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How do New Balance Shoes Fit? The Full NB Size Guide

By January 29, 2022October 18th, 2022Sneaker Tutorial

How do New Balance Shoes Fit - AIO BotNew Balance – one of the most underrated sneaker brands – is proving to be an UNDENIABLE force of the sneaker industry. And, we have to admit, their sneakers are timeless classics! BUT, they’ve recently been picking up some heat thanks to all the latest sneaker collaborations. They’ve worked with BAPE, with Salehe Bembury, JJJJound, and so much more! Even now in 2022, they’ve got Joe Freshgood teasing us with an all-new collab! So it’s only fitting that we answer one burning question: how do New Balance shoes fit?

Although there is no doubt that New Balance shoes are among the most comfortable kicks, the fit plays a HUGE role in the comfort and (most importantly) in the flex! So, it’s very important to know your perfect size. And, sometimes, online size charts just don’t cut it! That’s why we’re here to give you the answers straight from the industry buzz. So, let’s cut to the chase!

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How do New Balance Shoes Fit - Infographic - AIO Bot


So, the question is: how do New Balance shoes fit? Well, generally speaking, a lot of people would say TRUE TO SIZE. But, that isn’t true for all models. They all have different builds, paddings, and general designs. It wouldn’t make sense if they all fit the same! Therefore, the NB size chart is pretty much useless. 

But, they do generally cater to all the people in the industry. This means, if you have wide feet or narrow feet, you’ll find your New Balance fit! And, we’ll actually guide you through it here! Keep reading to find out more!

Also, does anyone feel like New Balance shoes always give you 90s sneaker vibes? Or is it just us?

How Do New Balance Shoes Fit 550 - AIO BotNew Balance 550 Fit TTS

First, we’re gonna start with the 550s! So, how do New Balance shoes fit if they’re a 550 model? Well, the 550s generally feature leather that ultimately gives and takes with your feet. And, they also give you that hugging feeling rather than a squishing feeling for your feet. 

So, we suggest you go TTS for New Balance 550.

NB 990 - How do New Balance Shoes Fit - AIO BotNew Balance 990 Fit Half Size Down

Next, we’ve got the 990s. How do New Balance shoes fit for a 990? This model of New Balance is pretty lightweight and they’re the PERFECT running sneakers! Especially for high responsiveness. But, their initial design was specifically for people with wide feet. So, they are roomier!

Therefore, we suggest you go Half a Size Down for New Balance 990.

NB 992 - TTS - AIO BotNew Balance 992 Fit TTS

Also, another one of the most popular New Balance models is the 992! So, how do New Balance shoes fit if they’re a 992 model? We did a lot of research on these. And, although a lot of people claim they can be tight around the toe box, the majority went for TTS. If you have long toes or wider feet, you can go half a size up.

But, our suggestion, go TTS for New Balance 992!

NB 998 - Half Size Down - AIO BotNew Balance 998 Fit Half Size Down

But, what about the 998s? Definitely one of our personal favorites! A lot of people keep asking, how do New Balance shoes fit for 998s? Well, we asked around and from experience, we’ve noticed the 998s are very flexible, size-wise. In other words, you can go half up or half down depending on the width of your feet.

But, for a general snug good fit, we suggest you go Half a Size Down for New Balance 998.

New Balance 2002R - How do New Balance Shoes Fit - AIO BotNew Balance 2002R Fit Half Size Up

And, we can’t forget about the 2002R. These kicks have inner walls full of padding INCLUDING the collar! So, naturally, that makes them a lot more snug which could get uncomfortable. Compromising the fit for comfort? So, how do New Balance shoes fit for the 2002R?

Definitely go Half a Size Up for New Balance 2002R!

New_Balance OMN1s - AIO BotNew Balance OMN1S Fit Half Size Down

Finally, we’ve got the New Balance OMN1S! Here’s the tea on the OMN1S, anyone who has ever gone TTS regretted their decision within seconds. They’re way too long… that’s what she said. Sorry, couldn’t go through an entire guide without a sizable joke! So, anyway, how do New Balance shoes fit for the OMN1s? If you’ve got really wide feet, TTS will be perfect.

Otherwise, you should go for Half a Size Down for New Balance OMN1S!