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How Long Are Shoelaces? Measuring for Jordans, NB, & More!

By June 28, 2024Sneaker Tutorial, Sneakers

AIO Bot - How Long Are ShoelacesHow long are shoelaces?

Dog destroyed your shoelaces? Or are they just too dirty and way beyond cleaning? Well, this could be a sign to replace them with new ones. As you may know, flex is everything in the sneaker culture, and small elements like shoelaces play a significant role in defining your style. 

So, worn-out laces can devalue the look of your sneakers, which you probably invested tons of time and money to get your hands on.  And so, we’re here to offer you a full shoelace guide and a thorough examination of shoelaces suitable for some of the most popular sneakers

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How Long Are Shoelaces?

How Long Are Shoelaces - AIO Bot If you’re looking to replace your shoelaces, the ideal method would be to measure your old shoelaces tip-to-tip before ordering new ones closest to that length. However, if you’ve already thrown them away, or you’re simply not feeling like going through the hassle of unlacing the current laces, we’ve got you covered. You can refer to the table below for a rough guide on how long are shoelaces to pick the suitable length of laces you need. 

Standard Shoelace Sizes

Number of Pairs of Eyelets  Standard Shoelace Length (cm)
4 69
5 91
6 102
7 114
8 137
9 160
10 183

How Long Are Jordan Laces?

So, considering they’re one of the most popular and hyped sneakers in the world, why don’t we start off with learning how long are Jordan laces? 

Depending on the model and number of eyelets, Air Jordan laces usually range from 114 – 183 cm in length. More specifically, you can go shoelaces from 114 to 140 for low-top Jordans, between 140 and 160 for mid-top Jordans, and all the way up to 182 cm for high-top Js. 

It’s also worth noting that the stock lace length of the most popular Air Jordan is 182 cm. But, if you wanna buy yourself new shoelaces for your Air Jordan 1 High, we recommend you go for a 160 cm lace length. This way, you can lace your Jordan 1s to the top without worrying about leftover lace to hang or tuck. 

How Long Are Nike Sneakers Shoelace Length? 

According to Nike, the best laces for Nike shoes range from 114cm to 183cm. Yes, just like Air Jordans, which comes as no surprise. It’s also worth noting that, these are recommended lace lengths by Nike. It all depends on the number of eyelets of your kicks. 

As for Nike’s classic silhouette, the ideal length of your Air Force 1  laces should be between 140-150 cm. But, if you have large feet or prefer a more complex lace style, it’s better that you go with longer shoelaces. For example, you may opt for laces between 150cm and 160cm. 

How Long Are Adidas Laces?

How long are shoelaces for Adidas sneakers? Adidas typically offers laces that range from around 90 cm for low-top sneakers to approximately 140 cm for high-tops. Now, being one of Adidas’ current most popular silhouettes, it’s only right you learn how long Adidas Samba laces. 

So, the Samba comes with 7 pairs of eyelets. Now, though the 114 cm works well with these kicks, it’s highly recommended you go with shoelaces that are 120cm long if you prefer a small-sized, yet perfectly-tied bow knot. 

It’s also worth noting that the stock lace length of the Samba is 130cm. So, you can go with this length if you don’t wanna go out of your comfort zone. 

How Long Are New Balance Shoe Laces? 

Time to give the sneaker brand that might take over the market sooner than expected some attention! How long are shoelaces for NB kicks? You see, the length of New Balance shoelaces is pretty much similar shoelace length guide in the table above. It ranges between 92cm and 137cm. You can check it out here.

As for the brand’s most popular design, the NB 574 comes in stock lace length of 114cm. We recommend you get the same length of shoelaces as replacements. 

How Long Are Converse Laces? 

If you look up how long are Converse high-top laces, you’ll find that they’re also similar to the standard general shoelace guide. With 8 eyelets, the stock lace length is usually 137 cm long. But, you can still go for up to 150cm to get a better bow knot. As for the low tops, you can go with 114cm.

So, all in all, the standard length for Converse shoelaces ranges from 114cm to 137cm. You can go a little bit up or down based on your preference. 

On a final note, keep it locked to our blog for more sneaker guides!