This model of AM has a design that fits your feet in the most perfect way ever. It has the full-length visible Air cushioning unit and a design inspired by the movement of water. Therefore, it’s a very fluid sneaker! As for the fit, they fit true to size too!

Air_Max 98 - TTS - AIO BotHOW DO AIR MAX 98 FIT?
Nike Air Max 98 Fits TTS

Continuing on with the consistency, we’re moving on to the 98s! The AM98 gives you a complete chunky retro vibe and has featured with epic collabs like the Supreme Air Max. But, what about the fit? Well, in true Nike fashion, the 98s fit true to size as well! Don’t even question it. 

Nike_Air Max 270 - HSU - AIO BotHOW DO AIR MAX 270 FIT
Nike Air Max 270 Fits HALF SIZE UP

The Air Max 270 is another one of the most popular AM line sneakers that everyone LOVES. It started regaining traction after collaborating with Travis Scott on the Cactus Trails release. But, rumor has it that THAT collaboration might soon come to an end – especially with Air Trainer release being postponed. So, what’s the Air Max 270 perfect size? When it comes to the size of 270s, we suggest you go half a size up. If your feet are small and more narrow, you can also go true to size. But, this way you’ll have more space in the toe box!

Nike_Air Max 720 - HSU - AIO BotHOW DO AIR MAX 720 FIT?
Nike Air Max 720 Fits HALF SIZE UP

The Nike Air Max 720 might just be the tallest, chunkiest, and thickest Nike AM of them all! It has a 360 visibility of the Air cushioning unit in both horizontal and vertical direction. All of the added cushioning does play a part in the fit – especially around the toe box. So, how do Air Max 720 fit? Well, since it also has padded collars so if you go half a size up. You will definitely feel more comfortable!


Another favorite amongst dad shoes! The Nike Air Max Plus, Tuned 1, or TNs are a staple amongst the ranks of the Swoosh sneakers! It’s one of those Nike kicks with more of an attitude and an edge to it! It also has a prominent arch and plastic skeletal fingers on the sides. Their uppers are very rigid so they don’t have much give. Although a lot of people would suggest you go for a TTS sizing on the Nike AM PLUS. We suggested you go half a size up for more room and a more comfortable fit. 

VaporMax - How do Air Max Fit - AIO BotHOW DO VAPORMAX FIT?
Nike VaporMax Fits HALF SIZE UP

The Nike VaporMax is one of Nike’s newest sneakers – released back in 2017! It also featured in one of Virgil Abloh’s most iconic sneaker collaborations in history – THE TEN. It has bubble cushioning and is very lightweight. But, the placement of the bubble cushioning can be a little tricky when it comes to the fit. So, how do VaporMax fit? Well, you can always go true to size and work on breaking them in for a while. But, for a more guaranteed comfortable fit, go half a size up.

And so, that’s all there is to know on the Air Max size! The final takeaway would have to be to listen to your feet. Sometimes you can tell by the look of the sneaker! Most of the time, chunky sneakers will feel a bit more snug. Or if the material does not generally loosen up, you’ll definitely need to go up half a size. Either way, whenever you’re copping some Nike AM heat, make sure you keep this guide on hand!