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How Do Nike Blazers Fit? The Nike Blazer Size Guide

By October 24, 2023Nike, Sneaker Tutorial

AIO Bot - How Do Nike Blazers Fit 2023How do Nike Blazers fit? No matter how much fashion trends change over time, the Nike Blazer will always be a staple in the sneaker industry. Unlike Jordan Mids, the Nike Blazer Mid 77 has always been hyped and it’s been at the forefront of sneaker trends all throughout 2023. 

But have you ever been in a situation where you’re JUST about to slip on them fresh Nike Blazers? You even break out a new pair of socks just for the occasion. But, just as you go to put your foot in, your heart drops. 

It doesn’t fit.

You pull an ugly step-sister move and push it all the way in. But, only to be met with BLINDING PAIN the moment you try to stand up! Your toes are not forgiving… Or, WORSE, the shoe is too big. So much so that when you try to take a few steps, all you can hear is your creasing toe box breathing its last breaths. And, you’ll never be able to show your face in sneakerhead circles again! Even if you try to remove them!

In short… size matters.

But, don’t even sweat it. We’ve got exactly what you need. We’re here to give you the straight answer to the question: how do Nike Blazers fit? And, make sure to check out the list below for our complete sneaker size guides – no matter what brand you like

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– And, Guide on How to Stretch Shoes

Beyond Flex: How Can Sneakers Be Your Next Big Investment?

You see, learning how do Nike Blazers fit, having an epic sneaker collection, and following all the latest trends make being a sneakerhead sound fun. But do you know if you take your sneaker game a step further, you’ll be able to both have fun and make tons of money at the same time? In fact, by investing in sneakers, you’ll be able to build the sneaker collection of your dreams in no time! One has gotta spend some money to make money, you know. 

But how do you do that? Well, it all starts with buying hype sneakers for retail. In order to later sell them on the resale market. Now, since you’re a fan of Nike Blazer shoes, why don’t we start with them as an example? In 2017, Nike dropped a Nike Blazer Mid in collaboration with Off White for $130. In 2023, this same sneaker is making resellers an average of $1,358 on sites like StockX. So, can you imagine what kind of money an investor in sneaker brands like Nike, Adidas, and Jordan Brand can make in a single year? 

Now, off to the real deal. To resell sneakers, you’ll have to buy them at retail first. And since limited edition sneakers run out of stock in record time, you’ll need superhuman speed to catch said sneakers. So… impossible? Not really. Because sneaker bots do exist! 

What Are Sneaker Bots? 

Sneaker bots are software programs that help automate tasks to help purchase limited-edition sneakers and apparel with inhumane speed! However, we feel like we should tell you, that it takes more than finding and running the best sneaker bot on the market to start copping sneakers. But it’s worth every second you spend learning about it all! 

So, after you browse the list of the best sneaker bots in 2023, make sure you click on the button below for a full CHEAT SHEET on how to catch sneakers for retail on release day!

How Do Nike Blazers Fit? 

Nike Blazers Fit HALF A SIZE UP 

How do Nike Blazers Fit - Nike Blazer Size Guide - AIO BotSo, before we get into how do Nike Blazers fit, there are a few things you should know! First, the Nike Blazers are generally not for someone who likes a more loose-fitting sneaker. It is not chunky nor bulky with a design made for a snug, hugging fit.

Second, the consensus for Nike Blazers is that they run very narrow. This means that their fit might be a little too snug for some people with slightly wider feet. This also makes the toe box feel very tight! Now a lot of people claim that the Blazers fit true to size. But, if your feet are slightly wider than average, you’re going to feel awkward and uncomfortable. If you’ve got the time, patience, and feet for it, you can try to break them in. 

And, finally, you have to take into consideration the structure of the shoe itself. Thinking about how do Nike Blazers fit is an entire experience! Getting your foot in and out of the shoe is a huge part of it. So, from our experience, we’ve found that going half a size up definitely makes it easier and more manageable. 

Verdict: Slightly wider than average feet, go half a size up. If you’ve got narrow feet, go TTS!

Fit Comparison 

To make things a little easier for you, we’re going to check how do Nike Blazers fit in comparison to Air Force 1s, Air Jordan 1s, and Converse!

Size_Guide GFX 2 - How Do Nike Blazers Fit - AIO BotHow do Nike Blazers fit compared to:

  • Air Force 1s: the Nike Blazer is half a size smaller than the Nike Air Force 1s. So, you need to go half a size up from your Air Force 1 size. Ex: if you wear a size 8 in AF1s, you need an 8.5 for Blazers!
  • Air Jordan 1s: Nike Blazers are smaller than the Air Jordan 1s. So, you may want to go half a size up for Blazers or TTS for narrow feet. Ex: if you wear a 9 in AJ1s, you need a 9 or 9.5 for the Blazer.
  • Converse: How do Converse fit compared to Nike Blazers? Converse sneakers run a little big! So, this makes the Nike Blazers a half-size smaller than Converse. Ex: if you wear an 8.5 for Converse shoes, you need either a 9 for Nike Blazers!