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How Do Kobes Fit? The Ideal Fit of the Best Silhouettes!

By March 23, 2024Nike, Sneaker Tutorial

AIO Bot - How Do Kobes FitHow do Kobes fit? Unlike Nike’s mantra, sometimes available sneaker size charts just don’t do it for us. And though there are ways to stretch your shoes a bit or vice versa, it still wouldn’t feel the same. Because once you experience what a perfect fit feels like, there would be no room for compromising then! And so, we’ve compiled a size guide of the best Nike Kobe silhouettes to drop!

Again, copping sneakers online takes skill… and a great sneaker bot by your side. So, no one would want to dedicate their time to learning all the strategies on increasing copping power just to cop the wrong size! Though you can still resell it for profit, the disappointment of not including a hype sneaker you’ve been waiting on for so long in your rotation would still be there. So, make sure to dodge such disappointments by referring to this Kobe sneakers size guide. 

How Do Kobes Fit?

How do Kobes fit? Generally speaking, just like all basketball sneakers, Kobes come with a snug, controlled feel to them. So, give it some time to break them in before you give them up, or curse every size guide you’ve come across. However, if you’ve got wide feet, consider going half a size up with each sneaker listed. 

How Do Kobe 4 Fit?

How Do kobe 4 Protro Fit - AIO Bot Starting with our favorite Nike Kobe, how do Kobe 4 fit? Well, cutting to the chase, they fit True To Size, according to many. Now, this is a piece of information you should keep in mind becuase you’ve got a Golden Nike Kobe 4 Protro lined up to drop later this year! And let’s just say it’s a drop you’ll want to catch in as many sizes as you can (AKA copping in bulk!) since it’s worth tons on the resale market today! 

How Do Kobe 5 Fit?

How Do kobes Fit - AIO Bot Moving on to the 5s, how do these Kobes fit? Just like the 4s, these fit TTS. Note that down, since a Nike Kobe 5 X-Ray is rumored to drop on Halloween 2024. And it’s looking more than promising! 

How Do Kobe 6 Fit? 

Seaker Size Guide - AIO Bot Next on how do Kobes fit guide, we have another popular silhouette, the Nike Kobe 6. According to many, you should go half a size up with this one. But if you’ve got wide feet, adding another half and going a whole size up would be your best option. And being one of the most popular sneakers, we for sure got a new Kobe 6 dropping this April! 

How Do Kobes Fit? 7th Edition

Sneaker Size Guide - AIO Bot How do Kobes fit? Well, as for the 7’s, they fit TTS. But, up till now, there doesn’t seem to be a new Kobe 7 drop. But if you’re in to get involved in buying at resale, you can head to sites like StockX and catch whichever colorway you’re looking for! 

On a final note, this isn’t the only guide we can help you with. We’ve compiled a list of all the important size guides you might need while copping coveted sneakers online!

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