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How do Nike Cortez Fit? The Only Cortez Size Guide You Need!

By February 2, 2022October 18th, 2022Nike, Sneaker Tutorial

How do Nike Cortez Fit - AIO BotSo, if we’ve learned anything from the loveable simpleton Forrest Gump, it is to always run away from your problems! Run across the entire United States for three years in your brand new Nike Cortez! That’s literally the only way to do it. However, you can NOT run away from your problems with ill-fitting kicks. Therefore, this poses the question, how do Nike Cortez fit?

We’re here to dish it out to you like we always do. The only size guide you could ever need on the Nike Cortez and so much more. In fact, if you’re wondering how other sneakers fit, we’ve got you covered too! Here’s a full list of our sneaker guides: from Jordans to Yeezys, from Dunks to Air Max, and much more.

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How do Nike Cortez Fit - Half a Size Up - AIO BotHOW DO NIKE CORTEZ FIT?
Half a Size Up!

Why do we care how do Nike Cortez fit? Well, for starters, the Cortez is the very first Nike sneaker that dropped back in 1972. It was the Swoosh’s very first track running shoe. They released it the same year that Nike became NIKE – from Blue Ribbon Sports to Nike. 

But, the true power of the Cortez came after its debut in the movie Forrest Gump! Running across the United States for 3 years in the same shoes is definitely impressive! And, since the 50th anniversary of the Cortez is coming up, it’s only fitting that we talk SIZES! Especially if we’re going to be rocking them all through 2022!

SO, what’s the verdict? How do Nike Cortez fit?

First, let’s talk sneaker anatomy. The Nike Cortez are very comfortable sneakers that you could wear on a daily basis. Forrest wore them every day for 3 years to prove that. Especially since they come with an EVA midsole! But, the thing is, they’re pretty snug – especially around the toe box.

If you think about it, this definitely makes sense! Chunky sneakers weren’t THE rage around the time that Nike dropped the Cortez. So, it makes sense that they run small or have a more narrow fit. This works well if you have particularly narrow or thin feet. But, if your feet are regular or wider, then it will be very uncomfortable. Therefore, how do Nike Cortez fit?

The Cortez run pretty small! So, the Nike Cortez fit half a size up!

Cortez_Size - AIO Bot


Although you might not know this NOW, Nike has BIG plans for the Cortez. We’ve got an upcoming Sacai collaboration and even Union LA is having fun with the Cortez! So, you should probably consider upping your copping game and maybe even learn how to cop in bulk!

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